coverity fix
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG4 / JetTasks /
2011-06-07 kleinbsamll fixes (Marta)
2011-06-07 kleinbswitchable response matrix
2011-05-20 kleinbchanged p_T range
2011-05-20 kleinbcoverity fixes
2011-05-20 kleinbsmall fix
2011-05-18 kleinbupdates to QA task, varibale pt binning, catch the...
2011-05-12 hristovCoverity 16613
2011-05-12 hristovfake return to solve coverity 16614
2011-05-09 jgrosseoupdating used relatetovertex function
2011-05-09 jgrosseomem leak fix
2011-05-06 jgrosseochanging low pt cut
2011-05-05 loizidesForgotten debug statement
2011-05-05 loizidesIndicate whether pool is full the first time. Only...
2011-05-05 jgrosseoadding centr comparison study
2011-05-05 kleinbadded switch for event slection in cluster task, update...
2011-05-04 jgrosseooptimizations after profiling
2011-05-04 kleinbadding forward declaration
2011-05-03 kleinbfixed trailing character
2011-05-03 kleinbchanging the output format to thnsparse, only for all...
2011-05-03 kleinbAdd delta area to THnSparse for delta pT output
2011-05-03 jgrosseocoverity fixes
2011-04-29 jgrosseochanging msg to aliinfo
2011-04-29 jgrosseodisabling vtx bins by default
2011-04-29 jgrosseoupdated dphi correlation analysis
2011-04-28 kleinb- add AliAnalysisTsakJetResponseV2
2011-04-28 loizidesonly print in debug mode
2011-04-21 kleinbprint out size of histograms in the list for optimizing...
2011-04-20 kleinbchanged some histo ranges to save memory
2011-04-10 kleinbReading jets from output AOD, even in case of input...
2011-04-07 jgrosseocoverity fixes
2011-04-06 kleinbcorrected setter
2011-04-04 jgrosseofill histograms also when centrality is 0
2011-04-04 kleinbAdded correct retrievel of jets from AOD extenstion...
2011-04-02 esickingwork around for coverity defect
2011-04-02 esickingRevert and change faulty coverity fixes
2011-04-02 kleinbfix compilation warning
2011-04-01 kleinbfixes for RP calculation, coverity fixes, reduced histo...
2011-03-31 jgrosseocoverity fixes
2011-03-31 esickingCovarity fix
2011-03-31 kleinbupdates for Reaction Plane and coverity fix
2011-03-31 esickingFixes for coding violations
2011-03-30 jgrosseocoverity fixes
2011-03-30 jgrosseoupdate to trigger correlation study
2011-03-30 kleinbFixes for centrality < 0, adding jet finder setting...
2011-03-30 esickingChanges in DeltaPhi histrograms; usage of all possible...
2011-03-30 kleinbcoverity fixes
2011-03-30 kleinbupdates to FF task (Oliver) Minor bug fixes and reduced...
2011-03-28 kleinbpreps for using the reactions plane
2011-03-27 kleinbUpdates for Train running (Alexandre)
2011-03-25 kleinbsome corrections (Magali)
2011-03-17 kleinbNow two options are available in the FF class:
2011-03-17 kleinbupdates for PbPb running and high p_T QA
2011-03-17 kleinbtrigger filling of AOD extensions
2011-03-17 kleinbfixed coding rule violations
2011-03-12 kleinbfixed coverity reports
2011-03-11 kleinbadding new track QA task running on ESD and AOD, bug...
2011-03-09 jgrosseocoverity fixes
2011-02-27 kleinbChanges to fast embedding and jetresponse: QA plot...
2011-02-27 kleinbHelper function to match jets based on the track conten...
2011-02-21 jgrosseoupdated calculation of dphi correlation histograms
2011-02-21 kleinbAdded protections and PostData in UserCreateOutputObjects
2011-02-18 kleinbAdded PostData to UserCreateOutputObjects
2011-02-18 kleinbfix to avoid crash when runnign with option 1
2011-02-18 jgrosseobug fix in finding particle's mother
2011-02-17 kleinbfixed typo
2011-02-17 kleinbmore coverity fixes
2011-02-17 kleinbincluding new options for high p_T QA (ITSRefit) adding...
2011-02-15 kleinbadded histograms and methods for fetching the leading...
2011-02-12 kleinbcoverity fixes
2011-02-12 kleinbclean up in spectrum task, added area histograms and...
2011-02-08 kleinbUpdated to Jet embedding to add real jets (J. Klein)
2011-02-08 kleinbCleaning up the task from unused histograms
2011-01-30 kleinbwrite also background subtracted jets to the delta...
2011-01-29 morschCoverity fix.
2011-01-27 kleinbcoverity fixes
2011-01-27 morschCoverity fixes.
2011-01-26 kleinbfix coverty reports
2011-01-22 kleinbMore coverty problems fixed
2011-01-22 kleinbnew task for jet response
2011-01-21 kleinbFixing some coverty reports
2011-01-21 kleinbfix for par file compilation (B. Bathen)
2011-01-21 kleinbFixing Coverty reports
2011-01-19 hristovCorrections for bug #77126: PWG4 par file (PWGJetTasks...
2011-01-19 kleinbprotection agains missing aod vertex added
2011-01-18 kleinbenable SetAODFill also for AOD->AOD
2011-01-18 kleinbMagalis and Alexandres new background estimates
2011-01-12 kleinbforgot to add unfolding containers back to the output...
2011-01-10 esicking1. Corrections in AOD_MC loop. 2. New plots for tracks...
2011-01-06 esickingnew functions, mc analysis can be performed also for...
2011-01-03 morschAliESDCentrality replaced by AliCentrality
2011-01-03 kleinbRewritten spectrum2 task, old running is optional,...
2011-01-03 kleinbNew jet matching without limitation on the size of...
2010-12-27 kleinbupdates fro MC running (Marta)
2010-12-20 kleinbBug fix in array index
2010-12-16 kleinbAdded fixes for centrality selection, use AddTaskCentra...
2010-12-07 kleinbupdates to PT QA MC, adding tpc tracks constrained...
2010-12-07 kleinbChanged Jet finder settings and fixed usage of AOD...
2010-12-03 kleinbupdates for differnt jet configs (including background...
2010-11-30 jgrosseoupdate for azimuthal correlations
2010-11-27 kleinbcorrected event selection for AODs