[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG4 / PWG4UserTasksLinkDef.h
2012-01-22 loizidesext track class
2012-01-18 loizidestask to skim esd files.
2011-12-12 loizidespropagator and setup task
2011-10-24 kharlovQA task for pi0 parameters in PbPb runs in PHOS
2011-10-12 prsnkoRemoved AliPHOSDigitDecalibrate: Digit decalibration...
2011-10-10 gconesabFirst implementation of EMCAL trigger QA from Nicola...
2011-09-22 kharlovEvent embedding tasks for PHOS are added (D.Peressounko)
2011-09-06 loizidesTask to provide spd vertex constrained tracks
2011-09-04 loizidesmove my tasks to user code
2011-04-03 kharlovCalorimeter cell QA class is added
2011-04-03 kharlovCompilation of the PHOS pi0 analysis is added.