Adding ruleckecher files into the distribbution
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG4 /
2011-04-13 gconesabCheck if any of the 4 electrons from pi0 measured in...
2011-04-12 gconesabAdd possibility to have at least 2 MC labels in the...
2011-04-12 loizidesset geometry matrices if not yet set
2011-04-12 loizidesnaming conventions
2011-04-11 loizidesupdate to reflect latest changes
2011-04-11 loizidesEnable fast and slow trackmatching, and use secondaries...
2011-04-11 dsilvermaddressing remaining current rulechecker violations...
2011-04-10 dsilvermaddressing some minor rulechecker coding violations
2011-04-10 gconesabChange pt cut by E cut for clusters
2011-04-10 gconesabProvide access to event trigger name for AODs, add...
2011-04-10 kleinbReading jets from output AOD, even in case of input...
2011-04-10 kharlovArray of bad cells deleting is relocated to a proper...
2011-04-10 kharlov1) static variable were replaced by local variables...
2011-04-09 dsilvermcoverity fix - checked fCentrality before usage
2011-04-08 loizidesAdd cell info, add trigger cluster info and histograms
2011-04-08 dsilvermaddressing some minor coding violations, mostly comments
2011-04-08 kharlov1) Pileup suppression possibility is added;
2011-04-07 loizidescoverty fix
2011-04-07 odjuvsla- fixing warnings and compilation errors
2011-04-07 odjuvsla- detector passed as argument to config file
2011-04-07 odjuvsla- Adding new histograms for MC/rec comparison
2011-04-07 odjuvsla- Adding initialisation of detector variable - Adding...
2011-04-07 odjuvsla- Adding sparse histograms
2011-04-07 odjuvsla- Adding initialisation of detector variable
2011-04-07 odjuvsla- Adding sparse histograms to analysis
2011-04-07 odjuvsla- Adding track distance cuts (x and z) with setters...
2011-04-07 odjuvsla- removing print statement
2011-04-07 odjuvsla- Adding centrality class variable to AliAnalysisEt...
2011-04-07 jgrosseocoverity fixes
2011-04-07 loizidesadd trigger clus
2011-04-07 loizidesfixes for alignment matrices
2011-04-06 loizidesapply pt cut before track matching
2011-04-06 loizidesRemoved dep on trunk
2011-04-06 loizidesstore sm number
2011-04-06 loizideswork on ESD/AOD in the same way
2011-04-06 loizideskeep e/p and speed up track matching
2011-04-06 kleinbcorrected setter
2011-04-06 kharlovCoverity fix
2011-04-05 loizidesfix name
2011-04-05 loizidesimplemented track and cell iso
2011-04-05 loizidescosmetics
2011-04-04 kharlovCoverity fix
2011-04-04 jgrosseofill histograms also when centrality is 0
2011-04-04 kleinbadded settings for RP calculation in service task
2011-04-04 kleinbAdded correct retrievel of jets from AOD extenstion...
2011-04-04 loizidescheck for par files of EMCAL libs
2011-04-04 loizidesreorganized ntuple
2011-04-03 kharlovCalorimeter cell QA class is added
2011-04-03 kharlovCompilation of the PHOS pi0 analysis is added.
2011-04-02 esickingwork around for coverity defect
2011-04-02 esickingRevert and change faulty coverity fixes
2011-04-02 kleinbfix compilation warning
2011-04-01 loizidesmore histos
2011-04-01 kleinbfixes for RP calculation, coverity fixes, reduced histo...
2011-03-31 jgrosseocoverity fixes
2011-03-31 kaamodtCoding violations fixed
2011-03-31 esickingCovarity fix
2011-03-31 kleinbupdates for Reaction Plane and coverity fix
2011-03-31 prsnkoCoverity fix
2011-03-31 esickingFixes for coding violations
2011-03-30 jgrosseocoverity fixes
2011-03-30 jgrosseoupdate to trigger correlation study
2011-03-30 kleinbFixes for centrality < 0, adding jet finder setting...
2011-03-30 jgrosseosmall fix
2011-03-30 slindalcoverity fixes
2011-03-30 esickingChanges in DeltaPhi histrograms; usage of all possible...
2011-03-30 kleinbcoverity fixes
2011-03-30 kleinbupdates to FF task (Oliver) Minor bug fixes and reduced...
2011-03-29 kleinbadd task macro for high p_T QA (Marta)
2011-03-29 gconesabcoverity
2011-03-28 kleinbpreps for using the reactions plane
2011-03-27 kleinbUpdates for train running of Fragmentation Function...
2011-03-27 kleinbUpdates for Train running (Alexandre)
2011-03-27 gconesab EMCAL clusterizer: pas the MC label to the intermediat...
2011-03-26 gconesabcoverity
2011-03-26 gconesabcoverity
2011-03-25 gconesabaccess to centrality in analysis, Renzhuo
2011-03-25 rvernetadapted to part corr fw
2011-03-25 rvernetisolation task/cuts modifs (N. Arbor)
2011-03-25 kleinbsome corrections (Magali)
2011-03-25 gconesabcoverity 2
2011-03-24 kleinbplotted delta pT for different cents
2011-03-24 rvernetadded all corrections for EMCAL for periods LHC10d...
2011-03-24 loizidesCoverty plus minE threshold
2011-03-24 rvernetremoved TH3
2011-03-24 gconesabcoverity
2011-03-24 cnattrasFixing minor coding violations
2011-03-24 cnattrasadding cross checking utilities
2011-03-24 cnattrasadding cross checking utilities
2011-03-24 cnattrasAdding functions to facilitate cross checks with Monte...
2011-03-24 cnattrasFixing number of centrality bins
2011-03-24 cnattrasAdding setting for background and efficiency error...
2011-03-23 cnattrasMore fixes for running on the grid
2011-03-23 loizidesbug fix
2011-03-23 loizidesAdd some more cuts
2011-03-23 loizidesonly access ocdb if really requested
2011-03-23 kharlovAnalysis classes to measure inclusive pi0 spectrum...
2011-03-23 hristovFixes for the creation of PAR files on Mac (Chiara...
2011-03-23 cnattrasMinor tweaks to get calo jobs running on the grid
2011-03-22 loizidesfix