Bug spotted by Raphael.
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2010-05-11 andronicFixed Warning (Jens)
2010-05-10 daineseFixed warning
2010-05-10 daineseUpdate
2010-05-10 daineseNow PtBin() returns -1 if pt>maximum of all bins
2010-05-09 daineseSmall changes and fixes (Carmelo)
2010-05-08 daineseAdded method
2010-05-08 daineseNew class for DStar->D0pi cuts (Alessandro)
2010-05-08 daineseRemove files committed by mistake
2010-05-08 daineseAddition of Lc->V0+bachelor analysis (Zaida)
2010-05-08 daineseAddition of Lc->V0+bachelor analysis (Zaida)
2010-05-08 daineseAdded method IsInFiducialAcceptance (Chiara Z)
2010-05-07 martinezFix compilation problem in linux (Diego)
2010-05-07 martinezStore information to calculate the correlation between...
2010-05-06 andronicremoved RooFit usage (+ small change in the DebugTree...
2010-05-06 daineseBug fix in like-sign refs
2010-05-04 andronic...and the "infrastructure" for the dielectron updates...
2010-05-04 andronicUpdates and additions: Classes for signal and spectrum...
2010-05-03 daineseMinor fix
2010-04-30 daineseBug fix in D* references
2010-04-29 daineseNew class for PID of HF candidates (R. Romita)
2010-04-28 daineseNew task for filtering of AODs with Jpsi candidates...
2010-04-26 daineseUse kAny for SPD by default
2010-04-24 daineseBug fix for like-sign
2010-04-24 daineseAdded data member Nptbins
2010-04-22 daineseBug fix (Renu)
2010-04-22 daineseBug fix
2010-04-22 smaFixes for warnings
2010-04-21 martinezFixing conding violation rules. Add task macro that...
2010-04-21 daineseAdded check of daughters clustermap in ITS
2010-04-20 daineseMajor update of cuts classes; now they are used in...
2010-04-18 daineseBug fix (Chiara)
2010-04-18 daineseAdded two methods (Chiara)
2010-04-16 martinezFixing conding violations (Matthieu)
2010-04-15 daineseTask uses now the new cuts class (Chiara)
2010-04-15 martinezFixing coding violations
2010-04-15 martinezNew analysis taks for muon-dimuon analysis (Livio)
2010-04-15 daineseNew task for extraction of a particle's pt distribution...
2010-04-15 daineseNew task for extraction of a particle's pt distribution...
2010-04-15 daineseDplus and Ds tasks use the new cuts classes (Francesco...
2010-04-15 daineseUpdated cuts classes (Rossella, Renu, Francesco, Giacom...
2010-04-14 daineseFix in operator=
2010-04-13 daineseaddd RelateToVertex before checking track cuts
2010-04-13 smaFixes to cure warnings
2010-04-12 smaFixes to cure warnings
2010-04-12 daineseRemoved class that depends on AliRunLoader. To be rewri...
2010-04-12 daineseNew classes for the cuts on charm candidates
2010-04-12 daineseBig fix
2010-04-12 smaUpdate of the HFE package
2010-04-12 martinezModified AliAnalysisMuonTrackingEff to load the geometr...
2010-04-09 daineseBug fix
2010-04-07 martinezTask name without spaces. Improve handling of directori...
2010-04-07 martinez1. Correctly fill the theta values for ghosts. 2. Impro...
2010-04-06 daineseMoved track cuts to base class
2010-04-05 daineseTesting new class for analysis cuts
2010-04-05 daineseNew classes to keep analysis cuts
2010-04-05 daineseProtections in Terminate
2010-03-26 andronicfixed one warning
2010-03-25 daineseCoding rules
2010-03-25 martinezFixing warnings
2010-03-24 daineseCompilation warnings
2010-03-23 hristovAdd a new variable, that is the radial position of...
2010-03-17 daineseNew task for D* pt-dep analysis (A. Grelli)
2010-03-17 daineseCompilation warnings (Fiorella)
2010-03-16 daineseRemove class AliPtMothFromPtDaugh, which introduced...
2010-03-15 daineseCoding conventions
2010-03-15 daineseNew class to extract pt distribution of given particle...
2010-03-12 andronicImprovements (Jens Wiechula); AliDielectronCFdraw still...
2010-03-12 morschUpdate for AliAODHeader. (R. Arnaldi)
2010-03-11 martinezFixing warnings (Xiaoming)
2010-03-11 martinezBug fixed (Roberta)
2010-03-11 morschPdgCode() ported to the interface
2010-03-10 martinezUpdate of the Xiaoming code for pp900 first muon analys...
2010-03-09 andronicAdd a draw class for the CORRFW (produces a warning...
2010-03-08 daineseBug fix (Chiara)
2010-03-08 daineseAdded histos in a new output container (Chiara)
2010-03-05 daineseFixed warnings
2010-03-04 martinezFixing coding violations (Livio)
2010-03-04 daineseAdded histos for global event properties (Chiara)
2010-03-04 morsch- possibility of using AliPhysicsSelection in AddTaskES...
2010-03-03 andronicFurther bugfixes, coding violations and warning removal.
2010-03-01 andronicFix warnings
2010-03-01 daineseFix warning
2010-03-01 daineseRemove obsolete code in PWG3/vertexingOld
2010-03-01 daineseRemove obsolete code in PWG3/vertexingOld
2010-03-01 daineseUpdated cuts and more histos (Renu, Giacomo)
2010-03-01 daineseFix warnings
2010-02-28 martinezFixing warnings
2010-02-28 martinezNew task and container for dimuon pairs (Livio, Enrico...
2010-02-28 martinezFixing compilation warnings (Roberta)
2010-02-26 martinezDealing with the dimuon creation when there are more...
2010-02-26 daineseLooser track selection
2010-02-26 daineseUpdates for creation of deltaAOD
2010-02-25 daineseAdded Ds and Dstar tasks
2010-02-25 daineseChanged AliInfo to AliDebug
2010-02-25 morschMoved to STEER
2010-02-25 morschDimuon branch in AODEvent
2010-02-23 andronicmore fixes
2010-02-21 martinezCorrectly fill the MC information in tree (Diego)
2010-02-19 morschMissing * for pointer added.
2010-02-18 daineseNew task for D* efficiencies with CORRFW (Alessandro)