[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG3 / vertexingHF / AliRDHFCutsDplustoKpipi.cxx
2011-11-15 prinoPatch for 3 prong candidates in AOD073 and AOD080
2011-11-03 prinoAdd selection on track filter mask in D meson tasks
2011-07-06 daineseAdded possibility to write to AOD the MC-matched signal...
2011-06-23 dainesePossibility to use variables with recalculated primary...
2011-05-03 daineseUpdate (Gicaomo)
2011-04-25 daineseUpdate (Renu, Giacomo, Francesco)
2011-04-15 daineseChanged cut at high pt (Renu)
2011-04-10 daineseAdded centrality selection in standard cuts PbPb2010...
2011-04-04 daineseUpdate (Renu)
2011-03-28 daineseFix in procedure for vertex recalculation
2011-02-24 martinezAdding Id to PWG3 classes for better tracking of the...
2011-02-13 daineseCoverity
2011-02-11 dainesePt cut for candidate
2011-02-10 daineseUse methods to squared quantities to avoid sqrt
2011-02-09 dainesereturn after cuts
2011-02-03 daineseReordering cuts to go faster
2011-01-28 dainesebug fix (Francesco)
2011-01-27 daineseCoverity fixes
2010-12-15 daineseChanges to run in central train
2010-12-09 daineseStandard cuts (Renu)
2010-10-27 dainesePossibility for more selective PID (Giacomo)
2010-09-20 daineseUpdate of D+ classes: added acceptance cut, added histo...
2010-09-16 daineseInclude possibility to remove daughter tracks from...
2010-07-20 daineseIsSelectedPID made non-const
2010-07-12 daineseDplus task used AliAODPidHF via AliRDHFCutsDplustoKpipi...
2010-04-20 daineseMajor update of cuts classes; now they are used in...
2010-04-15 daineseUpdated cuts classes (Rossella, Renu, Francesco, Giacom...
2010-04-12 daineseNew classes for the cuts on charm candidates