bug fix in the vertex selection
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG2 /
2009-11-24 hdalsgaabug fix in the vertex selection
2009-11-24 bhippolyProtection from C.Andrei plus some cosmetics and coding...
2009-11-24 bhippolyAdding Efficiencies for the Azimuthal Isotropic Expansi...
2009-11-23 bhippolynew AddTask macros for resonance analysis (P.Ganoti)
2009-11-23 bhippolyUpdate for Kink tasks:
2009-11-23 pchristChange in the naming scheme
2009-11-23 bhippolyAdding Azimuthal Isotropic Expansion AddTask macro...
2009-11-23 bhippolyIntroducing the Azimuthal Isotropic Expansion analysis...
2009-11-22 bhippolyiii) Add like-sign filter for on-the-fly V0 (B.Hippolyte)
2009-11-22 bhippolyi) Add Armenteros-Podolanski at the QA level; ii) Updat...
2009-11-20 bhippolyExtensive Upgrade :
2009-11-20 snellingadditional method for parameterizing particle production
2009-11-20 pchristAdding the proper n-sigma PID approach. It is assigned...
2009-11-19 bhippolyremoving terminate overload and adding a warning for...
2009-11-19 snellingfixing coding viols
2009-11-18 snellingmod to go to one output file
2009-11-18 akisielLess verbose output
2009-11-18 pchristNew naming scheme for the EbyE tasks - Setting the...
2009-11-18 pchristLess verbose prtoton ratio task
2009-11-18 bhippolyAddTaskKinkResonance.C not needed anymore
2009-11-17 pulvirModified AddTask macroes to add output to one single...
2009-11-17 pchristNew naming scheme for the output file
2009-11-17 enricoImplement folder structure for task output
2009-11-17 pchristUpdated feed down task (Marek)
2009-11-17 bhippolyUse common output file name but subdirectories for...
2009-11-17 bhippoly*Correct* use common output file name but subdirectorie...
2009-11-17 bhippolyUpdate AliResonanceKinkLikeSign::ConnectInputData ...
2009-11-17 bhippolyUse common output file name but subdirectories (hippoly...
2009-11-17 snellingadded multiplicity
2009-11-17 hristovMajor update of the CMake compilation:
2009-11-17 pulvirModified binning in config file
2009-11-16 snellingfixing coding viol
2009-11-16 enricoComment modified
2009-11-16 enricoProtections added (Mariella)
2009-11-16 enricoProtections added (Mariella)
2009-11-16 fcaimpoved num precision
2009-11-14 snellingremove empty method and make two methods public (last...
2009-11-14 snellingfix formatting for microsoft compiler
2009-11-13 snellingexplicit conversion and change of order arguments macro
2009-11-13 snellingfixes how common configurations are set
2009-11-13 miskoBug fix - the array ax was too short. Thanks to Andrei...
2009-11-13 snellingadding subevents onthefly
2009-11-13 snellingremove old datamembers
2009-11-13 snellingmodifications for subevents
2009-11-12 fcaRemoving redundant includes
2009-11-12 snellingremoved .so from loadlibs
2009-11-12 pulvirUpdate on config macro for analysis task
2009-11-12 snellingfix to run also in root under windows
2009-11-12 hdalsgaaChanges to comply with analysis train naming
2009-11-11 snellinga simple example of plotting the eccentricities from...
2009-11-11 snellingdocument a few settings
2009-11-11 snellingset defaults for PbPb at LHC
2009-11-11 snellingmonte carlo glauber code for calculating eccentricities...
2009-11-10 bhippolyfilter like-sign V0s and min number of cluster selectio...
2009-11-09 enricoUpdate in the task setting (Mariella)
2009-11-09 enricoUpdate in the analysis code (Mariella)
2009-11-09 enricoUpdate in the analysis code (Mariella)
2009-11-09 enricoUpdate in the analysis code (Mariella)
2009-11-09 enricoUpdate in the analysis code (Mariella)
2009-11-09 snellingremoved obsolete setters
2009-11-09 snellingfix for using phi weights
2009-11-06 miskoCommon output file implemented in AddTaskUnicor.C
2009-11-06 snellingcorrection for non-uniform acceptance for 2nd and 4th...
2009-11-05 snellingmatch changes CORRFW
2009-11-04 akisielMove to the CommoonFileName output
2009-11-04 hdalsgaasmall corrections
2009-11-04 hdalsgaaCorrection coding violations from FC
2009-11-03 akisielFix trivial syntax error
2009-11-02 snellingshort description of the package from Naomi's presentation
2009-11-02 miskoGetOutputData() now used in AliAnalysisTaskUnicor:...
2009-10-31 bhippolycorrect initialization warnings (fca)
2009-10-30 bhippolyone more change (from P.Ganoti pganoti@phys.uoa.gr)
2009-10-29 bhippolyRulechecker-complying update from P.Ganoti (pganoti...
2009-10-28 bhippolyUpdating Strange tasks (by H.Ricaud, hricaud@gsi.de)
2009-10-28 hdalsgaanew energy distributions for 900 GeV
2009-10-26 hdalsgaaFixes for the IO problem in the FMD analysis (cholm)
2009-10-26 snellingreenabled acceptance corrections differential flow...
2009-10-26 hdalsgaaSetting the version of AliFMDAnaParameters in classdef...
2009-10-26 pulvirModifications in analysis tasks for train
2009-10-26 akisielUse proper pair type
2009-10-26 akisielAdd Kaons
2009-10-26 akisielMore advanced PID selection
2009-10-23 bhippolyUpdating Kink tasks (by P.Ganoti, pganoti@phys.uoa.gr)
2009-10-23 snellingfurther clean-up
2009-10-23 bhippolyAdding new task macros for Kink resonance analysis...
2009-10-23 akisielFix warning
2009-10-23 akisielUpdate runBatch.C to the version with arguments
2009-10-23 akisielSelect configuration via argumen
2009-10-23 akisielNew analysis config macro
2009-10-23 pchristModification of the analysis mode from TPC to Hybrid...
2009-10-22 snellingadded += and + for AliFlowVector
2009-10-22 snellingcleanup
2009-10-22 fcaQA mods to fix warnings
2009-10-22 hdalsgaanew FMD correction objects for 900GeV
2009-10-22 hdalsgaanew features and management of objects
2009-10-22 hdalsgaaadding collision energy of 7000 GeV
2009-10-22 snellingadded fHarmonic setter and getter + bug fix for RP...
2009-10-21 pchristFixing warnings
2009-10-21 hdalsgaaFixing a warning from FC
2009-10-21 hdalsgaaAdding the sharing efficiency and event selection effic...