New book-keeping class
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG4 / JetTasks / AliAnalysisHelperJetTasks.cxx
2009-12-13 kleinb updated trigger selection
2009-12-11 kleinbFixing trigger selection include CSMBB/Postdata before...
2009-12-09 kleinbtrigger selection hleper works on ESD and AOD now
2009-12-08 kleinbUpdates for real data analysis, trigger decisions
2009-12-07 kleinbrmoved printout
2009-12-07 kleinbadded trigger helpers as in PWG0
2009-11-20 kleinbchanges to run also on AOD MC
2009-10-29 kleinbaccount for limits of thrust variable (Sona)
2009-10-22 kleinb fixing coding violations moved event shape calculation...
2009-10-12 kleinbfill trials in the event loop to avoid wrong numbers...
2009-10-02 kleinbFix reading from AOD and changed warnings to AliWarning
2009-09-18 kleinbReplaced dynamic array alocation by static array size...
2009-08-17 kleinbadded merging function for different pt hard bins
2009-07-12 kleinbMoved GetClosestJets() method to helper class
2008-10-24 gconesabJet and Particle identification tasks moved to differen...