[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG3 / vertexingHF / AliRDHFCuts.h
2011-11-12 daineseAdded possibility to request SPD kFirst for candidates...
2011-10-17 prinoAdd setter for physics selection swicth
2011-10-17 prinoAdd physics selection in IsEventSelected (Zaida)
2011-07-12 daineseMove some methods to AliAODPidHF
2011-07-08 daineseFirst implementation of combined Bayesian PID (Pietro...
2011-07-06 daineseAdded possibility to write to AOD the MC-matched signal...
2011-06-28 prinoNew bitmap to store output of event selection
2011-06-23 dainesePossibility to use variables with recalculated primary...
2011-06-22 dainesePossibility to use PID via AliPIDResponse and OADB...
2011-05-04 daineseRejection of centrality outliers in AOD049 (Giacomo)
2011-03-30 daineseAdded z vertex getter
2011-03-29 daineseMethods for vertex recalc made public
2011-03-28 daineseFix in procedure for vertex recalculation
2011-03-23 dainesePossiblity to use MC primary vertex in IsSelected
2011-03-08 daineseAdded selection on FiredTriggerClass
2011-02-25 daineseFirst set of changes to adapt the CF classes to treat...
2011-02-24 martinezAdding Id to PWG3 classes for better tracking of the...
2011-02-15 daineseAdded selection bits
2011-02-11 dainesepossibility to cut on the pt of candidate (Rossella)
2011-02-09 daineseCentrality selection in a separate method (Davide)
2011-02-09 daineseMethod to recalc vertex
2011-01-30 daineseNew method to fix the references of the daughter tracks
2011-01-27 daineseAdded helper methods for centrality + small bug fix...
2011-01-26 daineseUpdate for centrality selection (Gian Michele)
2011-01-24 daineseAdded centrality selection (Gian Michele)
2011-01-17 daineseIncreased ClassDef
2010-12-15 daineseAdded possibility to cut on maxzvertex
2010-12-09 daineseAdded counting of high-mult triggers for PbPb (Giacomo)
2010-12-02 daineseSignatre for PbPb standard cuts
2010-11-24 daineseSignature for standard cuts 2010
2010-11-18 daineseAdded method to print cuts in a table format (ChiaraZ)
2010-10-29 daineseSmall change to get info on rejection reason
2010-10-29 daineseAdded method for pileup rejection with SPD vertices...
2010-09-29 daineseAdded method to compare two cuts objects
2010-09-14 daineseMoved fRemoveDaughtersFromPrim to base class and added...
2010-09-01 daineseAdded a getter
2010-07-20 daineseIsSelectedPID made non-const
2010-07-09 daineseAdded data member of type AliAODPidHF (Francesco)
2010-05-26 daineseChanges related to D* cuts class
2010-05-26 daineseAdded PID selection level
2010-04-18 daineseAdded two methods (Chiara)
2010-04-06 daineseMoved track cuts to base class
2010-04-05 daineseNew classes to keep analysis cuts