New plots for trending injector efficiencies (Melinda)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG2 /
2011-02-23 hdalsgaaAdding option not to use secondary map
2011-02-23 hdalsgaaA few fixes
2011-02-23 cholmModifications to script
2011-02-22 loizidesCorrected accidental commit. This version can deal...
2011-02-22 loizidesRemoved on Marias request
2011-02-22 snellingimproved pid cuts + coverty stuff
2011-02-22 snellingcov
2011-02-22 pulvirpreliminary template for reference documentation
2011-02-22 lbarnbyMinor changes to macro and script
2011-02-22 hdalsgaabug fix
2011-02-22 prinoFix for memory leak (Leonardo)
2011-02-22 pulvirRemoved all dynamic_cast calls to convert referenced...
2011-02-21 pulvirRemoved a separate monitors processing method, and...
2011-02-21 cholmRefactoring for dN/deta tasks, more diagnostics histogr...
2011-02-21 cholmRefactoring of dN/deta task to common base class
2011-02-21 pulvirAliRsnCut:
2011-02-21 pulvirRemoved the 'useMC' data member which is never used...
2011-02-21 pulvirRemoved AliRsnPairDef data member. If neede, it must...
2011-02-18 pulvirWhere possible, replaced dynamic_cast with ROOT RTTI...
2011-02-18 pulvirFixed bug in AliRsnPair::Fill()
2011-02-17 snelling1.) QC code runs now even faster
2011-02-17 snellingfix for TOF
2011-02-17 pulvirCorrection of matching check
2011-02-17 pulvirAdded some useful constructors to AliRsnDaughterDef
2011-02-17 pulvirImproved functionality of AliRsnDaughterDef::MatchesDau...
2011-02-17 mflorisrun centrality on MC
2011-02-17 mflorisImplemented fix for bug in ITSsa analysis (eta cut)
2011-02-17 snellingmore coverty fixes
2011-02-17 snellingcoverty fixes
2011-02-17 pulvirfix in the constructor
2011-02-17 pulvirDefined a prototype definition for single track and...
2011-02-17 pulvirAdded facilities to include 1-track histograms, for...
2011-02-17 pulvirModified angle range in leading-to-track angle computation
2011-02-17 pulvirMade compliant with previous Daughter commit
2011-02-17 pulvirDaughter:
2011-02-17 pulvirBugfix
2011-02-16 cholmMore clean-up
2011-02-16 cholmVarious
2011-02-16 cholmFixed a bug
2011-02-16 cholmCritical fixes to the SPD cluser code:
2011-02-16 cholmFixes for coverty complaints
2011-02-16 mflorisFixes for MC runnning
2011-02-16 hdalsgaabug fix
2011-02-15 fcaIntroduce smell generator plus some small fixes
2011-02-15 pulvirFix of a bug that arises when adding more than 1 functi...
2011-02-15 pulvirCorrected assignment operator
2011-02-15 cholmAdded script
2011-02-15 hdalsgaabug fix
2011-02-15 cholmAdded class to make the dN/deta from SPD cluster
2011-02-15 cholmAdded task to make the dN/deta from SPD clusters
2011-02-15 pulvirAdded a new cut on comparison of daughters' momenta...
2011-02-15 hdalsgaascript to run energy fits from a file
2011-02-15 cholmFixes
2011-02-14 fcaImprovements in cmake functionality
2011-02-13 cholmInstall SPD cluster script and corrections
2011-02-13 cholmAdd SPD cluster method
2011-02-13 cholmSet init parameters from args
2011-02-13 cholmHHD forgot to update/commit this
2011-02-13 hdalsgaabug fix
2011-02-13 cholmUpdates
2011-02-13 cholmUpdate documentation with comment from Luciano
2011-02-13 hdalsgaacorrection objects for 7 TeV.
2011-02-13 hdalsgaaThe revisited SPD cluster analysis in the new AOD frame...
2011-02-13 snellingbug fix: some cuts where not checked
2011-02-13 cholmScript supersceeded by AliForwarddNdetaTask.C and
2011-02-13 cholmAdded class AliForwarddNdetaTask to do the dN/deta
2011-02-12 snellingsimplify par files on the grid
2011-02-11 snellingfor TPC pid get the momentum at tpc inner wall
2011-02-11 prinoUpdated multiplicity selection (Leonardo)
2011-02-10 snellingtrain back
2011-02-10 pchristAdding comparison macros
2011-02-10 snellingcleanup
2011-02-10 snelling5 particle cumulants
2011-02-10 hdalsgaafixing warnings from coverity
2011-02-10 snellingadded 5particle correlator
2011-02-10 pchristCoverity fix and addition of new macros for the fluctua...
2011-02-10 pulvirSlight modification of the cut behaviour outside the...
2011-02-10 pulvirCoverity fix
2011-02-09 pulvirRemoved last dependence on TOF (--> tender required)
2011-02-09 pulvirRemoved last dependence on TOF (--> tender required)
2011-02-09 pulvirRemoved filling of useless histograms of really used...
2011-02-09 cholmFix coverity issues
2011-02-09 pulvirRemoved old ME classes, since the nex event mixing...
2011-02-09 pulvirAdded a macro which uses new PID cuts
2011-02-09 hristovRemove compilation warnings
2011-02-09 snellingadd pid qa task + fix TPC pid.
2011-02-08 snellingadded few more binary eccentricity distributions
2011-02-08 pulvirSplitted resonance library into two separate elements:
2011-02-08 pchristCoverity fix
2011-02-08 snelling5-particle cumulant
2011-02-08 snellingextra harmonics
2011-02-08 akisielFix Compilation warnings
2011-02-08 mflorisCoverity fixes
2011-02-08 loizidesCoverty fixes
2011-02-07 snellingadded v3
2011-02-07 akisielUpdate the AOD reader to the latest AOF content
2011-02-07 akisielFix Coverity 115811-27, 14756-822 14472
2011-02-07 akisielFix Coverity 115811-27, 14756-822 14472
2011-02-06 lbarnbyClean up fitting code, add K0s mode, changes for using...
2011-02-04 pchristUpdated ITS spectra task and relevant macros - Adding...