Adding a reminder for coders
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2011-09-05 cnattrasFixing print statements about data set configuration
2011-09-05 cnattrasConfiguring AliAnalysisEmEtMonteCarlo and AliAnalysisEm...
2011-09-05 cnattrasConfiguring AliAnalysisEmEtMonteCarlo and AliAnalysisEm...
2011-09-05 cnattrasMemory clean up
2011-09-05 loizidesMore getters (S.Aiola)
2011-09-05 gconesabAdd MC histograms to study particle type vs n cells...
2011-09-05 gconesabAdd more correlation histograms to study exotic cluster...
2011-09-04 loizidesmove my tasks to user code
2011-09-04 gconesabIn case of AOD analysis where cell time is not availabl...
2011-09-04 gconesabAdd function that returns cell absID with maximum energ...
2011-09-01 loizidesfix for primary particles. Why this cut was there in...
2011-09-01 loizidesCleanup
2011-09-01 loizidesSimplifications from S.Aiola
2011-09-01 loizidesSimplifications from S.Ailo
2011-08-31 loizidescoverty fixes
2011-08-30 loizidesfix
2011-08-30 loizidesCleanup
2011-08-30 loizidesfixes
2011-08-30 loizidescoding conventions
2011-08-30 gconesabSet the size of the NxN cluster from rec param
2011-08-29 loizidesSet NxN settings in Params.
2011-08-29 loizidesadded fixed window clusterizer
2011-08-29 loizidescosmetics
2011-08-29 loizidesclusterize on fastor level. Still needs work on coding...
2011-08-29 kleinbupdated track cuts (M. Verweij)
2011-08-26 gconesabAliAnaPhoton: Use variable setting for number of cells...
2011-08-26 gconesabreturn the bool with the PHOS photon decission
2011-08-26 gconesabadd cut on lower value of lambda0 for EMCAL, add method...
2011-08-25 cnattrasFixing coverity bugs
2011-08-24 kleinbadd calibration histograms for vzero centroids
2011-08-23 cnattrasFixing coverity bug
2011-08-22 gconesabClusterizer: Add option to reject or not cells with...
2011-08-22 gconesabQA: Move n cells in cluster from TH3 to TH2, remove...
2011-08-19 cnattrasCleaning up coding violations by Marcelo
2011-08-19 cnattrasAdded by mistake, taking out
2011-08-19 cnattrasCleaning up some memory
2011-08-19 cnattrasTweaking alien handler macro for em et corrections
2011-08-19 cnattrasCleaning up memory in destructor
2011-08-18 cnattrasAdding lines to compile Marcelos code to driver macro
2011-08-18 cnattrasImplementing Marcelos classes
2011-08-18 cnattrasAdding functions to create histograms to make Marcelos...
2011-08-18 loizidestry to make it work on pdsf
2011-08-17 loizidesuse dir context
2011-08-17 kleinbAdding TPRofiles for mean and sigma(pT), clean up of...
2011-08-14 jgrosseoenabling mixed event
2011-08-12 gconesabIn case of unfolding, remove cells with energy smaller...
2011-08-12 gconesabFill/Create bad cell histograms only if not removed...
2011-08-11 loizidesstrange check on mother removed
2011-08-11 loizidesprotect againts divbyzero
2011-08-10 gconesabAdd MC histograms for SS and embedding studies
2011-08-10 gconesabAliMCAnalysisUtils: Move check of generator to higher...
2011-08-10 gconesabin case of box generators and AODs, do not check if...
2011-08-10 gconesabmove print to debug mode
2011-08-09 gconesabStore fraction of energy from signal in the array with...
2011-08-08 gconesabMove histogram setting ranges from analysis modules...
2011-08-08 kleinb new output (especially jet selection and mismatched...
2011-08-08 jgrosseomixed event for two-track efficiency
2011-08-07 gconesabDo not set the matrices load status at the InitParameters
2011-08-06 gconesabcoverity
2011-08-06 gconesabincrease size of calo cluster array
2011-08-05 loizidesProtection against run==0 runnumbers
2011-08-05 gconesabSelection of absolute leading for triggering, MC histog...
2011-08-05 gconesabRemove print
2011-08-05 kleinbadding TPC cosntrained tracks back in for comparison
2011-08-05 kleinbadded new cuts (Iter1>70
2011-08-05 gconesabClusters removed during transformation of recpoints...
2011-08-05 gconesabIsolate only leading particles, and some cosmetics
2011-08-04 gconesabPossilibity to change the binning and range of time...
2011-08-04 gconesabChange default name of geometry to Complete, add debugg...
2011-08-04 jgrosseob field dependence
2011-08-04 jgrosseochange in dphi distance formula
2011-08-02 rvernetindented function MakeAnalysisFillHistograms
2011-08-01 cnattrasDriver macro for calculating Et em corrections
2011-08-01 cnattrasHelper classes for Et em corrections from Marcelo
2011-08-01 cnattrasTask from Marcelo for calculating Et em corrections
2011-07-29 jgrosseoallowing also to measure sum pt
2011-07-29 kleinbchanged binning
2011-07-28 jgrosseoincreasing dphi axis range
2011-07-27 kleinbMore Coverity fixes (M. Verweij)
2011-07-27 jgrosseofix for charge dependence
2011-07-27 gconesabavoid leaks when filling cluster array, and label list
2011-07-26 kleinbCoverity fixes for dead code (M- Verweij)
2011-07-26 gconesabCoverity
2011-07-25 kleinbrenaming GetPDG()
2011-07-25 kleinbupdate track selection QA (M. Verweij)
2011-07-25 kleinbchanged methods in AliAODPWG4Particle (G. Conesa)
2011-07-25 gconesabcoverity, old commented code removal
2011-07-25 jgrosseottr study in pt region for iaa paper
2011-07-24 gconesabdelete not maintained classes
2011-07-24 gconesabAliIsolationCut
2011-07-24 gconesabAliCaloPID
2011-07-24 gconesabAliCaloTrackReader:
2011-07-24 kleinbadd the R_AA cuts back in
2011-07-23 gconesabcalibration method in AliEMCALClusterizer changed
2011-07-21 loizidesadded photon as prim particle
2011-07-20 jgrosseotwo track study as function of pt
2011-07-19 loizidesclusterizer fix, add embedded energy fraction to cluste...
2011-07-19 gconesabadapt QA macro for different trigger options in train...
2011-07-19 kleinbusing new hybrid track cuts, changed binning in phi
2011-07-19 kleinbcoverity fixes