Add new functionalities (Laurent)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWG /
2013-03-11 pcrochetAdd new functionalities (Laurent)
2013-03-11 pcrochetfix compilation warnings, coverity and add new function...
2013-03-11 mkrzewicfrom Redmer Bertens:
2013-03-10 loizidesfixes from Salvatore
2013-03-09 pcrochetReduce computing time when requiring logical OR of...
2013-03-08 kleinb use AliVParticle to calculate pt fraction instead...
2013-03-06 loizidescluster param class
2013-03-06 pcrochetFix compilation problems on Fedora (Laurent)
2013-03-06 mkrzewicfrom Carlos Perez Lara:
2013-03-06 mkrzewicfrom Redmer Bertens:
2013-03-06 loizidesFrom Salvatore
2013-03-05 scomparAdd protection on the array of selected events (owned...
2013-03-05 mkrzewiccoverity fix: removed double free
2013-03-04 mkrzewicfrom Carlos Perez Lara:
2013-03-04 mfloriscorrectly computing yield when few points in the middle...
2013-03-03 loizidesChanges from Salvatore
2013-03-03 loizidesNamed ArrayI
2013-03-01 gconesabminor fix cluster plotting
2013-03-01 mkrzewicfrom Ante Bilandzic:
2013-03-01 mkrzewicadds void AliFlowEventSimple::ShuffleTracks() to allow...
2013-02-28 jgrosseosmall fix (Leonardo)
2013-02-28 loizidesUpdate from Salvatore
2013-02-27 hristov#100552: EMCal MC labels overflow and re-index bug...
2013-02-26 mkrzewicfrom Carlos Eugenio Perez Lara:
2013-02-25 loizidescheck label
2013-02-25 jgrosseoexclusive sigmas (Leonardo)
2013-02-24 mkrzewicadd the possiblity to shuffle the tracks in the flow...
2013-02-22 kleinbUpates for jet embedding
2013-02-21 loizidesupdate from Salvatore, Ruediger for some bug fixes
2013-02-20 jgrosseoUpdate from Leonardo:
2013-02-20 gconesabremove cluster MC label remapping
2013-02-19 gconesabAdd condition to select events with at least one track
2013-02-19 iselioujFrancesco Noferini: Updates for PID flow code
2013-02-19 iselioujAnte Bilandzic: add POI as reference multiplicity estimator
2013-02-18 morschUpdates
2013-02-18 pcrochetAdding methods to graph the luminosity (and correct...
2013-02-18 pcrochetMajor update of TaskMuMu to deal with binning in pt...
2013-02-18 pcrochetNew classes for getting the results out of the output...
2013-02-18 pcrochetnew sub-directory
2013-02-17 scomparUse only one function to set the trigger classes: patte...
2013-02-17 scomparAdd the possibility to set a specific storage for the...
2013-02-15 scomparCoverity fix (Laurent)
2013-02-15 scomparCoverity fix (Diego)
2013-02-15 loizidesFix from Megan
2013-02-14 loizidesup from Salvatore
2013-02-12 iselioujUpdate from Carlos Perez: Strange flow updates
2013-02-11 iselioujUpdate from Francesco Noferini: Updates for AliFlowEven...
2013-02-07 loizidesupdate/fixes from Salvatore
2013-02-06 scomparUsing CTP times instead of DQA times to get the duratio...
2013-02-05 iselioujUpdate from Ante Bilandzic: QC and FQD code
2013-02-04 morschUpdates Salvatore Aiola
2013-02-04 loizidespreparations for embedding (salvatore)
2013-02-04 loizideschanges for EP studies (Salvatore)
2013-02-02 scomparSelect the parameters based on the pass name rather...
2013-02-02 scomparFix bug in trigger class determination when running...
2013-02-02 loizidestypo
2013-01-30 loizidesset pass if needed by hand
2013-01-30 loizidesUpdates from Megan for pPb
2013-01-30 gconesabReset lists when event is rejected
2013-01-26 loizidesuse updated track type
2013-01-26 loizidesuse some other field for the track type than the label
2013-01-26 loizidesupdate from Salvatore
2013-01-26 loizidesupdate from Salvatore
2013-01-26 loizidesadd track type and use label for mc
2013-01-24 gconesabapply dca_xy cut on global tracks, not hybrid without spd
2013-01-24 iselioujUpdate from Francesco Noferini: Updates for PID analysis
2013-01-24 loizidestm possible
2013-01-23 loizidesupdate from Salvatore
2013-01-23 scomparMacro to help associating the trigger input name with...
2013-01-22 svnbitsAlways delete TObjArrays created by TString::Tokenize...
2013-01-21 gconesabcoverity
2013-01-21 scomparImprove computing time
2013-01-21 scomparThe MCEvent is filled for AODs events since rev 60106...
2013-01-21 mflorisTesting egroups
2013-01-19 snellingupdates to check K0 charged kaon dif
2013-01-17 gconesabfix OADB
2013-01-17 snellingupdated centrality cut
2013-01-17 shahoianreverting to prev. versio since r60337 made this file...
2013-01-16 snellingnew task
2013-01-16 scomparAttempt of coverity fix
2013-01-16 snellingchanges Paul
2013-01-16 snellingflow fluctuations
2013-01-15 gconesabcalculate the BC of the vertex when not available,...
2013-01-14 gconesabchange the logic of the mixed event analysis
2013-01-11 loizidesadded getter for nucleus
2013-01-10 iselioujUpdate from Francesco Noferini: Added PID for all stand...
2013-01-03 loizidesChanges from Salvatore: Easier settings for tender...
2012-12-30 gconesabfine tune parameters
2012-12-27 gconesabadd maximum M02 band cut, retune fit param, define...
2012-12-23 snellingk* patch
2012-12-21 gconesabfine tune split parameters, adding some control histograms
2012-12-19 pcrochetHandle trigger inputs in AliMuonEventCuts (Diego)
2012-12-19 loizidesChanged to skim task.
2012-12-18 gconesabimprove M02 cut
2012-12-18 gconesabchange Long_t to Double_t
2012-12-18 pcrochetCoverity fix (Diego)
2012-12-17 gconesabupdate asymmetry selection for split clusters
2012-12-17 snellingcentrality selection
2012-12-17 pcrochetcoverity fix (Laurent)
2012-12-17 gconesabcoverity: uninitialized arrays, missing check if pointe...