flag jets with too high p_T track
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG4 / macros / ConfigTrainGrid.C
2011-09-07 kleinbflag jets with too high p_T track
2011-08-24 kleinbadd calibration histograms for vzero centroids
2011-08-17 kleinbAdding TPRofiles for mean and sigma(pT), clean up of...
2011-08-05 kleinbadded new cuts (Iter1>70
2011-07-18 kleinbgobla evnt plane calculation, new common track cuts
2011-07-07 kleinbreduced number of track cuts for QA task, changed binni...
2011-07-04 kleinbset centrality to 0 for p+p
2011-07-03 kleinbConfig macro for train