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2014-08-04 sgorbunosplit of VVtrack and Vtrack interfaces, update of AliFl...
2014-07-31 sgweberadded using AliVVtrack:GetP, GetXYZ to classes to get...
2014-06-06 mkrzewicadd common abstract interface classes for flat and...
2014-06-04 saiolaFix configuration of 3x3 clusterizer
2014-06-04 rbertens fix qa histogram inconsistency (qa histo's were filled...
2014-06-04 rbertens more efficient use of vzero calibration code, remove...
2014-06-04 mflorisMerge branch 'master' into LocalDev
2014-06-04 mflorisTrivial modifications for local tests (file list)
2014-06-03 pcrochetAdding Pythia6. Make the Packages selection simpler...
2014-05-28 gconesabadd functionality to weight cell/cluster energy fractio...
2014-05-18 rbertens fixed consistency in qa that was introduced 16052014
2014-05-16 rbertens fixed issues with vzero calibration in flow package
2014-05-16 rbertens st^Cic functions for p-value: cleanup and add all...
2014-05-16 rbertens add AOD TPC outlier cut for LHC10h and LHC11h data
2014-05-13 rbertens stati chelper functions
2014-05-13 rbertens static functions to compute confidence intervals
2014-05-07 gconesabupdate the default histogram ranges for delta phi and...
2014-05-06 mverweijremove unnecessary AliEmcalJet include
2014-05-05 mverweijfill corresponding pt hard bin, bug fix
2014-05-03 hristovChanges to compile with Root6 on macosx64
2014-05-03 rbertens moved some files, added generator function to addtask...
2014-05-02 mverweijprotection
2014-05-02 mverweijadd bookkeeping for on-the-fly pythia events
2014-05-02 mverweijadd xsec from header
2014-05-02 rbertens minor cosmetics
2014-05-02 rbertens moved files
2014-05-02 rbertens cleanup: remove unused classes and dependencies
2014-04-30 hristovFixes for wrong use of const causing PW.CAST_TO_QUALIFI...
2014-04-30 hristovFixes for wrong use of const causing PW.CAST_TO_QUALIFI...
2014-04-29 pcrochetProperly apply range at axis limits (Diego)
2014-04-29 pcrochetMerge branch 'master' of
2014-04-29 pcrochetUse TF1 or TH1 as weight for beauty (Diego)
2014-04-29 rbertens rebinning histograms and some cosmetics
2014-04-28 rbertens rebinning some histograms
2014-04-25 mkrzewicfrom Ante Bilandzic:
2014-04-25 rbertens from carlos: Adding selection variables, QA, PTmerger...
2014-04-24 rbertens refresh random seed on each node
2014-04-22 rbertens revert accidental commit
2014-04-22 rbertens prepare the jet flow mc task to run the thermal model
2014-04-17 gconesabadd container for number of maximum number of supermodu...
2014-04-16 jklein- allow for sliding window in jet trigger evaluation
2014-04-15 rbertens symmetric rms error
2014-04-14 rbertens RMS treatment of systematics
2014-04-12 hristovUpdates from Antonio
2014-04-11 gconesabput back switch to avoid trigger patch-cluster matching...
2014-04-10 mverweijremove exotic cells by default. This makes the new...
2014-04-10 hristovMerge branch 'master' of
2014-04-10 hristovChanges to compile with Root6
2014-04-08 mverweijreturn clusterizer pointer
2014-04-07 rbertens symmetric propagation of detector response error
2014-04-06 rbertens provide possibility for additional category of systema...
2014-04-03 dkeijdenAdded a bypass variable in the AddTaskEmcalPhysicsSelec...
2014-04-02 rbertens minor fixes
2014-04-02 rbertens bugfix for correlated propagation of assymetric correl...
2014-04-01 rbertens rigorous propagatin of asymmetric uncertainty
2014-04-01 mkrzewicfrom Ante Bilandzic: proper use of weights calculated...
2014-03-31 pcrochetAdd Pythia8 generator (Laurent)
2014-03-31 pcrochetNow work also with main-satellitte runs (Laurent)
2014-03-28 mverweijadd qa check
2014-03-27 rbertens implemented weighted merging of centrality bins
2014-03-27 pcrochetFix treatment of MC sources in terminate (with Vertex...
2014-03-27 pcrochetWrite meaningful title in histograms (Diego)
2014-03-27 rbertens merge centrality bins on input level
2014-03-27 gconesabremove unused data member
2014-03-27 mverweijvz cut not with utils
2014-03-27 mverweijchange order of bookkeeping events
2014-03-27 saiolaadd TPC-only track cuts support
2014-03-27 rbertens minor fix in error propagation
2014-03-27 jgrosseominor fixes for nAODs
2014-03-27 mverweijadd more data sets
2014-03-27 mverweijdisable calib for MC
2014-03-27 mverweijturn off energy and timing calibration for MC
2014-03-27 mkrzewicfrom Ante Bilandzic: the greek update, again.
2014-03-27 rbertens cosmetics
2014-03-27 rbertens temporarily remove tasks from build files
2014-03-27 mflorisTest task for Nano and standard AOD
2014-03-27 mflorisAdded minor comment
2014-03-27 mflorisAdded ESE task which can run on Nano or Regular AODs
2014-03-27 mverweijuse pointers to original objects stored in AliEmcalParticle
2014-03-27 mverweijadd getter for pt on emcal
2014-03-27 mverweijdisable exotic cell remove
2014-03-27 mverweijchange default max distance R to 0.1
2014-03-27 mflorisIncreased size of NanoAOD header
2014-03-27 mflorisTemporary patch for Nano AOD tests in AliAODEvent
2014-03-27 mverweijadd track efficiency dicing to Esd/Aod Filter, rename...
2014-03-27 mverweijupdates AddTask macros for workflow of cluster-track...
2014-03-27 mverweijsplit exotic cell and cluster removal setter
2014-03-27 mverweijset cells name
2014-03-27 mverweijmove SetMakeGeneralHistograms() to protected
2014-03-27 mverweijadd more data sets to automatic configuration
2014-03-27 mverweijsplit setters of exotic cells and clusters
2014-03-27 rbertens fix typo in partial derivative which is used to calcul...
2014-03-27 loizidesfix and printout for orig name
2014-03-27 loizidesFix for RefArray problem: After copying make sure uniqu...
2014-03-27 mflorisMapping instance copied of when reading from file ...
2014-03-27 pcrochetMake the option to keep the SPD tracklets in muon AODs...
2014-03-27 pcrochetCoverity fix (Laurent)
2014-03-27 mverweijset timing cuts LHC11h
2014-03-27 mverweijadd exotic cluster remove switch to cluster maker
2014-03-26 loizidesfix