memory leak fixed
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG4 / CaloCalib /
2011-08-06 gconesabincrease size of calo cluster array
2011-08-05 loizidesProtection against run==0 runnumbers
2011-08-05 gconesabRemove print
2011-08-05 gconesabClusters removed during transformation of recpoints...
2011-08-04 gconesabChange default name of geometry to Complete, add debugg...
2011-07-27 gconesabavoid leaks when filling cluster array, and label list
2011-07-23 gconesabcalibration method in AliEMCALClusterizer changed
2011-07-21 loizidesadded photon as prim particle
2011-07-19 loizidesclusterizer fix, add embedded energy fraction to cluste...
2011-07-17 loizidescheck for ref ptr
2011-07-01 loizidestrack histos and new header info
2011-06-24 loizidesbug fix
2011-06-21 gconesabInstantiate EMCAL geometry
2011-06-21 gconesabChange AliEMCALGeoUtils to AliEMCALGeometry
2011-06-16 loizidesadded embed mode
2011-06-13 loizidesmem leak
2011-06-02 gconesabcorrect the reset of the second labels array
2011-05-23 gconesabcoverity
2011-05-18 loizidesCoverty fixes
2011-05-14 gconesabComment debugging lines
2011-05-14 gconesabCorrectly initialize the array with second lable per...
2011-05-13 gconesabAdd switch to track matching as requested by Alexei...
2011-05-10 loizidesfirst useful version linking clusters to mc info
2011-05-10 loizidesFirst MC version
2011-05-09 loizidesMore mc
2011-05-06 loizidesimproved handling of aods, added beginning of mc info
2011-05-04 gconesabadd new time cut, time histograms
2011-05-03 loizidesAdded more severe checks if emcal matrizes are there
2011-05-03 gconesabloop till last cluster in the loop when recalibrating
2011-05-03 gconesabcoverity
2011-05-02 loizidesuse utils for distance calculation if available
2011-05-01 gconesabadapt to updates in AliEMCALRecoUtils
2011-04-30 gconesabadd v2 clusterizer
2011-04-30 gconesabAdd switch to access OCBD only if needed, off by default
2011-04-27 loizidescheck if emcal is active
2011-04-27 loizidescheck if emcal is active
2011-04-26 gconesabcorrect compilation warning
2011-04-26 gconesabAdd histograms with masked regions due to frame, settin...
2011-04-26 gconesabprotection against non embedding analysis
2011-04-26 gconesabcoverity mem leak corrected
2011-04-26 gconesabminor coverity fix
2011-04-22 gconesabcompilation warning
2011-04-22 gconesabcoverity
2011-04-21 loizideskeep overlap and fixes to isolation
2011-04-20 gconesabAdd copy of header and vertices and calocells in case...
2011-04-20 loizidesstore a bit more information on cells/clusters
2011-04-19 loizidesv2 clusterizer
2011-04-18 loizidesnext version for gsi train
2011-04-17 loizidesRenamed some vars plus print task settings in usercreat...
2011-04-17 loizidesRemove forgotten debug statements
2011-04-17 loizidesGet trigger primitive information and do trigger cluste...
2011-04-14 loizidesClean at the end of loop
2011-04-14 loizidesNew track selection and new track matching
2011-04-12 gconesabAdd possibility to have at least 2 MC labels in the...
2011-04-12 loizidesset geometry matrices if not yet set
2011-04-12 loizidesnaming conventions
2011-04-11 loizidesupdate to reflect latest changes
2011-04-11 loizidesEnable fast and slow trackmatching, and use secondaries...
2011-04-08 loizidesAdd cell info, add trigger cluster info and histograms
2011-04-07 loizidescoverty fix
2011-04-07 loizidesadd trigger clus
2011-04-07 loizidesfixes for alignment matrices
2011-04-06 loizidesapply pt cut before track matching
2011-04-06 loizidesRemoved dep on trunk
2011-04-06 loizidesstore sm number
2011-04-06 loizideswork on ESD/AOD in the same way
2011-04-06 loizideskeep e/p and speed up track matching
2011-04-05 loizidesfix name
2011-04-05 loizidesimplemented track and cell iso
2011-04-05 loizidescosmetics
2011-04-04 loizidesreorganized ntuple
2011-04-01 loizidesmore histos
2011-03-27 gconesab EMCAL clusterizer: pas the MC label to the intermediat...
2011-03-24 loizidesCoverty plus minE threshold
2011-03-23 loizidesbug fix
2011-03-23 loizidesAdd some more cuts
2011-03-23 loizidesonly access ocdb if really requested
2011-03-22 loizidesfix
2011-03-22 loizidesabs id
2011-03-22 loizidesremove sub function
2011-03-22 gconesabset the request to not do tracking in clusterizer
2011-03-22 loizidesmake some methods virtual
2011-03-22 loizidesmake members protected
2011-03-21 loizidesCount events by hand in case input is mocked up.
2011-03-21 loizidesCorrecting oversight
2011-03-18 loizidesbugfix for event counter
2011-03-18 loizidesupdated with ermes changes.
2011-03-18 loizidessubtract background if requested
2011-03-16 loizidesrecent changes
2011-03-16 loizidesReworked to include track matching
2011-03-15 loizidesadded ntuple
2011-03-15 loizidesSort the cells incoming to the clusterizer and not...
2011-03-15 loizidesCleanup
2011-03-14 loizidesMerged new code from Fengchou and Ermes.
2011-03-14 loizidessmall adjustments
2011-03-11 loizidesfirst histograms filled
2011-03-10 morschMethod name coherent with interface.
2011-03-10 loizidesAccess alignment matrices without virtual interface...
2011-03-10 loizidesAccess to geomatrix
2011-03-10 loizidesoption to recalib only