Fixing in/out tags in documentation
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2011-07-11 hristovChanges for #82873: Module debugging broken (Christian)
2011-07-11 kleinbremove unused variable
2011-07-07 kleinbfixing containers
2011-07-07 kleinbfixing containers
2011-07-07 kleinbreduced number of bins in histgrams (M. Verweij)
2011-07-07 kleinbreduced number of track cuts for QA task, changed binni...
2011-07-05 gconesabcosmetics
2011-07-04 kleinbset centrality to 0 for p+p
2011-07-03 kleinbfixed typo for setting fraction of shared clusters
2011-07-03 kleinbConfig macro for train
2011-07-03 kleinbpreserve bit 8 for TPC only tracks
2011-07-03 kleinbupdated track cuts also for the spectra task M. Verweij)
2011-07-01 loizidestrack histos and new header info
2011-07-01 loizidescoding vios
2011-07-01 kleinbcoverty fix for dead code
2011-06-30 kleinbCovariance matrix histos now also filled for ESD.
2011-06-30 kleinbdo not disregard centrality == 0
2011-06-30 kleinbcoverity fix
2011-06-29 kleinbQAMC: removed nested loop
2011-06-27 kleinbtwo extra histos (M. Verweij)
2011-06-27 kleinbcoverity corrections (O. Busch)
2011-06-26 kleinbfix for coverity (O. Busch)
2011-06-26 kleinbfix for coverity 17297
2011-06-24 loizidesbug fix
2011-06-24 kleinbadded protections, modified addtask macro for Track...
2011-06-24 kleinbadded protections, modified addtask macro for Track...
2011-06-24 loizidesCode as used for final data
2011-06-23 kleinbUpdated QA task for constraint global tracks (M. Verweij)
2011-06-23 kleinbrevamped jet chemistry task (O. Busch)
2011-06-23 jgrosseoadding further track cuts (new TPC cuts on fraction...
2011-06-23 jgrosseoupdated track cut systematic study
2011-06-22 kleinbfilter on R = 0.4 not 0.2
2011-06-21 kleinbupdated settings for track cuts
2011-06-21 gconesabInstantiate EMCAL geometry
2011-06-21 gconesabInstantiate EMCAL geometry
2011-06-21 gconesabChange AliEMCALGeoUtils to AliEMCALGeometry
2011-06-20 cnattrasFixing minor coding violation
2011-06-20 cnattrasFixing minor coding violation
2011-06-20 gconesabprotection against non existing AliEventplane pointer
2011-06-18 gconesabAdd access to event plane class to the frame, add react...
2011-06-18 gconesabin case track matching is not used, matching histograms...
2011-06-17 gconesabAliCaloPID: Correct matching rejection in case of recal...
2011-06-16 loizidesadded embed mode
2011-06-15 kleinbadding setter for response matrix
2011-06-13 loizidesmem leak
2011-06-08 amarincoverity fix
2011-06-07 kleinbsamll fixes (Marta)
2011-06-07 kleinbswitchable response matrix
2011-06-05 kharlovMostly internal redesign. Now works with alien plugin...
2011-06-02 gconesabcorrect the reset of the second labels array
2011-05-23 gconesabcoverity
2011-05-20 kleinbchanged p_T range
2011-05-20 kleinbcoverity fixes
2011-05-20 kleinbsmall fix
2011-05-18 kleinbupdates to QA task, varibale pt binning, catch the...
2011-05-18 loizidesCoverty fixes
2011-05-14 gconesabComment debugging lines
2011-05-14 gconesabCorrectly initialize the array with second lable per...
2011-05-13 gconesabAdd switch to track matching as requested by Alexei...
2011-05-12 hristovCoverity 16613
2011-05-12 hristovfake return to solve coverity 16614
2011-05-11 slindalcoverity fixes
2011-05-10 loizidesfirst useful version linking clusters to mc info
2011-05-10 loizidesFirst MC version
2011-05-10 kleinbchanged plotting style
2011-05-09 jgrosseoupdating used relatetovertex function
2011-05-09 loizidesMore mc
2011-05-09 slindaladding pioinjet class
2011-05-09 slindalConvGamma preburner update
2011-05-09 slindalUpdating conv correlation software
2011-05-09 kleinbputting alice logo on the plots
2011-05-09 jgrosseomem leak fix
2011-05-08 kleinbupdate plotting macro for QM, time stamp alice logo
2011-05-06 dsilverminit in ctor - avoiding compilation warning
2011-05-06 jgrosseochanging low pt cut
2011-05-06 loizidesimproved handling of aods, added beginning of mc info
2011-05-06 gconesabadd protection in reader against missing output event...
2011-05-06 gconesabadd protection in reader against missing output event...
2011-05-06 cnattrasTurning off MC histograms for pure data
2011-05-06 cnattrasadding some functions
2011-05-06 cnattrasChanging range of PbPb histograms and fixing minor...
2011-05-05 cnattrasChanging PYTHIA scales to Perugia-0
2011-05-05 loizidesForgotten debug statement
2011-05-05 loizidesIndicate whether pool is full the first time. Only...
2011-05-05 jgrosseoadding centr comparison study
2011-05-05 kleinbadded switch for event slection in cluster task, update...
2011-05-04 jgrosseooptimizations after profiling
2011-05-04 gconesabadd new time cut, time histograms
2011-05-04 jgrosseooutput file name configurable
2011-05-04 slindalCoverity fix, report 10667
2011-05-04 kleinbadding forward declaration
2011-05-03 loizidesAdded more severe checks if emcal matrizes are there
2011-05-03 gconesabloop till last cluster in the loop when recalibrating
2011-05-03 kleinbfixed trailing character
2011-05-03 kleinbchanging the output format to thnsparse, only for all...
2011-05-03 kleinbAdd delta area to THnSparse for delta pT output
2011-05-03 slindalMoving aod cleanup to earlier point to prevent reuse...
2011-05-03 jgrosseocoverity fixes
2011-05-03 slindalUpdating AOD filter
2011-05-03 slindalChanges from GSi train