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2011-03-12 daineseAdded QA
2011-03-12 daineseUpdate
2011-03-11 martinezCleanup the code. Fix memory leak. Now inherit from...
2011-03-10 martinezCoverity fixes (Roberta, Ivana)
2011-03-10 martinezCoverity fixes (Ivana)
2011-03-10 daineseAdded method to find the local maximum (Giacomo)
2011-03-09 martinezCoverity fixes (Fiorella, Giuseppe, Ivana)
2011-03-08 dainesePossibility to select on the basis of the presence...
2011-03-08 martinezCoverity fixes (Philippe, Ivana)
2011-03-08 daineseAdded selection on FiredTriggerClass
2011-03-07 martinezCoverity fixes (Philippe)
2011-03-07 martinezCoverity fixes (Ivana)
2011-03-07 daineseRemoved usage of AliAnalysisVertexingHF
2011-03-06 daineseUpdate (Chiara)
2011-03-04 hristovCoverity fixes (Chiara, Diego, Ivana)
2011-03-04 daineseFix for correctly getting the CDB path when running...
2011-03-04 daineseUpdate (Alessandro)
2011-03-04 smaCoverity fixes (Ivana, Markus)
2011-03-03 hristovCoverity fixes (Ivana)
2011-03-02 hristovCoverity fixes (Ivana, Roberta)
2011-03-01 daineseupdates (Chiara B)
2011-03-01 andronicframework updates, including Track rotation method...
2011-02-28 smaCoverity fix
2011-02-28 hristovCoverity fixes (Philippe)
2011-02-28 hristovLOG muondep:
2011-02-27 daineseUpdate to adapt CF to D* case (Alessandro)
2011-02-27 daineseUpdate for PbPb (Chiara)
2011-02-26 daineseFix (ChiaraZ)
2011-02-25 daineseFix aliroot includes (Giacomo)
2011-02-25 smaCoverity fixes by Ivana (again, thanks so much!!) imple...
2011-02-25 martinezFixing coverity warnings (Matthieu)
2011-02-25 daineseCoverity (Ivana)
2011-02-25 daineseFirst set of changes to adapt the CF classes to treat...
2011-02-25 martinezCoverity fixes (Ivana)
2011-02-25 martinezactivating id (Ivna)
2011-02-24 daineseUpdate (reduce d0min from 100 to 50 micron, tighter...
2011-02-24 daineseUpdate (Zaida, Rossella)
2011-02-24 martinezTask single muon and jpsi as a fonction of the tracklet...
2011-02-24 martinezFix for bug #78633 (Diego)
2011-02-24 martinezAdding Id to PWG3 classes for better tracking of the...
2011-02-24 daineseCopy TPCnclsF
2011-02-24 daineseUse nTPCclsFordEdx instead of nTPCcls (Rossella)
2011-02-24 smaFix for defect found by Coverity (Matus)
2011-02-23 daineseNew task to improve tracking resolution to simulate...
2011-02-23 martinezCoverity and warning fixes (Ivana, Gines)
2011-02-23 martinezAdding class AliHistogramCollectionIterator (Laurent...
2011-02-23 martinezFixing warnings (Gines)
2011-02-23 martinezNew class AliHistogramCollection (Laurent)
2011-02-23 daineseBug fix
2011-02-23 daineseCorrected typos in D* cuts (thanks Francesco)
2011-02-23 daineseFix for setting of PID selection bits (thanks Francesco)
2011-02-22 daineseAdded Lc (Zaida, Rossella)
2011-02-22 daineseRemoved 7 runs for LHC10h, to be rechecked after pass2
2011-02-21 daineseCoverity (Zaida)
2011-02-21 daineseCentral train macro to run on AOD or ESD (Mihaela)
2011-02-21 daineseUpdate (Chiara)
2011-02-21 daineseChanges to Ds task (Gian Michele)
2011-02-21 martinezCoverity fixes (Ivana)
2011-02-21 smaFurther Coverity fixes, and V0 developments.
2011-02-21 martinezWarning fix (Laurent)
2011-02-21 daineseFix for AOD->AOD+delta case (Andrei)
2011-02-21 daineseReduced verbosity
2011-02-21 daineseAdded centrality treatment and ignoring fake status...
2011-02-21 daineseSetters added (Magnus)
2011-02-21 hristov- Replace the TClonesArray of AliMUONTrackParam by...
2011-02-20 martinezFixing warning (Laurent)
2011-02-18 martinezCoverity fixes (Laurent, Ivana)
2011-02-18 martinezCoverity fix. Set labels of half-chamber histograms...
2011-02-18 martinezCoverity fix (Ivana)
2011-02-18 agheatafixes from Laurent for the MC branch in the AOD filters
2011-02-18 martinezCoverity fix (Ivana)
2011-02-18 martinezCoverity fix (Ivana)
2011-02-18 daineseReverted wrong commit (thanks Raoul for spotting it)
2011-02-17 smaEliminate warnings
2011-02-17 martinezAdding centrality selection and additional muon track...
2011-02-17 daineseAdded counter for fake daughters
2011-02-17 daineseSpeed-up (Francesco)
2011-02-16 smaEMCAL not yet added. Revert change and postpone to...
2011-02-16 smaCorrections for Coverity warnings
2011-02-16 martinezFixes to run w/o OCDB infotrmation (in that case the...
2011-02-16 martinezFix to correctly set mother type with Phojet simulation...
2011-02-16 martinezAlso count tracks and events in the intermediate centra...
2011-02-15 daineseAdded selection bits
2011-02-14 daineseUpdate (Chiara)
2011-02-14 daineseProtection
2011-02-13 daineseCoverity
2011-02-13 daineseCoverity
2011-02-13 daineseCoverity
2011-02-13 daineseFixed compilation warning
2011-02-11 dainesePt cut for candidate
2011-02-11 daineseFix retieval of V0 info (Carlos)
2011-02-11 daineseCoverity (ChiaraZ)
2011-02-11 dainesepossibility to cut on the pt of candidate (Rossella)
2011-02-11 dainesepossibility to cut on the pt of candidate (Rossella)
2011-02-11 daineseUse faster methods
2011-02-10 daineseCentrality class in output name (Chiara)
2011-02-10 daineseCoverity and speed up (Andrea)
2011-02-10 daineseCoverity and speed up (Andrea)
2011-02-10 daineseUse methods to squared quantities to avoid sqrt
2011-02-10 daineseUse methods to squared quantities to avoid sqrt