Event embedding tasks for PHOS are added (D.Peressounko)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG4 / UserTasks / CaloCellQA /
2011-09-09 kharlovCell QA analysis for PHOS
2011-06-05 kharlovMostly internal redesign. Now works with alien plugin...
2011-04-29 kharlovMacro to process the calorimeter cell QA
2011-04-21 kharlovAvoid alien plugin limitations:
2011-04-18 kharlovI/O constructor is added
2011-04-18 kharlovConstructor of the task is corrected
2011-04-10 kharlovArray of bad cells deleting is relocated to a proper...
2011-04-10 kharlov1) static variable were replaced by local variables...
2011-04-08 kharlov1) Pileup suppression possibility is added;
2011-04-03 kharlovCalorimeter cell QA class is added