Event embedding tasks for PHOS are added (D.Peressounko)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG4 / UserTasks / EmcalTasks /
2011-09-22 loizideshandle emcal led events and flag or skip them according...
2011-09-22 loizidesCosmetic
2011-09-20 loizidesbug fix
2011-09-20 loizidesbranches
2011-09-19 loizidesGet momentum
2011-09-16 loizidestrack iso fix
2011-09-16 loizidespileup info for lhc11c
2011-09-16 loizidesfix
2011-09-16 loizidesFix from Mateusz
2011-09-14 loizidesAdded triggers from FEE, more header info, et for iso
2011-09-13 loizidesuse regexp
2011-09-13 loizidesMore cluster iso and shape variables. (M. Cosentino)
2011-09-09 loizidessimply event cleanup
2011-09-09 loizidesmore cells and v0and
2011-09-08 loizidesdo not overwrite by default
2011-09-08 loizidesdo not delete fgeom if from instance
2011-09-08 loizidesmacros for psel and clusterizer
2011-09-07 loizidesadd fixed window clusterizer macro S. Aiola
2011-09-07 loizidesAdd Psel macro
2011-09-07 loizidesupdate from S.Aiolo to do time cuts and calibrations...
2011-09-06 loizidesTask to provide spd vertex constrained tracks
2011-09-06 loizidestiming cut on fast ors
2011-09-06 loizidesadded psel
2011-09-05 loizidesMore getters (S.Aiola)
2011-09-04 loizidesmove my tasks to user code