Ernesto's changes for train running
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG4 / JetTasks / AliAnalysisTaskUE.cxx
2009-12-17 kleinbErnesto's changes for train running
2009-12-16 kleinbadded filterbit to the output settings tree
2009-12-15 kleinbupdates for next mini train
2009-12-13 kleinb updated trigger selection
2009-12-11 kleinbAdded protection (Ernesto)
2009-12-08 kleinbUpdates for real data analysis, trigger decisions
2009-12-03 kleinbadded protection
2009-11-16 kleinb Addsupport for AOD /delta AOD, limit printouts and...
2009-11-16 kleinbChanges by Sara V. to UE class, and one cosmetic change...
2009-10-15 kleinbadditional reset for average trials
2009-10-12 kleinbfill trials in the event loop to avoid wrong numbers...
2009-06-22 kleinbUpdated versions from Arian
2009-04-22 kleinbSome fixes to output structure tp avoid crashes on CAF
2009-04-15 kleinbAdded PID task, some fixes for coding conventions
2009-01-21 kleinbLatest changes ny Aria, added CDF charge jet definition...
2008-10-24 gconesabJet and Particle identification tasks moved to differen...