coverity fix
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG4 / totEt / AliAnalysisEtCuts.h
2011-04-10 dsilvermaddressing some minor rulechecker coding violations
2011-04-07 odjuvsla- Adding track distance cuts (x and z) with setters...
2010-09-26 odjuvsla- added tree for study of energy deposit of charged...
2010-09-25 dsilvermcorrect 2 Getter min/max cut and paste errors
2010-09-22 dsilvermincrement version number
2010-09-21 dsilvermhistogram setup from cuts/parameter file
2010-09-21 dsilvermadd option to make a summary tree; get collision geomet...
2010-09-18 odjuvsla- adding cut on probability of PID for histograms conce...
2010-09-16 dsilvermtotEt cuts into their own proper class
2010-09-10 dsilvermhisto binning standardization, some updates for MC
2010-09-02 dsilvermtotEt updates from Christine
2010-08-28 gconesabnew Et analysis (David, Oeystein, Christine)