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2011-05-03 gconesabcoverity
2011-05-02 cnattrasChanging range on PbPb histograms
2011-05-02 gconesabadd posibility to reduce number of QA histograms, chang...
2011-05-02 gconesabremove setting moved to AliEMCALRecoUtils
2011-05-02 gconesabchange switch of exotic clusters to recoutils, add...
2011-05-02 loizidesuse utils for distance calculation if available
2011-05-02 cnattrasAdding flexibility to submission macros
2011-05-02 cnattrasSetting up cuts for 900 GeV to be 2010 defaults
2011-05-01 gconesabrevert unwanted changes
2011-05-01 gconesabadapt to updates in AliEMCALRecoUtils
2011-04-30 gconesabadd v2 clusterizer
2011-04-30 gconesabAdd switch to access OCBD only if needed, off by default
2011-04-29 gconesabCorrect some settings, non linearity specially
2011-04-29 jgrosseochanging msg to aliinfo
2011-04-29 jgrosseodisabling vtx bins by default
2011-04-29 jgrosseoupdated dphi correlation analysis
2011-04-29 kharlovMacro to process the calorimeter cell QA
2011-04-28 kleinb- add AliAnalysisTsakJetResponseV2
2011-04-28 loizidesonly print in debug mode
2011-04-27 loizidescheck if emcal is active
2011-04-27 loizidescheck if emcal is active
2011-04-26 kleinbavoid background subtraction with iB = 0 (bug fix)
2011-04-26 gconesabcorrect compilation warning
2011-04-26 gconesabAdd histograms with masked regions due to frame, settin...
2011-04-26 gconesabprotection against non embedding analysis
2011-04-26 dsilvermcoverity fix
2011-04-26 gconesabcoverity mem leak corrected
2011-04-26 gconesabminor coverity fix
2011-04-26 cnattrasAdding options to pass macros for running different...
2011-04-26 cnattrasAdding option to set config file names and implementing...
2011-04-26 cnattrasAdding option to change the scaling of V0s
2011-04-25 cnattrasFixing a minor coding violation
2011-04-25 cnattrasFixing bug with wrong eta cut, adding MC cross checking...
2011-04-25 cnattrasUpdating the functionality of AliAnalysisHadEtCorrectio...
2011-04-23 gconesabin case of multi cuts analysis: select filling histogra...
2011-04-22 gconesabcompilation warning
2011-04-22 gconesabfix filling MC phi histogram
2011-04-22 gconesabfixes in MC histograms filling for efficiency studies
2011-04-22 gconesabcoverity
2011-04-22 gconesabcorrect compilation warning 2
2011-04-22 gconesabcorrect compilation warning
2011-04-21 kharlovAvoid alien plugin limitations:
2011-04-21 kleinbprint out size of histograms in the list for optimizing...
2011-04-21 loizidesset dummy branches. Eventually one should do this corre...
2011-04-21 gconesabset properly the analysis order
2011-04-21 loizidesallow to specify only one EMCAL or PHOS to be QA'ed.
2011-04-21 loizideskeep overlap and fixes to isolation
2011-04-20 gconesabPi0: Fix some AOD MC analysis cuts
2011-04-20 gconesabAdd copy of header and vertices and calocells in case...
2011-04-20 rvernetdestructor for proof mode
2011-04-20 loizidesstore a bit more information on cells/clusters
2011-04-20 kleinbadding more flexible hanlding of different JFs
2011-04-20 kleinbchanged some histo ranges to save memory
2011-04-19 loizidesv2 clusterizer
2011-04-18 kharlovI/O constructor is added
2011-04-18 kharlovConstructor of the task is corrected
2011-04-18 loizidesnext version for gsi train
2011-04-17 loizidesRenamed some vars plus print task settings in usercreat...
2011-04-17 loizidesRemove forgotten debug statements
2011-04-17 loizidesGet trigger primitive information and do trigger cluste...
2011-04-17 gconesabcorrect selection of embedded signal clusters, get...
2011-04-16 gconesabadd a maximum cluster energy cut in the reader, apply...
2011-04-16 gconesabdifferent vertex cut for pp and PbPb collisions, change...
2011-04-16 gconesabReader: Add option to remove or not event with primary...
2011-04-14 loizidesClean at the end of loop
2011-04-14 loizidesNew track selection and new track matching
2011-04-13 gconesabforgot use collision option
2011-04-13 gconesabupdate some settings, add option depending on year...
2011-04-13 gconesabCheck if any of the 4 electrons from pi0 measured in...
2011-04-12 gconesabAdd possibility to have at least 2 MC labels in the...
2011-04-12 loizidesset geometry matrices if not yet set
2011-04-12 loizidesnaming conventions
2011-04-11 loizidesupdate to reflect latest changes
2011-04-11 loizidesEnable fast and slow trackmatching, and use secondaries...
2011-04-11 dsilvermaddressing remaining current rulechecker violations...
2011-04-10 dsilvermaddressing some minor rulechecker coding violations
2011-04-10 gconesabChange pt cut by E cut for clusters
2011-04-10 gconesabProvide access to event trigger name for AODs, add...
2011-04-10 kleinbReading jets from output AOD, even in case of input...
2011-04-10 kharlovArray of bad cells deleting is relocated to a proper...
2011-04-10 kharlov1) static variable were replaced by local variables...
2011-04-09 dsilvermcoverity fix - checked fCentrality before usage
2011-04-08 loizidesAdd cell info, add trigger cluster info and histograms
2011-04-08 dsilvermaddressing some minor coding violations, mostly comments
2011-04-08 kharlov1) Pileup suppression possibility is added;
2011-04-07 loizidescoverty fix
2011-04-07 odjuvsla- fixing warnings and compilation errors
2011-04-07 odjuvsla- detector passed as argument to config file
2011-04-07 odjuvsla- Adding new histograms for MC/rec comparison
2011-04-07 odjuvsla- Adding initialisation of detector variable - Adding...
2011-04-07 odjuvsla- Adding sparse histograms
2011-04-07 odjuvsla- Adding initialisation of detector variable
2011-04-07 odjuvsla- Adding sparse histograms to analysis
2011-04-07 odjuvsla- Adding track distance cuts (x and z) with setters...
2011-04-07 odjuvsla- removing print statement
2011-04-07 odjuvsla- Adding centrality class variable to AliAnalysisEt...
2011-04-07 jgrosseocoverity fixes
2011-04-07 loizidesadd trigger clus
2011-04-07 loizidesfixes for alignment matrices
2011-04-06 loizidesapply pt cut before track matching