Fix for report #63895: Request new reconstruction step (the track length must be...
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG3 /
2010-03-11 martinezFixing warnings (Xiaoming)
2010-03-11 martinezBug fixed (Roberta)
2010-03-11 morschPdgCode() ported to the interface
2010-03-10 martinezUpdate of the Xiaoming code for pp900 first muon analys...
2010-03-09 andronicAdd a draw class for the CORRFW (produces a warning...
2010-03-08 daineseBug fix (Chiara)
2010-03-08 daineseAdded histos in a new output container (Chiara)
2010-03-05 daineseFixed warnings
2010-03-04 martinezFixing coding violations (Livio)
2010-03-04 daineseAdded histos for global event properties (Chiara)
2010-03-04 morsch- possibility of using AliPhysicsSelection in AddTaskES...
2010-03-03 andronicFurther bugfixes, coding violations and warning removal.
2010-03-01 andronicFix warnings
2010-03-01 daineseFix warning
2010-03-01 daineseRemove obsolete code in PWG3/vertexingOld
2010-03-01 daineseRemove obsolete code in PWG3/vertexingOld
2010-03-01 daineseUpdated cuts and more histos (Renu, Giacomo)
2010-03-01 daineseFix warnings
2010-02-28 martinezFixing warnings
2010-02-28 martinezNew task and container for dimuon pairs (Livio, Enrico...
2010-02-28 martinezFixing compilation warnings (Roberta)
2010-02-26 martinezDealing with the dimuon creation when there are more...
2010-02-26 daineseLooser track selection
2010-02-26 daineseUpdates for creation of deltaAOD
2010-02-25 daineseAdded Ds and Dstar tasks
2010-02-25 daineseChanged AliInfo to AliDebug
2010-02-25 morschMoved to STEER
2010-02-25 morschDimuon branch in AODEvent
2010-02-23 andronicmore fixes
2010-02-21 martinezCorrectly fill the MC information in tree (Diego)
2010-02-19 morschMissing * for pointer added.
2010-02-18 daineseNew task for D* efficiencies with CORRFW (Alessandro)
2010-02-18 andronicBug fix.
2010-02-16 andronicAdd dielectron framework to PWG3
2010-02-13 daineseAdded possiblity to run without MC info (Alessandro)
2010-02-13 daineseUpdates (Chiara)
2010-02-10 martinezNew task for building efficiency matrices with CORRFW...
2010-02-08 martinezAdding a flag to Single Muon analysis task to produce...
2010-02-01 daineseModifed MC analysis (A. Grelli)
2010-01-26 daineseMinor fix
2010-01-22 daineseclean up
2010-01-20 hristovChanges for report #61429: PID: Separating response...
2010-01-20 daineseBug fix
2010-01-20 daineseCoding rule violations
2010-01-19 daineseChanged interface for AliAODRecoCascadeHF::MatchToMC
2010-01-19 daineseFix in MatchToMC (A. Grelli)
2010-01-19 daineseIncrease number of steps in container (Chiara Z); possi...
2010-01-19 daineseAdded tracks pt histos without D0 mass cut (Chiara)
2010-01-19 hristovSet of patches for report #61429: PID: Separating respo...
2010-01-18 daineseSupport for functionality to produce deltaAOD from...
2010-01-17 hristovChanges requested in report #61429: PID: Separating...
2010-01-15 hristov- Clean methods related to matching and hit pattern...
2010-01-15 daineseNew class for post analysis code
2010-01-15 daineseNew class for post analysis code; AliAnalysisTaskHFE...
2010-01-15 daineseAdded names for the steps
2010-01-15 daineseSkip tracks with kITSpureSA
2010-01-14 daineseAdded mass plot drawing in Terminate() (Renu)
2010-01-14 hristovThe description of changes:
2010-01-14 dainesechange Ds selection
2010-01-14 dainesechange Ds selection
2010-01-14 dainesechange Ds selection
2010-01-14 daineseAdded flag readMC as an argument of AddTaskDs()
2010-01-14 daineseNew task for Ds->KKpi analysis (Francesco)
2010-01-14 daineseNew classes (Markus)
2010-01-14 daineseNew classes (Markus)
2010-01-14 dainesePackage update (Markus)
2010-01-06 daineseRemoved obsolete task
2010-01-06 daineseRemoved obsolete task
2010-01-06 daineseClean up (Chiara)
2010-01-04 daineseRead histos from common output file (Chiara B)
2009-12-18 daineseFill backg histos for all candidates in case fReadMC...
2009-12-17 martinezNew code for heavy flavour analysis (Xiaoming)
2009-12-15 daineseNew class for D*+ invariant mass analysis (Yifei)
2009-12-15 daineseIncreased ClassDef
2009-12-15 daineseCosmetic changes (Chiara)
2009-12-15 dainesesettings to run without reading the MC
2009-12-14 daineseNew method to re-compute vertex with Kalman-filter...
2009-12-10 daineseUse Can define number of pt bins and their size; LS...
2009-12-10 daineseBug fix in D* mass cuts (Yifei)
2009-12-03 daineseRemove loading of PWG4 libs (not needed anymore)
2009-12-03 daineseLoading libMinuit
2009-11-29 martinezAddTaskMuonDistribution.C -> possibility to swich on...
2009-11-27 daineseNew task for D* analysis and D*-jet correlation analysi...
2009-11-27 martinezFixing an error in the computation of the efficiency...
2009-11-26 martinezFixing a bug in the computation of the errors (Matthieu)
2009-11-26 martinezSingleMu :modification introduced to retrieve output...
2009-11-25 morschFiles that I have prepared for the Muon AOD creation...
2009-11-24 daineseUse SpecialOutput for the CF container (Chiara Z)
2009-11-24 dainesemove macro to macro dir
2009-11-24 dainesemove macro to macro dir
2009-11-24 daineseRemove obsolete macros
2009-11-23 daineseRemoved output on slot #0
2009-11-19 daineseMacro to read output of CF task
2009-11-19 daineseMacros to plot output for D0Mass task (Chiara)
2009-11-19 daineseAdded minuit contour plots (Chiara)
2009-11-19 daineseFix function name
2009-11-19 daineseConfig file for high mult (off 3 and 4 prong) - tempora...
2009-11-17 martinezAliAnalysisTaskMuonTrackingEff: removal of warnings...
2009-11-17 daineseAdded flags for each task
2009-11-17 daineseAdded protections