Added fit macro from M. Putis
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG3 /
2011-01-26 daineseUpdate for centrality selection (Gian Michele)
2011-01-26 daineseVZERO signal in AliAOD.VertexingHF.root (Carlos)
2011-01-25 hristovFixes for bug #77230: PWG3 par files
2011-01-24 daineseAdded centrality selection (Gian Michele)
2011-01-24 daineseAdded merging via jdl (Renu)
2011-01-24 daineseUpdate to select in centrality (Giacomo)
2011-01-20 daineseBug fix (Renu)AddTaskDplus.C
2011-01-20 daineseAdded method to reject particles above kaon band (proto...
2011-01-20 daineseRun list updated (two runs of LHC10d added) - thanks...
2011-01-20 daineseIncreased ClassDef
2011-01-17 daineseIncreased ClassDef
2011-01-17 daineseAdded pt-dep min d0 cut
2011-01-17 daineseUpdate (Zaida)
2011-01-17 daineseadded AliNormalizationCounter (Francesco)
2011-01-17 daineseSwitch on again LS (switched off by mistake)
2011-01-15 daineseSpeed up the code
2011-01-14 hristovRemoving the flat makefiles
2011-01-12 daineseChanges to exploit new functionalities of TOF PID ...
2011-01-12 hristovRestored correspondence between CMake and makefile
2011-01-10 daineseNew task on ESDs to monitor the normalization info...
2011-01-10 daineseUpdated D* systematic errors (A. Grelli)
2011-01-05 androniccommitting on behalf of Silvia... new macros for HFE...
2011-01-03 morschAliESDCentrality replaced by AliCentrality
2011-01-03 morschAliESDCentrality replaced by AliCentrality
2010-12-24 martinezAdd the new trigger classes for Pb-Pb. Add 2 new rubric...
2010-12-24 martinezFixing warnigs (Philippe P.)
2010-12-23 daineseChanged binning of pt vs mass histogram (Francesco)
2010-12-23 daineseChanges to produce the histogram for the pt value calcu...
2010-12-22 daineseUpdate (Rossella)
2010-12-17 andronicupdates to clear coverity complains (thanks Jens!)
2010-12-16 smaCorrection to remove the warning
2010-12-16 daineseAdded possibility to compare results from different...
2010-12-16 smaVarious updates, including corrections for code rule...
2010-12-15 daineseBug fix
2010-12-15 daineseChanges to run in central train
2010-12-15 daineseFirst version of PWG3 train macro (AOD)
2010-12-15 daineseAdded possibility to cut on maxzvertex
2010-12-14 daineseAdded Lc (Rossella)
2010-12-13 daineseMacro for calculating the mean pt in the bin (AndreaR)
2010-12-13 daineseAdded counting of high-mult triggers for PbPb (Chiara)
2010-12-10 andronicMajor dielectron framework update; includes "alignment...
2010-12-10 martinezCorrect the name of the output objects for the merging...
2010-12-09 martinezFixing violations to the coding convention rules of...
2010-12-09 daineseAdded counting of high-mult triggers in PbPb (Chiara)
2010-12-09 daineseAdded standard cuts (Alessandro)
2010-12-09 daineseAdded counting of high-mult triggers for PbPb (Giacomo)
2010-12-09 daineseStandard cuts (Renu)
2010-12-09 daineseCoding rules
2010-12-09 daineseAdded TPC BetheBloch parameters for PbPb (preliminary...
2010-12-09 hristovCasting TH1 to TH2
2010-12-09 smaPatch from Renaud for the correction framework
2010-12-09 martinezRunning the analysis train and new triggr for PbPb...
2010-12-08 smaUpdates for HFE
2010-12-08 smaMajor update of the HFE package (comments inside the...
2010-12-07 daineseEnable like-sign
2010-12-06 daineseFixes for coding rules (Zaida)
2010-12-04 daineseTask update (Andrea)
2010-12-04 daineseAdded methods to define standard cuts for pp and PbPb...
2010-12-04 daineseChanged drawing layout (Zaida)
2010-12-03 daineseBug fix
2010-12-02 daineseEnable D*
2010-12-02 daineseUpdates for QA and D0 analysis (ChiaraB)
2010-12-02 daineseAdded possibility to select with Kalman vertexing ...
2010-12-02 daineseSignatre for PbPb standard cuts
2010-12-02 daineseUpdate D* cuts (Alessandro)
2010-12-01 daineseSkip like-sign if array not present (Giacomo)
2010-12-01 daineseNew task for QA (Chiara)
2010-12-01 daineseUpdate (Chiara)
2010-12-01 daineseUpdate (Chiara)
2010-12-01 daineseUpdate (Chiara)
2010-12-01 daineseUpdate (Chiara)
2010-11-27 martinezAdd the possibility, when printing the counters, to...
2010-11-26 daineseUpdate
2010-11-26 daineseUpdate
2010-11-25 daineseMoved name of cuts file as last argument, for compatibi...
2010-11-25 daineseFirst cuts for PbPb: only D0 and D+
2010-11-25 jjoseAdded RuleChecker jars in trunk and updated CMake ...
2010-11-25 daineseUpdate (Renu)
2010-11-24 martinezFix to merge output on proof and to correctly treat...
2010-11-24 martinezFixes for merging in proof. Cleanup of the output conta...
2010-11-24 martinezNow muondep depends on base (Philippe P.)
2010-11-24 daineseSignature for standard cuts 2010
2010-11-24 martinezNew task to refit the tracks in the ESDs (to be used...
2010-11-23 daineseAdded D* systematic errors (Alessandro, Yifei)
2010-11-23 daineseAccount for statistical errors on efficiencies (Zaida)
2010-11-22 martinezNew task to study fake tracks in simulation: need to...
2010-11-22 martinez- Remove the holes in the lists of output histograms...
2010-11-21 daineseClean up
2010-11-19 daineseChanged default settings
2010-11-18 martinezAdded two Get methods to get counters in histograms...
2010-11-18 daineseBug fix (Francesco)
2010-11-18 daineseAdded method to print cuts in a table format (ChiaraZ)
2010-11-18 daineseAdded reflection of errors about 0 in Draw method
2010-11-18 daineseNew TPC BetheBloch param for reco with 1-pad clusters...
2010-11-18 daineseUpdate by Zaida
2010-11-18 daineseFix compilation error (Chiara, Giacomo)
2010-11-18 daineseAdded new candles, helper methods and histos to count...
2010-11-13 andronicFramework updates, including macro to plot Minv (and...
2010-11-10 smaPatch for the correction framework
2010-11-09 morschLarger array size for PbPb (R. Arnaldi)