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2010-01-22 daineseclean up
2010-01-20 hristovChanges for report #61429: PID: Separating response...
2010-01-20 daineseBug fix
2010-01-20 daineseCoding rule violations
2010-01-19 daineseChanged interface for AliAODRecoCascadeHF::MatchToMC
2010-01-19 daineseFix in MatchToMC (A. Grelli)
2010-01-19 daineseIncrease number of steps in container (Chiara Z); possi...
2010-01-19 daineseAdded tracks pt histos without D0 mass cut (Chiara)
2010-01-19 hristovSet of patches for report #61429: PID: Separating respo...
2010-01-18 daineseSupport for functionality to produce deltaAOD from...
2010-01-17 hristovChanges requested in report #61429: PID: Separating...
2010-01-15 hristov- Clean methods related to matching and hit pattern...
2010-01-15 daineseNew class for post analysis code
2010-01-15 daineseNew class for post analysis code; AliAnalysisTaskHFE...
2010-01-15 daineseAdded names for the steps
2010-01-15 daineseSkip tracks with kITSpureSA
2010-01-14 daineseAdded mass plot drawing in Terminate() (Renu)
2010-01-14 hristovThe description of changes:
2010-01-14 dainesechange Ds selection
2010-01-14 dainesechange Ds selection
2010-01-14 dainesechange Ds selection
2010-01-14 daineseAdded flag readMC as an argument of AddTaskDs()
2010-01-14 daineseNew task for Ds->KKpi analysis (Francesco)
2010-01-14 daineseNew classes (Markus)
2010-01-14 daineseNew classes (Markus)
2010-01-14 dainesePackage update (Markus)
2010-01-06 daineseRemoved obsolete task
2010-01-06 daineseRemoved obsolete task
2010-01-06 daineseClean up (Chiara)
2010-01-04 daineseRead histos from common output file (Chiara B)
2009-12-18 daineseFill backg histos for all candidates in case fReadMC...
2009-12-17 martinezNew code for heavy flavour analysis (Xiaoming)
2009-12-15 daineseNew class for D*+ invariant mass analysis (Yifei)
2009-12-15 daineseIncreased ClassDef
2009-12-15 daineseCosmetic changes (Chiara)
2009-12-15 dainesesettings to run without reading the MC
2009-12-14 daineseNew method to re-compute vertex with Kalman-filter...
2009-12-10 daineseUse Can define number of pt bins and their size; LS...
2009-12-10 daineseBug fix in D* mass cuts (Yifei)
2009-12-03 daineseRemove loading of PWG4 libs (not needed anymore)
2009-12-03 daineseLoading libMinuit
2009-11-29 martinezAddTaskMuonDistribution.C -> possibility to swich on...
2009-11-27 daineseNew task for D* analysis and D*-jet correlation analysi...
2009-11-27 martinezFixing an error in the computation of the efficiency...
2009-11-26 martinezFixing a bug in the computation of the errors (Matthieu)
2009-11-26 martinezSingleMu :modification introduced to retrieve output...
2009-11-25 morschFiles that I have prepared for the Muon AOD creation...
2009-11-24 daineseUse SpecialOutput for the CF container (Chiara Z)
2009-11-24 dainesemove macro to macro dir
2009-11-24 dainesemove macro to macro dir
2009-11-24 daineseRemove obsolete macros
2009-11-23 daineseRemoved output on slot #0
2009-11-19 daineseMacro to read output of CF task
2009-11-19 daineseMacros to plot output for D0Mass task (Chiara)
2009-11-19 daineseAdded minuit contour plots (Chiara)
2009-11-19 daineseFix function name
2009-11-19 daineseConfig file for high mult (off 3 and 4 prong) - tempora...
2009-11-17 martinezAliAnalysisTaskMuonTrackingEff: removal of warnings...
2009-11-17 daineseAdded flags for each task
2009-11-17 daineseAdded protections
2009-11-17 hristovMajor update of the CMake compilation:
2009-11-17 dainesechanged container names
2009-11-16 martinezFixing algorithm for efficiency calculation (Diego)
2009-11-15 martinezfixing warnings (Federico C.)
2009-11-15 martinezDeacresing the size of the log file output (Christian...
2009-11-12 fcaRemoving redundant includes
2009-11-10 martinezRemoving warning related to the output connections...
2009-11-10 martinezFixing warnings (Diego)
2009-11-10 daineseFixing memory leak (Rossella)
2009-11-10 daineseWrite output in folders of the common output file
2009-11-09 daineseSetting also MC info to CF manager
2009-11-09 daineseUpdate and addition of LS analysis (Renu, Giacomo,...
2009-11-08 martinezDefining 5 output slots in the constructor (Matthieu)
2009-11-06 daineseUse folder in ouput file: savannah 57874 (Markus)
2009-11-06 martinezNew method's name for the CF manager (Xavier)
2009-11-05 daineseAdapting to CORRFW changes (Chiara)
2009-11-05 martinezStoring the analysis output histograms in folders of...
2009-11-05 martinezImproved algorithm for the extrapolation of the tracks...
2009-11-05 daineseAdapting to CORRFW changes (Markus)
2009-11-04 daineseFix due to change of method name in CORRFW
2009-11-03 daineseChanges to run also without reading the MC (Chiara B)
2009-11-03 daineseFixed typo
2009-11-03 daineseNew event mixing task for HF vertexing (Rossella)
2009-11-02 daineseAdded possibility to run without reading the MC (Andrea)
2009-11-02 hristovFixes in reconstruction:
2009-11-02 martinezRunning on proof and fitting psiprime resonance (Roberta)
2009-11-01 daineseChanged names of output files
2009-10-29 dainesePossibility to read as input the AOD that was just...
2009-10-28 daineseWarning corrected
2009-10-28 daineseIncreased class version
2009-10-26 daineseD2H tasks that can be attached to Official Train
2009-10-26 martinezFixing some warnings and some coding convention rule...
2009-10-23 daineseUse AliAnalysisTaskSE::AODEvent() to read the AOD that...
2009-10-23 daineseCoding rules (Markus)
2009-10-23 daineseLittle changes (Chiara)
2009-10-23 daineseUpdates in PID usage (Markus)
2009-10-23 daineseupdate
2009-10-23 daineseTest tasks for official train
2009-10-23 daineseSame cuts as TaskSED0Mass
2009-10-23 daineseSplitting pt bin 1-3 GeV in two bins (Chiara)