Use AliAnalysisTaskSE::AODEvent() to read the AOD that has just been produced by...
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG3 / vertexingHF /
2009-10-23 daineseUse AliAnalysisTaskSE::AODEvent() to read the AOD that...
2009-10-23 daineseLittle changes (Chiara)
2009-10-23 daineseTest tasks for official train
2009-10-23 daineseSame cuts as TaskSED0Mass
2009-10-23 daineseSplitting pt bin 1-3 GeV in two bins (Chiara)
2009-10-23 daineseLittle changes (Andrea)
2009-10-23 daineseFill ntuple only on request; more mass histos (Francesc...
2009-10-16 daineseBug fix
2009-10-16 daineseIncrease version number
2009-10-15 daineseCoding conventions
2009-10-15 daineseCorrected compil warning
2009-10-13 daineseChanged cut values for consistency with other D0 tasks...
2009-10-13 daineseFix error from previous commit
2009-10-13 daineseNew version of task for prompt charm fraction analysis...
2009-10-12 daineseUpdate of B->Jpsi->ee analysis classes
2009-10-09 daineseChange name of output containers depending on flag
2009-10-08 daineseBetter handling of preferred storage
2009-10-08 daineseSmall fixes
2009-10-08 daineseSmall change in filling weights for consistency with...
2009-10-08 daineseAdded possibility to read like-sign pairs (Chiara B)
2009-10-06 daineseReplaced AliInfo with AliDebug
2009-10-06 daineseReplaced AliInfo with AliDebug
2009-10-06 daineseAdded histograms with cuts variables (Chiara B)
2009-10-06 daineseUse new functionality of MatchToMC to check daughters...
2009-10-06 daineseAdded two steps for primary vertex and daughter tracks...
2009-09-30 daineseUse new functionality of MatchToMC: check also PDG...
2009-09-29 daineseAdded helper functions (Chiara)
2009-09-23 daineseFix bug in container size (Chiara)
2009-09-20 dainesePossibility to store CAF output files on alien (Renu)
2009-09-20 daineseBug fix (Renu)
2009-09-17 daineseBug fix: CheckStdout cannot be called for grid jobs
2009-09-15 daineseAfter MatchToMC, check that D0MC daughters are K and pi
2009-09-13 daineseLittle bug fix (Davide)
2009-09-04 daineseClean up
2009-09-04 daineseBug fix
2009-09-03 daineseIncluded check for errors in the stdout
2009-08-31 daineseUpdatde configuration
2009-08-31 daineseReduced default debug level
2009-08-31 daineseChanged default value (no D*+ rejection) Andrea R
2009-08-28 daineseFix bug for cosThetaStar in case of like-sign (Carmelo)
2009-08-28 daineseNew helper methods (Chiara)
2009-08-04 daineseModification of task configuration (Chiara Z)
2009-08-03 dainesePutting output ntuples as SpecialOuput (needed to run...
2009-07-31 daineseFixed coding rule
2009-07-31 daineseCheck kTPCrefit for daughter tracks and apply minimal...
2009-07-30 daineseCheck kTPCrefit for daughters, apply cuts from ConfigVe...
2009-07-30 dainesePossibility to perform the (pt,eta) unfolding within...
2009-07-29 daineseFixing a bug that sneaked in with the previous commit
2009-07-29 daineseAdded method AliAODRecoDecayHF::IsLikeSign()
2009-07-29 daineseLittle change to run on CAF
2009-07-29 daineseChanged output file name from AliAODs.root to AliAOD...
2009-07-29 morschI improved (by a factor 2.5) the speed of the MatchToMC...
2009-07-28 daineseRemoved cut on TPC clusters (cannot be done for AOD...
2009-07-27 daineseAdded kTPCrefit and nTPCcls>50 requirements for displac...
2009-07-24 daineseAdded protection in Terminate in case there is no outpu...
2009-07-24 daineseMinor fix
2009-07-23 daineseChanges for PROOF mode
2009-07-23 daineseAdded methods to stage a dataset on CAF (Andrea R,...
2009-07-21 daineseAdded TRef to the primary vertex of the AOD event....
2009-07-21 daineseFixes (Chiara B)
2009-07-21 daineseFixes (Chiara B)
2009-07-16 daineseUpdate macro for phi variable (Chiara Z)
2009-07-16 daineseAdded two sets of pt-dep cuts (loose and tight) (Chiara B)
2009-07-16 daineseUpdate macro for phi variable (Chiara Z)
2009-07-16 daineseUpdate macro for phi variable (Chiara Z)
2009-07-16 daineseFix wrong commit of July 1st
2009-07-16 daineseChanges needed for cuts optimisation task (Francesco)
2009-07-16 daineseAdded phi variable; added check for D0 from c (Chiara Z)
2009-07-06 daineseExample for adding a private task (Chiara B)
2009-07-06 daineseHistograms in a TList (Chiara B)
2009-07-03 daineseMinor changes (Chiara B)
2009-07-01 daineseAdded variables to ntuple (Renu)
2009-06-26 daineseMacro for secondary vertex resolutions
2009-06-26 daineseUpdated task list
2009-06-24 daineseBug fix in getting the MC position of the decay vertex
2009-06-24 daineseUpdated list of tasks
2009-06-24 daineseRemove obsolete tracks
2009-06-24 daineseNew task for D0 mass distributions (Chiara B)
2009-06-24 daineseAdded some getters (Chiara B)
2009-06-24 daineseAdded check on PDG code of daughters for MC
2009-06-23 daineseBug fix
2009-06-22 daineseFix warning
2009-06-22 daineseAnalysis macro (Andrea R)
2009-06-20 daineseBug fix
2009-06-19 daineseIncluded also 3 and 4 prong decays; added variables...
2009-06-19 daineseTake out ntuples from TLists and use dedicated output...
2009-06-19 daineseAdded tasks for prompt charm fraction and Jpsi from...
2009-06-19 daineseNew task for prompt charm fraction analysis (Andrea R)
2009-06-18 daineseAdded CF task multi var multi step
2009-06-18 daineseClass version number ++
2009-06-18 daineseDelete AddTaskBkgLikeSign.C
2009-06-18 dainesefix
2009-06-18 daineseAdding task for like-sign bkg for D0->Kpi (Carmelo)
2009-06-18 daineseRenamed AddTaskBkgLikeSign.C -> AddTaskBkgLikeSignJPSI.C
2009-06-18 daineseRenamed AddTaskBkgLikeSign.C -> AddTaskBkgLikeSignJPSI.C
2009-06-18 daineseProtection against division by 0
2009-06-18 daineseCorrected warning
2009-06-17 daineseBug fix
2009-06-17 daineseEnabled like-sign task and D+ task
2009-06-17 daineseBug fix