coverity fixes (Saehanseul Oh <>)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGCF / Correlations / DPhi /
2013-02-21 miwebercoverity fixes (Saehanseul Oh <>)
2013-02-20 jgrosseoUpdate from Leonardo:
2013-02-18 cvetanAdding histos with muon eta.
2013-02-18 miweberupdate DHC task (Tim Schuster <>)
2013-02-18 cvetanAdd centrality estimator to output container name.
2013-02-18 cvetanAdd centrality estimator to task name.
2013-02-14 cvetanAdding eta histos.
2013-02-13 cvetanFurther update of the mu-h correlation task.
2013-02-12 cvetanNext version of the muon-hadron correlations task.
2013-02-07 miweberupdate Dhc task (Tim Schuster <>)
2013-02-05 jgrosseopossibility to select PID of trigger particle
2013-02-05 miweberAddTask for Pico Tracks (Tim Schuster <Tim.Schuster...
2013-02-05 cvetanUpdate of muon-hadron correlations code. Introduction...
2013-02-04 jgrosseoupdate from T Schuster
2013-02-04 jgrosseoallowing fine tuning of target values (when a pool...
2013-02-04 jgrosseobinning configurable from addtask macro
2013-01-31 miweberUpdate DHC task: running on AODs (Tim Schuster <Tim...
2013-01-31 miweberUpdate macro for Muon-Hadron correlation efficiency...
2013-01-29 cvetanFixed compilation if 32b SLC5.
2013-01-28 miweberchanges in Muon-Hadron correlation efficiency code...
2013-01-28 miweberupdate DHC task (Constantin Loizides <cloizides@lbl...
2013-01-24 miweberFurther changes, typo corrections in Dhc (Tim Schuster...
2013-01-24 cvetanIntroducing p-A muon-hadron correlation analysis task...
2013-01-24 miweberchange in Dhc AddTask macro (Tim Schuster <Tim.Schuster...
2013-01-24 miwebersmall bug fix in new Muon-Hadron correlation task macro
2013-01-24 miwebernew Muon-Hadron correlation task in DHC (Constantin...
2013-01-08 miwebercoverity fixes
2012-12-20 miwebercoverity fixes
2012-12-18 miwebercoverity fixes + adding HM toy model in CMakelibPWGCFeb...
2012-12-12 jgrosseopid dependent correlations
2012-12-10 jgrosseochanges for PID dependent corr functions (Michele)
2012-11-29 miweberUpdate on LRC (Christoph Mayer <Christoph.Mayer@cern...
2012-11-27 miweberFix from comparison (Constantin Loizides, Tim Schuster)
2012-11-21 jgrosseoupdate from Constantin
2012-11-19 jgrosseoupdate from Constantin
2012-11-19 jgrosseoper event weighting
2012-11-15 jgrosseooption to skip fast cluster
2012-11-15 miweberUpdate LRC task (Christoph Mayer)
2012-11-14 jgrosseoapplying trigger eff optionally
2012-11-13 miweberUpdate Long range correlations (Christoph Mayer)
2012-11-12 esickingRejection of corrupted chunks based on comparison of...
2012-11-12 esickingadd histogram for event statistics, add flag which...
2012-11-12 miweberchanges in AliLeadingV0Correlation (Jayarathna Sandun...
2012-11-08 jgrosseooption to remove duplicates
2012-11-07 jgrosseocontrol histogram for resonance removal
2012-11-07 jgrosseofinite bin correction
2012-11-07 miweberFirst version of Long Range Correlations in the Correla...
2012-11-05 miweberAdding Correlation analysis for Leading V0 particle...
2012-11-02 jgrosseomc zvtx binning
2012-11-01 jgrosseovariable bin handling
2012-10-31 jgrosseoz-vtx binnning for MC
2012-10-30 jgrosseobug fix for double delete
2012-10-29 jgrosseosmall fix
2012-10-27 jgrosseoon the fly efficiency corrections
2012-10-26 jgrosseoincreasing vertex binning
2012-10-25 esickingCorrection: Bin matching
2012-10-25 esickingAdd three particle correlation loop for correction...
2012-10-25 jgrosseofiner ZNA centrality
2012-10-24 jgrosseoadding course centrality binning
2012-10-24 jgrosseoZNA centr selection & bug fix
2012-10-18 jgrosseochange in eta binning
2012-09-25 jgrosseofixing bug selecting charge
2012-09-14 jgrosseofake rate calculation (Monika)
2012-09-06 jgrosseocalculation of fake rate and mc-reco-pt resolution
2012-07-23 jgrosseoskipping injected signals in MC
2012-07-19 jgrosseofixing trigger selection
2012-07-12 jgrosseosupport for central and semicentral triggers
2012-06-22 aadareinit function-scope vars for coverity
2012-06-21 hristovCompatibility with the Root trunk
2012-06-19 aadare3 particle task from Claude Pruneau
2012-06-11 aadareupdates from Claude
2012-05-23 miwebercoverity fixes
2012-05-11 jgrosseosmall optimization
2012-05-10 jgrosseoput vtx to 0 in case only MC is processed
2012-05-10 aadareupdates from Jason
2012-05-07 jgrosseocharge selection on trigger particle
2012-05-03 jgrosseoupdate of Mish's analysis
2012-04-29 jgrosseoadditional control histograms
2012-04-25 jgrosseotwo track cut also for MC
2012-04-25 jgrosseocorrelation function calculation uses averages of ratio...
2012-04-19 jgrosseoallowing separate study for eta sides
2012-04-15 jgrosseorewriting of objects (binning change)
2012-04-12 aadarechanges from Misha
2012-04-10 jgrosseoallowing to skip filling of steps
2012-04-04 jgrosseooptimization and bug fix in two track cut
2012-03-23 esickingCoverity fix
2012-03-22 jgrosseofiner binning around 0, 0
2012-03-22 esickingPrototype for data driven strangeness correction
2012-03-19 jgrosseoupdated analysis (Jason Ulery)
2012-03-16 aadarecoverity 19616
2012-03-15 aadareaddress coverity CID 19665
2012-03-14 aadarecoverity fixes
2012-03-14 aadareaddress Coverity mem leak warning
2012-03-14 aadaredon't link or compile AliPool now
2012-03-12 aadareClaude Pruneau's task
2012-03-09 fcaCoverity
2012-03-08 jgrosseoadding eta ordering
2012-03-07 jgrosseomixed event statistics histogram as fct of centrality
2012-03-07 jgrosseocuts on resonances and conversions
2012-03-05 jgrosseofix in processing MC AODs