coverity fixes (Saehanseul Oh <>)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGCF / Correlations / macros /
2013-02-05 jgrosseopossibility to select PID of trigger particle
2012-12-14 jgrosseomacro updates
2012-12-10 jgrosseoplotting update
2012-12-01 jgrosseoupdated macros
2012-11-23 jgrosseoupdate
2012-11-19 jgrosseoper event weighting
2012-11-12 esickingRejection of corrupted chunks based on comparison of...
2012-11-12 esickingadd histogram for event statistics, add flag which...
2012-11-12 miweberchanges in AliLeadingV0Correlation (Jayarathna Sandun...
2012-11-07 miweberFirst version of Long Range Correlations in the Correla...
2012-11-05 miweberAdding Correlation analysis for Leading V0 particle...
2012-10-26 jgrosseoincreasing vertex binning
2012-10-24 jgrosseomixed event normalization
2012-09-20 jgrosseonew fitting, iaa calculation, star comparison (Monika)
2012-09-20 jgrosseominor changes
2012-06-26 jgrosseoupdate to fitting macros
2012-06-19 aadarefor AliAnalysisTask3PCorrelations
2012-06-11 aadareupdates from Claude
2012-05-29 aadareupdates from Claude
2012-05-22 aadareupdate from Claude
2012-05-07 jgrosseocharge selection on trigger particle
2012-05-03 jgrosseoupdate of Mish's analysis
2012-05-03 jgrosseoupdated fitting
2012-04-29 jgrosseoadditional control histograms
2012-04-25 jgrosseocorrelation function calculation uses averages of ratio...
2012-04-15 jgrosseorewriting of objects (binning change)
2012-04-12 aadarechanges from Misha
2012-04-10 jgrosseoupdated fitting macros
2012-04-04 jgrosseocontainer & taskname as argument
2012-03-30 jgrosseoCode from DongJo and Jan Rak
2012-03-29 jgrosseoupdate addtask macro (Jason)
2012-03-27 aadarechanged output file name
2012-03-22 esickingPrototype for data driven strangeness correction
2012-03-21 aadareedit to output container arg list from Claude
2012-03-19 jgrosseoupdated analysis (Jason Ulery)
2012-03-19 jgrosseoudpated fitting macros
2012-03-14 aadareClaude Pruneau's AddTask macro
2012-03-02 aadareturned off verbosity
2012-02-24 aadareupdates from Misha
2012-02-17 jgrosseoadding Misha's task
2012-02-13 jgrosseoadding setter to restrivt eta region of trigger particle
2012-01-26 jgrosseomoving jcorran macros (Jason)
2012-01-25 jgrosseomoving AliAnalysisTaskDiHadron (Jason) to PWGCF
2012-01-25 esickingmove minijet add-task from PWG4/macros to PWGCF/Correla...
2012-01-20 jgrosseomoving addtask macros to PWGCF
2012-01-18 jgrosseomoving files from PWG4 to PWGCF