increment version number
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG4 / Makefile
2010-04-22 gconesabnew analysis module JCORRAN - Filip Krizek
2010-01-20 gconesabnew module for hadron correlations
2009-09-15 kaamodtAdded correction framework (Kathrin)
2009-08-24 gconesab1) AliCaloTrackReader: Possibility to open a second...
2009-04-06 gconesabModifications needed to make the frame work in differen...
2008-12-02 gconesabPartCorr split in 2 Base and Dep; coding violations...
2008-11-12 gconesabGamma conversion analysis moved to its own subdirectory...
2008-10-24 gconesabanalysis classes moved to PWG4/PartCorr and PWG4/JetTasks
2008-08-27 kleinbAdd Spectrum Task and helper class, some minor mods
2008-07-22 kleinbInitial structure for PWG4JetTasks (for PWG4 Task Force...
2008-05-19 gconesabNew more general analysis implemention for particle...
2008-04-14 gconesabLibrary libANALYSISalice added
2008-04-09 hristovUsing ARCH instead of PLATFORM
2007-11-17 gustavopar mode correction (MG)
2007-06-06 schutzadded a new analysis task
2007-02-14 schutzreplace ANALYSIS_NEW by ANALYSIS
2007-02-09 schutzB?\008New version from Gustavo
2007-01-24 schutzChange the name adding PWG4
2007-01-23 schutzNew Gamma package