Adding task for like-sign bkg for D0->Kpi (Carmelo)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG3 / vertexingHF / RunAnalysisAODVertexingHF.C
2009-06-18 daineseAdding task for like-sign bkg for D0->Kpi (Carmelo)
2009-06-18 daineseRenamed AddTaskBkgLikeSign.C -> AddTaskBkgLikeSignJPSI.C
2009-06-17 daineseEnabled like-sign task and D+ task
2009-06-16 daineseAdded missing libraries to read AOD from official train...
2009-06-16 daineseEnabled more wagons, added libraries needed to read...
2009-06-16 daineseNew wagon on D+ for the train (Renu)
2009-06-09 daineseCopy-paste error corrected
2009-05-19 daineseAdded possibility to use Alien plugin (Renu, Andrea)
2009-04-30 daineseAdded CF task
2009-04-28 daineseUse AddTaskXXX macros for analysis