Coding conventions
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2011-12-01 prinoCoding conventions
2011-12-01 prinoCoding conventions
2011-12-01 prinoGetter for phys sel (Zaida)
2011-11-30 daineseAdded run list for LHC11h
2011-11-30 daineseUpdated PbPb systematic errors (close to final)
2011-11-30 daineseCoverity
2011-11-30 daineseCoverity
2011-11-30 prinoFix
2011-11-30 prinoCoding conventions
2011-11-30 daineseCoveriry
2011-11-30 daineseUpdate
2011-11-30 daineseCoveriry
2011-11-30 daineseCoveriry
2011-11-30 daineseCoveriry
2011-11-30 daineseCoveriry
2011-11-30 daineseCoveriry
2011-11-30 dainesecompilation warning
2011-11-29 prinoAdd histo with TOF flags
2011-11-28 prinoCoverity
2011-11-28 prinoCoverity
2011-11-28 prinoFix in Dplus filtering parameters
2011-11-28 prinoUpdated cuts for Lc->V0+bachelor
2011-11-27 prinoDefault for application of special cuts changed to...
2011-11-25 daineseFix
2011-11-25 daineseCoverity
2011-11-25 daineseCoverity
2011-11-25 daineseCoverity
2011-11-25 daineseCoverity
2011-11-25 daineseWarnings
2011-11-24 prinoCoverity
2011-11-24 prinoCoverity
2011-11-24 prinoCoverity
2011-11-24 prinoCoverity
2011-11-15 prinoPatch for 3 prong candidates in AOD073 and AOD080
2011-11-14 prinoFix for proper PID configuration for both sets of cuts
2011-11-12 daineseAdded possibility to request SPD kFirst for candidates...
2011-11-10 prinoUpdate in LambdaC cut class (Rossella)
2011-11-10 prinoUpdate in the macro to test the ESD->AOD->AOD,Vertexing...
2011-11-10 prinoFixes for Lc->v0+X and DStar (Francesco, Rossella)
2011-11-09 dainesePossibility to superimpose two sets of histos (Zaida)
2011-11-08 prinoCorrection Framework updated: 1) new variable definitio...
2011-11-08 prinoFix for calculation of V0 vertex (Rossella)
2011-11-08 daineseIgnore events w/o physics selection
2011-11-07 daineseAdded Init() for AliNormalizationCounter
2011-11-07 prinoNew config file for special AODs with loose LambdaC...
2011-11-05 prinoDo not check if the soft pion from Dstar passes the...
2011-11-04 prinoAdded histogram of pt vs. mass (Giacomo)
2011-11-03 prinoModifications in the filtering task: 1) add switch...
2011-11-03 prinoAdd selection on track filter mask in D meson tasks
2011-11-03 daineseMethod HasBadDaughters() to check that all ITS+TPC...
2011-11-03 daineseAdded counters for the tracklets multiplicity (Zaida)
2011-10-25 prinoModified cut on one of the decay daughter angles (Gian...
2011-10-25 prinoAdded protection on radius of secondary vertex to avoid...
2011-10-21 prinoUpdated syst. err. on yield extraction (AndreaR, Alessa...
2011-10-18 prinoDisable physics selection in Config files used for...
2011-10-18 daineseAdded Ds pp 2010 (Gian Michele)
2011-10-17 prinoAdd setter for physics selection swicth
2011-10-17 prinoAdd physics selection in IsEventSelected (Zaida)
2011-10-17 daineseUpdate tracking syst unc for pp 2010
2011-10-12 daineseUpdate (Andrea)
2011-10-12 daineseRemove the factor p/pt from the decaylengthXY calculati...
2011-10-11 prinoUpdated LambdaC analysis task: 1) Use AliPIDResponse...
2011-10-04 hristovChanges for #87282 Request for committing to trunk...
2011-10-04 daineseupdate (Chiara)
2011-10-03 prinoTPC BB parameterization added for LHC11a data
2011-10-02 prinoUpdates D* cuts for peripheral PbPb events
2011-09-30 prinoAddTaskDplus adapted to central train (Zaida, Renu)
2011-09-30 prinoPossibility of using an eta gap between subevents ...
2011-09-29 prinoDstar updates to run in central train (Alessandro)
2011-09-29 daineseCentrality selection can be set from outside (Andrea
2011-09-29 daineseUpdate IncludePath (Chiara)
2011-09-27 hristovFixes for #87003: Drift velocity calibration + Bug...
2011-09-19 daineseUpdate PID systematic error for pp 7 TeV D0 (Andrea)
2011-09-15 daineseUpdate D+ systematics for 7 TeV (Renu)
2011-09-14 prinoFix in error propagation
2011-09-10 prinoFix in Dstar syst. errors + updates in macro (Zaida)
2011-09-09 daineseAdded LHC10h run list for flow analysis (Giacomo)
2011-09-08 prinoFix in Nb method for B subtraction
2011-09-07 prinoUpdates in macro for 2d v2 analysis
2011-08-31 prinoFix in inrementing a count of AliCounterCollection
2011-08-29 prinoUpdated syst. uncertainty calculation for method 2
2011-08-29 prinoFlow afterburner for D mesons (Giacomo)
2011-08-25 prinoFix in the last caall to CleanOwnPrimaryVertex
2011-08-25 prinoErro on event plane resoltution class + updates in...
2011-08-24 daineseSetter for the maxpt for the tight PID selection (Andrea)
2011-08-22 prinoStrong PID for Ds + new mass range in Ds task (Gian...
2011-08-19 prinoD0 special cuts not appied in filtering
2011-08-18 prinoUpdates in PbPb cuts (Andrea Rossi)
2011-08-18 prinoMin and Max centrality added as data members (ChiaraB)
2011-08-18 prinoFix for typo + new flag for event plane to be used...
2011-08-17 prinoResults saved in output root files
2011-08-17 prinoUpdates in the macro for v2 calculation from 2D (mass...
2011-08-16 prinoAdd Id keyword
2011-08-16 prinoAdded classes and tasks for D meson v2 analysis. Just...
2011-08-03 prinoFix in PID application for LambdaC (Rossella)
2011-08-03 prinoupdated systematics for D* analysis in pp @ 2.76TeV...
2011-08-01 prinoNew config file for filtering Pb peripheral events
2011-07-26 daineseCoverity
2011-07-25 daineseUpdate (Alessandro)
2011-07-25 dainesePossibility to handle PID from OADB (Chiara)