Minor fix for software triggers.
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG3 /
2010-11-01 daineseAdded setting for TPC BetheBloch parameters (Rossella)
2010-11-01 daineseChenged settings to most recent
2010-11-01 daineseAdd PWG3/base to inlcudes (ChiaraB)
2010-10-30 martinezInclude CINT5 and CMUS5 trigger. Add the possibility...
2010-10-29 daineseSmall change to get info on rejection reason
2010-10-29 daineseAdded method for pileup rejection with SPD vertices...
2010-10-28 daineseFix for par files compilation (Philippe)
2010-10-27 daineseNew class for normalization studies (Giacomo)
2010-10-27 daineseChange to fix par files compilation (ChiaraB)
2010-10-27 dainesePossibility for more selective PID (Giacomo)
2010-10-26 daineseAdded plots for errors VS pt (ChiaraB)
2010-10-26 daineseFix (Yifei)
2010-10-26 daineseRemove a run that is bad for V0 (350k events)
2010-10-25 daineseRemoved 1 short run from LHC10b GoodRuns
2010-10-25 daineseBug fix (ChiaraB)
2010-10-25 daineseChanged binning and remove 4-cls request in ITS (Alessa...
2010-10-25 daineseUpdate (adding D0-D0bar)
2010-10-25 daineseAdded separation D0-D0bar (ChiaraB)
2010-10-25 daineseRemoved old macro
2010-10-25 daineseGeneralization of macro to fit mass spectra and write...
2010-10-25 daineseCoding Rules (Zaida)
2010-10-25 daineseAdded protection (Francesco)
2010-10-22 daineseAdded Ds (Sergey, Sadhana)
2010-10-22 daineseUpdate (ChiaraB)
2010-10-20 dainese===============================================
2010-10-20 hristovCompletely reengineered version of CMake build system...
2010-10-20 daineseUpdate: removed request of 4 points in ITS (Renu)
2010-10-20 daineseUpdate: using the cuts object from file (Renu)
2010-10-20 daineseRemoved request for at least 4 points in ITS
2010-10-18 daineseFix for D+ (ChiaraZ)
2010-10-18 daineseStandardize the names of the containers (ChiaraZ)
2010-10-18 daineseNew macro to read CFs and write efficiencies VS pt...
2010-10-13 daineseUpdate, to use PID and separate the two charges (Giacom...
2010-10-06 daineseUpdate (A. Grelli)
2010-10-04 martinezUse rapidity instead of pseudo-rapidity (better quantit...
2010-10-04 daineseIncreased ClassDef
2010-10-04 daineseBug fix for poly fit (ChiaraB)
2010-10-02 daineseMinimum number of ITS points from 4 to 2
2010-10-02 daineseUpdate (AOD006 for LHC10b,c data)
2010-10-02 daineseAdded protection to reject events with B=0
2010-10-01 daineseFixed list of good runs for LHC10c
2010-10-01 daineseUpdate
2010-10-01 daineseFix (Davide)
2010-10-01 daineseUpdate of Ds analysis (Sadhana, Francesco)
2010-10-01 daineseChanges to compute efficiencies for particle or antipar...
2010-10-01 daineseClean up
2010-10-01 daineseClean up
2010-10-01 daineseLooser cuts cuts D+,Ds,Lc (Francesco, Rossella)
2010-10-01 daineseUpdate (ChiaraB)
2010-10-01 dainese3sigma default mass range for printing S and B in figur...
2010-10-01 daineseAvoid comparing floats with != (ChiaraZ)
2010-10-01 daineseModifed the AddGoodRuns
2010-09-30 martinezMake it working with the new trigger classes. Include...
2010-09-30 daineseReduced verbosity
2010-09-30 daineseAdded histos to count D+ and D- separately (Francesco)
2010-09-30 daineseAdded functionality (FRancesco)
2010-09-30 smaBlanks removed
2010-09-29 smaFixes for complaints from Coverity and refined PID...
2010-09-29 dainesePassing AliAODEvent to IsSelected (ChiaraB)
2010-09-29 daineseBug fix in D from B selection (ChiaraZ)
2010-09-29 daineseAdded method to compare two cuts objects
2010-09-28 andronicsmall fix to remove TF1Helper which sneaked in again...
2010-09-28 smaFix to avoid warnings
2010-09-28 andronicupdates and tuning for the central train run (data...
2010-09-28 daineseUpdate (Francesco, ChiaraB)
2010-09-28 daineseNew macro to fit mass spectra (Francesco)
2010-09-28 daineseUpdate (ChiaraB)
2010-09-28 daineseIntroduced PID method using AliAODPidHF (not yet used...
2010-09-28 daineseUpdate (Zaida)
2010-09-27 daineseAdded info messages and adapted Terminate to D+ case...
2010-09-27 daineseUpdate (Zaida)
2010-09-27 andronicFix TPC PID cut (Markus) ...Anton commits on behalf...
2010-09-27 smaFixes for the TPC PID electron selection and the contam...
2010-09-27 smaCorrect stupid copy and past error.
2010-09-26 daineseBug fix for resonant D0->4prong (Francesco)
2010-09-26 daineseUpdate (Zaida)
2010-09-25 andronicstriked out TF1Helper functionality ... was not suppose...
2010-09-25 daineseEnable 3prong case (Francesco)
2010-09-24 daineseAddTask for the 3prong case in new CF task (Renu)
2010-09-24 daineseAdded new class for 3prong decays within new CF framewo...
2010-09-24 daineseUpdate (Rossella)
2010-09-23 daineseUpdates and fixes (ChiaraZ, Davide)
2010-09-23 andronicUpdates in preparation of the central train running...
2010-09-23 daineseFixed memory leak (Renu)
2010-09-23 daineseBug fix and update (ChiaraB)
2010-09-23 smaUpdate of the HFE package and of the macro to run on the
2010-09-22 smaAdapt to changes in the correction framework
2010-09-20 daineseMajor update (Davide, ChiaraZ)
2010-09-20 daineseUpdate of D+ classes: added acceptance cut, added histo...
2010-09-20 andronicSignal extraction and error calc. updates (Ionut),...
2010-09-20 daineseNew parametrisations for weights (ChiaraZ)
2010-09-20 daineseUpdate of task for D0 analysis (AndreaR)
2010-09-20 daineseChanged name of macro
2010-09-19 daineseUpdate (Zaida)
2010-09-18 andronicupdates and bugfixes in preparation for the AOD filteri...
2010-09-18 daineseCoding rules (Zaida)
2010-09-17 daineseNew class to produce corrected dsigma/dpt for charm...
2010-09-17 martinezAdding PWG3base n the include for par file compilation...
2010-09-17 martinezAddition of the theta variable. New macro (Xavier)
2010-09-16 daineseBug fix in PID step (ChiaraZ)