Changes for #82873: Module debugging broken (Christian)
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2011-07-11 hristovChanges for #82873: Module debugging broken (Christian)
2011-07-11 daineseCoveriry (used variable detUsed)
2011-07-08 daineseFirst implementation of combined Bayesian PID (Pietro...
2011-07-07 daineseD*: added final 7 TeV errors; added pp 2.76 (Alessandro)
2011-07-07 daineseAliFatal when the number of cuts doesn't match the...
2011-07-06 daineseAdded possibility to write to AOD the MC-matched signal...
2011-07-06 daineseCoverity
2011-07-05 prinoAdd flag to switch on/off hitos with cut variable distr...
2011-07-05 daineseAdded two new cuts (D0 decay length and cpa in xy)...
2011-07-05 daineseAdded two new cuts (D0 decay length and cpa in xy)...
2011-07-05 daineseCoverity
2011-07-05 daineseRemove a run from LHC10e wo AODs; added run list for...
2011-07-04 daineseUpdate (Chiara Z)
2011-07-04 daineseUpdate (Rossella)
2011-07-04 dainesecoverity
2011-07-01 prinoCoverity fix + replacement of TH3F with THnSparse
2011-07-01 prinoAdd recalculation of primary vertex without daughters...
2011-06-30 daineseChanges for PbPb RAA analysis (Zaida)
2011-06-29 prinoUpdated calculation of true impact parameter for second...
2011-06-29 daineseUpdate (Cynthia)
2011-06-29 daineseFix (Zaida)
2011-06-29 daineseUpdate
2011-06-29 daineseUpdate for low energy pp (Zaida, Renu)
2011-06-29 daineseUpdate (Andrea)
2011-06-28 prinoNew bitmap to store output of event selection
2011-06-28 prinoBethe-Bloch parameterizations for MC runs of LHC10d...
2011-06-27 prinoAdded first version of histograms with D+ impact parame...
2011-06-27 daineseFix (Alessandro)
2011-06-27 daineseUpdate (Alessandro)
2011-06-26 prinoCorrected formula in the method that draws the histos...
2011-06-24 prinoAdded new counters in AliNormalizationCounter to be...
2011-06-24 daineseAdded upper p threshold for using TPC PID (Rossella)
2011-06-23 prinopossibility to exclude events with SDD clusters plus...
2011-06-23 martinezAdd new triggers for p-p collisions (Cynthia)
2011-06-23 daineseFix
2011-06-23 daineseFix
2011-06-23 daineseFix
2011-06-23 dainesePossibility to use variables with recalculated primary...
2011-06-22 daineseMinPtDaughters from 0.8 to 0.7 and MinPtD0 from 2 to 0
2011-06-22 dainesePossibility to use PID via AliPIDResponse and OADB...
2011-06-21 martinezScripts and macros for the production of tracker/trigge...
2011-06-17 andronicmacro for AOD filtering to accept also EMCAL-triggered...
2011-06-15 prinoFix for Ds cut value
2011-06-15 prinoNew cuts for Ds and Lc (Rossella, Gian Michele)
2011-06-14 andronicfixing code violations (Jens)
2011-06-14 martinezFixing coding rule violations (Sang-Un)
2011-06-10 daineseMinor fix (Raoul)
2011-06-08 prinoCoverity fixes
2011-06-07 daineseAdded the new D0 cuts (cosThetaPointingXY and NormDecay...
2011-06-06 prinoNew features for Ds analysis: cut on angles between...
2011-06-06 daineseD+ cuts updated (Renu)
2011-06-06 daineseSelection of prompt or feed-down as in the CF task...
2011-06-06 daineseFix warning (Chiara)
2011-06-01 daineseAdded Lc (Davide)
2011-06-01 martinezQA plot macros for pp and PbPb (Cynthia)
2011-05-31 daineseUpdate (Rossella)
2011-05-31 daineseAdded a flag to set the TOF as prioritary over TPC...
2011-05-29 daineseMacro for total ccbar cross section from D meson pt...
2011-05-28 dainesecoverity
2011-05-22 smaFix coverity defects
2011-05-20 daineseAdded D* (Raoul)
2011-05-20 smaFix coverity defects
2011-05-20 smaFix coverity defects
2011-05-17 andronicfix for coverity defects (Jens)
2011-05-16 daineseUpdate: added D+ errors PbPb
2011-05-13 martinezNew histograms to study the correlated loss of efficien...
2011-05-12 hristovCoverity 16153
2011-05-12 hristovCoverity 10698
2011-05-11 smaOne unused variable
2011-05-10 daineseUpdate for Ds
2011-05-10 daineseUpdated D0 and D+ syst errors for PbPb
2011-05-09 andronicFixes for coverity defects (Jens, Ionut).
2011-05-09 daineseUpdated D0 systematic errors for PbPb 40-80
2011-05-09 daineseTPC BB param for LHC11a MCs (Francesco)
2011-05-09 martinezFixing coverity defects
2011-05-07 smaCoverity (Markus)
2011-05-06 martinezNew histograms to study the correlated loss of efficien...
2011-05-06 martinezFixing warnings (Sang-Un)
2011-05-06 andronicmajor dielectron update (included also the data and...
2011-05-04 daineseRejection of centrality outliers in AOD049 (Giacomo)
2011-05-04 martinezNew Analysis task for upsilon anlaysis (Sang-un)
2011-05-04 daineseUpdate errors for D0 PbPb
2011-05-03 daineseUpdate (Chiara)
2011-05-03 daineseUpdate (Gicaomo)
2011-05-03 daineseUpdate LHC11a: 14 runs, good on RCT 3 May
2011-05-02 daineseFix to new BB for PbPb MC
2011-05-02 daineseFix
2011-05-02 smaFix coverity defects
2011-05-01 daineseFix type in 1-pad BB param (Francesco)
2011-05-01 daineseAdded run list for anchor runs of LHC10e in the MC...
2011-04-29 daineseNew TPC BB parameterization for PbPb MC
2011-04-29 daineseNew TPC BB parameterization for PbPb MC
2011-04-29 daineseFix (Chiara)
2011-04-28 daineseAdded normalization counter (Andrea, Davide)
2011-04-28 dainesefix (Alessandro)
2011-04-27 daineseRuns list LHC10h updated: 104 runs (RCT good runs 26...
2011-04-27 daineseInclude OADB library (Davide)
2011-04-27 daineseUpdate (Zaida)
2011-04-26 daineseUpdate/protection (Zaida)
2011-04-26 daineseHeader file forgotten in prev commit