Bug #92237 fixed as Barth suggested
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGCF / Correlations / DPhi /
2012-03-05 jgrosseofix in processing MC AODs
2012-03-05 aadareCoverity patches - adding vars to member init list
2012-03-02 aadaredeleting duplicate files
2012-03-02 aadaredeleting
2012-03-02 aadareswitch from aclic compiled libs to libPWGCFCorrelations...
2012-03-02 aadareoutput histos instead of THnSparse
2012-03-02 aadarelightweight event mixing classes (AliEvtPool and AliEvt...
2012-03-02 aadareoutput histos instead of THnSparse
2012-03-02 aadareupdates in ranges and verbosity
2012-03-02 aadareno change other than revision date
2012-02-22 fcaCoverity 19490
2012-02-22 jgrosseomc mixed event optional
2012-02-21 jgrosseoadding mixed event for MC
2012-02-21 jgrosseostart event mixing from 5 events in the pool
2012-02-17 jgrosseoadding Misha's task
2012-02-13 jgrosseoadding setter to restrivt eta region of trigger particle
2012-02-08 esickingfix for fake tracks
2012-02-08 esickingchanges in bins for multi-dim histogram used in correct...
2012-02-03 aadareto produce histos for FourierPlus
2012-02-02 aadareanalysis code for harmonic decomposition paper
2012-01-25 jgrosseomoving AliAnalysisTaskDiHadron (Jason) to PWGCF
2012-01-18 jgrosseomoving files from PWG4 to PWGCF