adding modifiactions for running with fastJet locally
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG4 / macros / AnalysisTrainCAF.C
2009-09-22 kleinbadding modifiactions for running with fastJet locally
2009-09-22 kleinbchanged output file name to lower case
2009-08-19 kleinb removed wrong assignment
2009-08-14 kleinbcorrected wrong variable name
2009-08-09 kleinbAdded tasks from Sona
2009-07-13 kleinbnew task for systematic studies of jetfinders
2009-05-08 kleinbupdated to some AddTasks, added second mc case for...
2009-04-22 kleinbthe filter needs the OutputContainer, not the exchange
2009-04-20 kleinbAddTask macros for all tasks, to run on CAF with with...
2009-03-15 kleinbNew structure with AddTaskJets (D. Perrino)
2009-02-18 fcaCompletion of previous checkin
2009-01-09 kleinbadded 2dim unfolding histograms to jet task, cosmetic...
2009-01-07 kleinbAdding the macros and the class for 2-dim unfolding...
2008-10-02 kleinbLoad libJETAn also for AOD jet analysis
2008-08-27 kleinbAdd Spectrum Task and helper class, some minor mods
2008-07-22 kleinbInitial structure for PWG4JetTasks (for PWG4 Task Force...