Added LHC10h run list for flow analysis (Giacomo)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG3 / vertexingHF / ConfigVertexingHF.C
2011-07-19 prinoNew mass renage for Ds in AOD filtering + fix for D...
2011-07-05 daineseAdded two new cuts (D0 decay length and cpa in xy)...
2011-06-15 prinoFix for Ds cut value
2011-06-15 prinoNew cuts for Ds and Lc (Rossella, Gian Michele)
2011-06-07 daineseAdded the new D0 cuts (cosThetaPointingXY and NormDecay...
2011-06-06 daineseD+ cuts updated (Renu)
2011-04-04 daineseSwitch off trigger class selection
2011-03-22 daineseDefault z vertex cut at 10 cm in analysis, not in candi...
2010-10-02 daineseMinimum number of ITS points from 4 to 2
2010-10-01 daineseLooser cuts cuts D+,Ds,Lc (Francesco, Rossella)
2010-06-16 daineseAdded eta cut and minTPCcls for single tracks
2010-05-26 daineseChanges related to D* cuts class
2010-05-24 daineseBug fix in the order of the Ds cuts (Sadhana, Francesco)
2010-05-08 daineseAddition of Lc->V0+bachelor analysis (Zaida)
2010-04-20 daineseMajor update of cuts classes; now they are used in...
2010-04-12 daineseNew classes for the cuts on charm candidates
2010-04-05 daineseTesting new class for analysis cuts
2010-01-14 dainesechange Ds selection
2009-07-28 daineseRemoved cut on TPC clusters (cannot be done for AOD...
2009-07-27 daineseAdded kTPCrefit and nTPCcls>50 requirements for displac...
2009-06-04 daineseTighter cuts for charm->3prong (Renu, Francesco)
2009-06-02 daineseTighter D0->4prong reco cuts (Rossella)
2009-05-29 daineseTighter reco cuts for D0->Kpi and Dstar
2009-04-22 daineseAdded like-sign 3Prong
2009-04-08 daineseInclude D0->4prong by default
2009-03-13 daineseUpdated config
2009-03-06 daineseAdded possibility to use the event primary vertex as...
2009-01-19 daineseAdded like-sign pairs (Carmelo)
2008-12-29 daineseInclude the D* - first bunch: compiles but is not fully...
2008-12-11 daineseAliESDtrackCuts used for single track selection
2008-11-07 daineseAnalysis can take both AOD or ESD as input (Andrea)
2008-05-07 daineseUpdates Ds cuts (Francesco, Sergey)
2008-04-30 daineseupdate configuration
2008-04-30 martinezNew structure of PWG3: PWG3base, PWG3muon, PWG3vertexin...