New default values for baselines (F.Prino)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG4 /
2008-07-22 gconesab1-pass reference to aod branch to the frame, not the...
2008-07-22 kleinbInitial structure for PWG4JetTasks (for PWG4 Task Force...
2008-07-18 gconesab1 - Rename AliAnaMaker and AliAnaBaseClass to AliAnaPar...
2008-07-10 gconesabDepending on input type AOD reader will fill aod lists...
2008-07-02 gconesabcorrection of PHOS AOD pointer filled while reading...
2008-06-09 gconesabStreaming problems in CAF solved
2008-05-26 gconesabConfiguration example for correlations of gamma and...
2008-05-26 gconesabAnalysis for particle-jet correlation added, jet recons...
2008-05-26 gconesabNew data members to store reconstructed jet and background
2008-05-26 gconesabAOB branch referenced, delete not necessary, just clear...
2008-05-22 gconesabcorrect typo
2008-05-20 gconesabprovide adress of the pointer to new AOD branch, not...
2008-05-20 gconesabNew more general analysis implemention for particle...
2008-05-19 gconesabCorrected compilation warnings
2008-05-19 gconesabNew more general analysis implemention for particle...
2008-05-19 gconesabNew more general analysis implemention for particle...
2008-05-19 gconesabNew more general analysis implemention for particle...
2008-05-19 gconesabremove analysis classes new implemention
2008-05-19 gconesabremove analysis classes new implemention
2008-05-19 gconesabremove library new implemention
2008-05-15 hristovCompilation on Windows/Cygwin
2008-04-15 gconesabNew analysis par file added
2008-04-15 gconesabSome comentaries and options added
2008-04-15 gconesabNew way to get xsection from files, more options and...
2008-04-14 gconesabTasks derive now from AliAnalysisTaskSE
2008-04-14 gconesabLibrary libANALYSISalice added
2008-04-14 gconesabNew ANALYSISalice added, reduce default number of messa...
2008-04-11 schutzAdapted for submission on the Grid
2008-04-09 hristovUsing ARCH instead of PLATFORM
2008-03-17 fcaRemoval of warnings
2008-01-14 hristovRemoving .cvsignore files
2007-12-14 gustavoChanges in AliESDCaloCluster propagated here
2007-12-14 gustavoChange GetNprimary by GetNtrack
2007-12-14 gustavoProtection against cluster labels larger than kinematic...
2007-12-14 gustavoMissing {} in if statement, more comments and protections
2007-12-13 gustavoScaling option and more comentaries added
2007-12-07 gustavoExample macros for execution and configuration of the...
2007-12-07 gustavomove to macros directory
2007-12-07 gustavoKeep more MC information in ntuples
2007-11-17 gustavomc handler should not be set in the analysis task,...
2007-11-17 gustavoremoved deleting of not owned data and deleting of...
2007-11-17 gustavostreaming of AliAnaGamma and its data members (removed...
2007-11-17 gustavopar mode correction (MG)
2007-11-14 gustavoCoding violations corrected
2007-11-07 schutzcoding conventions
2007-11-06 alibraryIgnoring smell subdet
2007-10-29 gustavoNew class for particle selection
2007-10-29 gustavoCorrected coding violations
2007-10-17 schutzMade ready for the analysis train
2007-09-26 schutzNew classes
2007-09-26 schutzUpdate classes for the new analysis framwork
2007-09-26 schutzObsolete classes with the new analysis framwork
2007-08-21 schutzMissing heared file added
2007-08-17 schutzNew analysis classes by Gustavo Conesa
2007-08-06 morschChange of getter in AliAnalysisManager
2007-06-29 schutzGetIntegral to Integral
2007-06-29 schutznew analysis task for post event loop scaling
2007-06-21 schutzadded a method to scale some hiistograms to the pythia...
2007-06-18 schutznew methods of AliESDCaloCluster
2007-06-11 schutzadatped to the new AliAnalysisGoodies functionalities
2007-06-06 schutzadded a new analysis task
2007-05-31 hristovLet the taskmanager open the outfile before the task...
2007-03-15 schutzModified initialisation
2007-03-15 schutzMethods added
2007-03-08 schutzCoding convention
2007-03-05 schutzReplace AliTriggerPHOS by AliAnaCaloTrigger
2007-03-02 schutzChange the TNtuple definition
2007-02-26 hristovAdding information from the PHOS trigger (Gustavo,...
2007-02-22 schutzNew class
2007-02-14 schutzreplace ANALYSIS_NEW by ANALYSIS
2007-02-09 schutzexamople of macro to do a correlation analysis
2007-02-09 schutzB?\008New version from Gustavo
2007-01-25 schutznew class
2007-01-24 schutznew files
2007-01-24 schutzChange the name adding PWG4
2007-01-23 schutzNew Gamma package