Adding some histograms for jet shape
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG4 / JetTasks / AliAnalysisTaskJetSpectrum2.cxx
2010-06-16 kleinbAdding some histograms for jet shape
2010-06-08 kleinbJetChem: fix for crash with PHOJET, Services: new verte...
2010-05-28 kleinbFixes for running on MC for JetChem, lower limit for...
2010-05-20 kleinbadding some dijet plots
2010-05-12 kleinbadded new heöper method to print output size, changed...
2010-04-22 kleinb removerd double filling of histogram
2010-04-12 kleinbin debug mode output event number in file
2010-04-06 kleinbremoving print out in Init()
2010-03-24 kleinbDo not Dump the track info for high p_T just print out
2010-03-15 kleinbfixed aod mc assignment and use of jet header (B. Bathen)
2010-03-12 kleinbSome fixes for memory leaks
2010-02-19 kleinbcorrected definitions for Chi2
2010-02-10 kleinbminor fixes, plotting ranges in eta
2010-01-30 kleinb Updates for k_T algo wiht different distance paramater
2010-01-29 kleinbfixed typo in histogram name
2010-01-22 kleinballow to select events with AliPhysicsSelection directl...
2010-01-11 kleinbSwitched on vertex constrained again for Jet SPectrum...
2010-01-08 kleinb debug jets above 10 GeV
2009-12-15 kleinbupdates for next mini train
2009-12-11 kleinbAdded protection (Ernesto)
2009-12-10 kleinbadded trigger decisions in spectrum task and Marta...
2009-12-08 kleinbUpdates for real data analysis, trigger decisions
2009-11-16 kleinbcover case for AOD analysis
2009-11-15 kleinbFixed naming when selecting tracks for FF
2009-11-13 kleinbfixed warnings
2009-11-09 kleinbadded new spectrum task including FF and with using...