1 - Rename AliAnaMaker and AliAnaBaseClass to AliAnaPartCorrMaker and AliAnaPartCorrB...
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG4 / AliAnaGammaDirect.cxx
2008-07-18 gconesab1 - Rename AliAnaMaker and AliAnaBaseClass to AliAnaPar...
2008-06-09 gconesabStreaming problems in CAF solved
2008-05-19 gconesabNew more general analysis implemention for particle...
2007-12-07 gustavoKeep more MC information in ntuples
2007-11-17 gustavoremoved deleting of not owned data and deleting of...
2007-10-29 gustavoCorrected coding violations
2007-10-17 schutzMade ready for the analysis train
2007-08-17 schutzNew analysis classes by Gustavo Conesa
2007-06-18 schutznew methods of AliESDCaloCluster
2007-03-15 schutzMethods added
2007-03-08 schutzCoding convention
2007-02-09 schutzB?\008New version from Gustavo
2007-01-23 schutzNew Gamma package