Fix Coverity
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG4 / GammaConv /
2011-12-09 slindalFrom Gustavo: Updates to make GCPart to PWG4Part conver...
2011-12-04 slindalUpdating conv correlation classes
2011-12-04 slindalRemoving files that had been added to soon. Non in...
2011-11-28 slindalCoverity fixes
2011-11-22 slindalfixing warning
2011-10-27 slindalchanges from gsi svn
2011-10-10 slindalFixing coverity defects: 17612, 17611
2011-09-29 slindalRemoving AliGammaConversionAODObject
2011-09-29 slindalfixing warnings
2011-09-29 slindalFixing warnings
2011-09-29 slindalMerging gsi train and aliroot trunk
2011-09-09 fcaRemove useless code
2011-06-21 gconesabInstantiate EMCAL geometry
2011-06-21 gconesabChange AliEMCALGeoUtils to AliEMCALGeometry
2011-06-08 amarincoverity fix
2011-05-11 slindalcoverity fixes
2011-05-09 slindaladding pioinjet class
2011-05-09 slindalConvGamma preburner update
2011-05-09 slindalUpdating conv correlation software
2011-05-04 slindalCoverity fix, report 10667
2011-05-03 slindalMoving aod cleanup to earlier point to prevent reuse...
2011-05-03 slindalUpdating AOD filter
2011-05-03 slindalChanges from GSi train
2011-03-31 kaamodtCoding violations fixed
2011-03-31 prsnkoCoverity fix
2011-03-30 slindalcoverity fixes
2011-03-17 slindalFixing warning
2011-03-16 fcaCoverity fixes (Dmitri Peressounko)
2011-03-16 slindalMust use either edtrack or kfparticle
2011-03-16 slindalcoverity fix
2011-03-15 slindalAlicoverity bug 16201
2011-03-15 slindalFixing coverity warning 16283
2011-03-15 slindalMoving gamma jet ana to separate folder. Addding severa...
2011-03-10 slindalAdding missing initializaion in constructor
2011-03-09 slindalMerging changes from GSI train
2011-03-09 slindalAdding postdata to usercreateoutputobjects
2011-03-03 slindal-Updating AliAODConversionParticle: adding constructors...
2011-02-21 slindalCoverity fixes
2011-02-21 slindalFrom Kenneth: Coverity fixes
2011-02-17 amarinExtra cut number to allow a cut using TOF signal
2011-02-15 slindalremoving PartCorrDep dependencies
2011-02-11 slindalAdd debuglevel
2011-02-10 slindalfix warnings
2011-02-10 slindalwork both for gammaconv aod and aliaodconvparticle
2011-02-10 slindalUpdated to q
2011-02-09 amarinChanges from RR for PbPb, correction fromMW for direct...
2011-02-08 amarinadding histos to measure contamination in photon sample...
2011-02-02 amarinBug fixes for rotation method
2011-02-01 slindalAdd protcection that tracks exist
2011-02-01 slindalUpdate to set tag correctly
2011-02-01 slindalSet Chi2 for AliAODConversionParticle
2011-01-28 amarinadding z distribution of vertex, separated spd and...
2011-01-28 amarinPut V0AND condition as first, before any vertex cut
2011-01-28 amarinadding ND,DD,SD histos for evtq4 and 5, were missing...
2011-01-28 amarinEta Dalitz contamination also included
2011-01-28 amarinadding identifier for dalitz contamination
2011-01-28 amarinAdding histo with all MC pi0s versus rapidity, independ...
2011-01-25 amarinusing tpcclusterinfo to correct the number of findable...
2011-01-25 amarinadding Histos for bck under pi0 vs pt
2011-01-24 slindalAdding new helper class to convert from Gamma conversio...
2011-01-19 slindalFixing bug preventing pi0s to be added to tclonesarray...
2011-01-18 amarinadding pt histos for contamination in gammas, adding...
2011-01-03 morschAliESDCentrality replaced by AliCentrality
2010-12-19 slindalFrom Ana: Add HFE histograms
2010-12-19 slindalAdded possibility to not create aod tclones branch
2010-12-17 kaamodtCoding violations fix.
2010-12-10 slindalDestroy flabel in destructor
2010-12-10 slindalEnabling writing pion aod branch with new class
2010-12-10 hristovSetChi2 is not yet implemented in STEER/AliAODPWG4Particle
2010-12-10 slindalAdding AliAODConversionParticle class
2010-12-10 slindalUpdated to use new AOD class
2010-12-10 slindaluse PWG4 particle instead of pwg4 particle correlaton
2010-11-23 amarinIsHeavyIon flag, added Centrality Selection, Add mising...
2010-11-21 amarinshould fix one Valgrind output comment
2010-11-16 amarinMultiplicity selection in pp as cut number
2010-11-05 kaamodtUpdate by Pedro to the dalitz code.
2010-11-03 kaamodtFixed coding conventions
2010-11-02 amarinBug fix, filling event quality for V0AND and pileup...
2010-10-31 amarinFilling the EventQuality histogram for book keeping
2010-10-30 amarinPossibility to analyse V0AND using a flag, extra cut...
2010-10-29 amarinExtra number in cutId for pileup rejection. Flag to...
2010-10-29 kaamodtFixed coding violations and added new cuts to the cut...
2010-10-21 amarinUsing GetStandardITSTPCTrackCuts2010()
2010-10-08 slindalUpdated gamma jet task.
2010-10-08 amarinadding extra histo for alfa of pi0
2010-10-06 slindalFrom eulogio: Remove bghandler from dalitz code
2010-10-04 slindalUpdates from Eulogio:
2010-10-04 amarindefining new cuts on the config, putting alpha cut...
2010-10-02 amarinIncluding rapidity cut for the meson
2010-10-02 kaamodtAdded histograms for decay particles (Martin)
2010-09-30 kaamodtFixed bug in background probability calculation when...
2010-09-29 amarinAdd histo for Event Quality and pi0 spectra for differe...
2010-09-28 kaamodtAdded functionality to rotate particle for background...
2010-09-28 kaamodtfixed error message regarding streeming
2010-09-22 kaamodtAdded new flag -low-memory and a flag to set if chi2...
2010-09-22 amarinTwo extra cuts and few extra histos
2010-09-22 kaamodtUpdated linkdef and package to include dalitz task...
2010-09-15 slindalFrom P. Gonzales: Adding Dalitz task, updates accordingly
2010-09-15 slindalAdded GetIMass() function
2010-09-15 slindalAdding the Pi+ Pi- Pi0 omegas to AoD