Fix Coverity
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG4 / macros /
2011-12-14 gconesabQA plotting macros from Yaxian, Marie and Alexis
2011-12-13 kleinbmodifications for 2011 Pb+Pb, clusters vs .phi
2011-12-08 gconesabIsolation: Add a couple of control histograms and MC...
2011-12-06 gconesabIsolation: Correct the setting of histogram titles
2011-12-06 gconesabopen default time cut in AliAnaPhoton, specially the...
2011-12-02 kleinbNew task for analysis of jet core (L. Cunqueiro)
2011-12-01 gconesabReduce number of histograms in QA, added option to...
2011-11-30 esicking(1) add option for LHC11a which allows to read only...
2011-11-29 gconesabintroduce the option to analyze with PROOF, plus cosmetics
2011-11-29 gconesabana.C: add option for plugin and few other fixes
2011-11-29 kleinbmodified settings for legotrain
2011-11-28 gconesabrevert change in Pi0PbPb macro, add the modifications...
2011-11-28 gconesabupdate new settings of AliCaloPID
2011-11-25 kleinbchanged cut calue
2011-11-25 kleinbnew standard cuts
2011-11-25 kleinbupdated jet name
2011-11-25 gconesabana.C: Get run number in local mode automatically,...
2011-11-16 jgrosseoAdding PWG4Base library
2011-11-16 gconesabseveral fixes in settings
2011-11-12 gconesabPi0 EMCAL analysis configuration for PWG4 QA train
2011-11-06 gconesabAddTaskPartCorr.C : Add new analysis cases, move common...
2011-11-05 kleinbremoved aodcentralitymaker
2011-11-03 gconesabUpdate AddTaskPartCorr.C, AddTaskEMCALClusterize.C...
2011-10-26 esickingAdd parameter in AddTask macro.
2011-10-25 kleinbAliAnalysisTaskFastEmbedding:
2011-10-21 esickingModifications of filterbit setting, trigger settings...
2011-10-21 kleinbfixing naming for lego train, minor changes in settings
2011-10-20 jgrosseoadding usage of vtx axis as a parameter in the addtask...
2011-10-17 kleinbCoverity Fix (M. Verweij)
2011-10-15 kleinbinclude also negative pT for the jet spectrum
2011-10-11 kleinbTrackQA: included QA for golden chi2 + chi2 between...
2011-10-06 jgrosseoreducing memory consumption in mixed event mode
2011-10-06 jgrosseoevent mixing as parameter
2011-09-25 kleinbsmaller ghostarea for FastJet Clusters
2011-09-17 gconesabRemove PHOS from QA
2011-09-13 gconesabremove not used style options, remove old macros
2011-09-09 kleinbQAMC: minor bug fix
2011-09-08 kleinbadded protection for missing centroid histograms
2011-09-08 kleinbupdated QA macros
2011-09-07 kleinbUpdated track QA with cut 1005 (M. Verweij)
2011-09-07 kleinbflag jets with too high p_T track
2011-08-29 kleinbupdated track cuts (M. Verweij)
2011-08-24 kleinbadd calibration histograms for vzero centroids
2011-08-17 kleinbAdding TPRofiles for mean and sigma(pT), clean up of...
2011-08-14 jgrosseoenabling mixed event
2011-08-08 jgrosseomixed event for two-track efficiency
2011-08-05 kleinbadding TPC cosntrained tracks back in for comparison
2011-08-05 kleinbadded new cuts (Iter1>70
2011-07-29 kleinbchanged binning
2011-07-25 kleinbupdate track selection QA (M. Verweij)
2011-07-24 kleinbadd the R_AA cuts back in
2011-07-19 gconesabadapt QA macro for different trigger options in train...
2011-07-19 kleinbusing new hybrid track cuts, changed binning in phi
2011-07-18 kleinbnew common track cuts
2011-07-18 kleinbgobla evnt plane calculation, new common track cuts
2011-07-14 kleinbcommon cut definitions via numerical code (M. Verweij)
2011-07-13 kleinbupdated jet response taks (B. Bathen)
2011-07-13 jgrosseoadding two-track efficiency study
2011-07-07 kleinbfixing containers
2011-07-07 kleinbreduced number of bins in histgrams (M. Verweij)
2011-07-07 kleinbreduced number of track cuts for QA task, changed binni...
2011-07-04 kleinbset centrality to 0 for p+p
2011-07-03 kleinbfixed typo for setting fraction of shared clusters
2011-07-03 kleinbConfig macro for train
2011-07-03 kleinbpreserve bit 8 for TPC only tracks
2011-07-03 kleinbupdated track cuts also for the spectra task M. Verweij)
2011-06-30 kleinbCovariance matrix histos now also filled for ESD.
2011-06-29 kleinbQAMC: removed nested loop
2011-06-24 kleinbadded protections, modified addtask macro for Track...
2011-06-23 kleinbrevamped jet chemistry task (O. Busch)
2011-06-22 kleinbfilter on R = 0.4 not 0.2
2011-06-21 kleinbupdated settings for track cuts
2011-06-18 gconesabAdd access to event plane class to the frame, add react...
2011-05-18 kleinbupdates to QA task, varibale pt binning, catch the...
2011-05-10 kleinbchanged plotting style
2011-05-09 kleinbputting alice logo on the plots
2011-05-08 kleinbupdate plotting macro for QM, time stamp alice logo
2011-05-06 jgrosseochanging low pt cut
2011-05-05 jgrosseoadding centr comparison study
2011-05-05 kleinbadded switch for event slection in cluster task, update...
2011-05-04 jgrosseooptimizations after profiling
2011-05-04 jgrosseooutput file name configurable
2011-05-02 gconesabadd posibility to reduce number of QA histograms, chang...
2011-05-02 gconesabchange switch of exotic clusters to recoutils, add...
2011-04-29 gconesabCorrect some settings, non linearity specially
2011-04-29 jgrosseoupdated dphi correlation analysis
2011-04-28 kleinb- add AliAnalysisTsakJetResponseV2
2011-04-26 kleinbavoid background subtraction with iB = 0 (bug fix)
2011-04-21 loizidesset dummy branches. Eventually one should do this corre...
2011-04-21 gconesabset properly the analysis order
2011-04-21 loizidesallow to specify only one EMCAL or PHOS to be QA'ed.
2011-04-20 kleinbadding more flexible hanlding of different JFs
2011-04-16 gconesabadd a maximum cluster energy cut in the reader, apply...
2011-04-16 gconesabdifferent vertex cut for pp and PbPb collisions, change...
2011-04-16 gconesabReader: Add option to remove or not event with primary...
2011-04-13 gconesabforgot use collision option
2011-04-13 gconesabupdate some settings, add option depending on year...
2011-04-10 kleinbReading jets from output AOD, even in case of input...
2011-04-04 kleinbadded settings for RP calculation in service task
2011-04-01 kleinbfixes for RP calculation, coverity fixes, reduced histo...