Typo fixed
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG4 / macros / AddTaskDiJets.C
2010-07-08 dperrinoTypo fixed
2010-05-28 kleinbDebug level set to 0
2010-05-27 dperrinoDefault option corrected
2010-05-27 dperrinoAOD filling excluded plus minor changes
2010-05-27 dperrinoIncluded the possibility to set a non standard jet...
2009-12-17 dperrinoDebug option set to 0
2009-12-17 dperrinoAdded an output container to the DiJet task
2009-07-13 kleinbRemoved methods with manager and container as argument...
2009-04-20 kleinbAddTask macros for all tasks, to run on CAF with with...