coverity + some patch for pp
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG3 /
2011-12-23 martinezCorrecting a bug on pDCA evaluation using AODs data...
2011-12-23 daineseCoverity
2011-12-22 dainesecoverity
2011-12-22 prinoUpdate in strong PID slection for D+ (Giacomo)
2011-12-21 fcaCoverity
2011-12-21 prinoPossibility use a user-defined function for the pt...
2011-12-20 daineseCoverity
2011-12-19 prinoCoding conventions
2011-12-19 prinoCoverity
2011-12-17 hristovCheck if index is within the allowed range
2011-12-16 prinoAdded bins in histo for events rejected due to Phys...
2011-12-16 martinezRemoved unnecessary information in the output files...
2011-12-16 prinoCoverity
2011-12-15 prinoNew histos of multiplicty and centrality per trigger...
2011-12-15 rbailhacEMCAL pid HFE
2011-12-15 rbailhacDeepa code electron hadron correlation
2011-12-14 martinezStandard cuts for (di-)muon analysis (Diego)
2011-12-14 prinoUpdates systematics for D+ in peripheral collisions...
2011-12-12 prinoCoding conventions
2011-12-12 prinoCoding conventions
2011-12-12 daineseUpdate by Zaida:
2011-12-09 martinezCoverity defects fix (Philippe P.)
2011-12-08 prinoRemove obsolete methods (Renu)
2011-12-08 prinoAdd the possibility to select the trigger type via...
2011-12-07 prinoFix
2011-12-07 martinezFixing coverity deects (Xiaoming)
2011-12-07 prinoExtended mass range for D0 and D+ candidates
2011-12-07 prinoCoverity
2011-12-05 daineseD+ update
2011-12-05 daineseD+ update
2011-12-04 prino1. AliRDHFCutsLctopKpi:
2011-12-02 martinezAdd new central and semicentral triggers (Cynthia)
2011-12-02 smaUpdates for EMCal
2011-12-01 smaCoverity
2011-12-01 prinoCoding conventions
2011-12-01 prinoCoding conventions
2011-12-01 prinoGetter for phys sel (Zaida)
2011-11-30 daineseAdded run list for LHC11h
2011-11-30 daineseUpdated PbPb systematic errors (close to final)
2011-11-30 daineseCoverity
2011-11-30 daineseCoverity
2011-11-30 prinoFix
2011-11-30 prinoCoding conventions
2011-11-30 daineseCoveriry
2011-11-30 daineseUpdate
2011-11-30 daineseCoveriry
2011-11-30 daineseCoveriry
2011-11-30 daineseCoveriry
2011-11-30 daineseCoveriry
2011-11-30 daineseCoveriry
2011-11-30 dainesecompilation warning
2011-11-29 prinoAdd histo with TOF flags
2011-11-28 prinoCoverity
2011-11-28 prinoCoverity
2011-11-28 prinoFix in Dplus filtering parameters
2011-11-28 prinoUpdated cuts for Lc->V0+bachelor
2011-11-27 prinoDefault for application of special cuts changed to...
2011-11-25 daineseFix
2011-11-25 daineseCoverity
2011-11-25 daineseCoverity
2011-11-25 martinezAdd central and semi-central triggers and correct for...
2011-11-25 martinezAdding the VZERO information to the muon AODs (Laurent)
2011-11-25 daineseCoverity
2011-11-25 daineseCoverity
2011-11-25 daineseWarnings
2011-11-24 prinoCoverity
2011-11-24 prinoCoverity
2011-11-24 prinoCoverity
2011-11-24 prinoCoverity
2011-11-24 smaFix warnings
2011-11-22 martinezFix problem when running on AODs (Diego)
2011-11-21 smaAdd new class to the link def file
2011-11-17 smaFix compiling warnings
2011-11-16 martinezTrending QA plots for Muon Tracking both for p-p and...
2011-11-16 martinezAdd fast merging option (Diego)
2011-11-15 prinoPatch for 3 prong candidates in AOD073 and AOD080
2011-11-14 fcaCannot wait for the fix -- better do it myself
2011-11-14 prinoFix for proper PID configuration for both sets of cuts
2011-11-13 smaFix
2011-11-13 morschMore protections needed for CAF
2011-11-12 daineseAdded possibility to request SPD kFirst for candidates...
2011-11-10 prinoUpdate in LambdaC cut class (Rossella)
2011-11-10 prinoUpdate in the macro to test the ESD->AOD->AOD,Vertexing...
2011-11-10 prinoFixes for Lc->v0+X and DStar (Francesco, Rossella)
2011-11-09 dainesePossibility to superimpose two sets of histos (Zaida)
2011-11-08 prinoCorrection Framework updated: 1) new variable definitio...
2011-11-08 smaUpdate of the hfe package
2011-11-08 smaTry remove macro
2011-11-08 prinoFix for calculation of V0 vertex (Rossella)
2011-11-08 daineseIgnore events w/o physics selection
2011-11-07 daineseAdded Init() for AliNormalizationCounter
2011-11-07 prinoNew config file for special AODs with loose LambdaC...
2011-11-06 martinezNew trigger processing (towards an automatic procedure...
2011-11-05 prinoDo not check if the soft pion from Dstar passes the...
2011-11-04 martinezNew default parameter for MuonQA Task for PbPb and...
2011-11-04 martinezAll triggers considered for the counters and Rabs cut...
2011-11-04 prinoAdded histogram of pt vs. mass (Giacomo)
2011-11-03 prinoModifications in the filtering task: 1) add switch...
2011-11-03 prinoAdd selection on track filter mask in D meson tasks
2011-11-03 daineseMethod HasBadDaughters() to check that all ITS+TPC...