Fill ntuple only on request; more mass histos (Francesco, Renu)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG3 / vertexingHF / AliAnalysisTaskSEDplus.cxx
2009-10-23 daineseFill ntuple only on request; more mass histos (Francesc...
2009-09-30 daineseUse new functionality of MatchToMC: check also PDG...
2009-09-20 daineseBug fix (Renu)
2009-08-31 daineseReduced default debug level
2009-08-03 dainesePutting output ntuples as SpecialOuput (needed to run...
2009-07-16 daineseFix wrong commit of July 1st
2009-07-01 daineseAdded variables to ntuple (Renu)
2009-06-24 daineseBug fix in getting the MC position of the decay vertex
2009-06-19 daineseTake out ntuples from TLists and use dedicated output...
2009-06-17 daineseBug fix
2009-06-16 daineseRemoved DefineOutput from default constructor
2009-06-16 daineseNew wagon on D+ for the train (Renu)