Minor fix to dynamic cast introduced in e4edd69
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGCF / Correlations /
2014-03-16 jgrosseocentrality for nanoAOD fix
2014-03-12 ekryshenProtection against missing MC header
2014-03-12 ekryshenModified input parameters
2014-03-12 sjenaUpdates from Prabhat
2014-03-11 sjenaUpdate from DptDpt Correlations task
2014-03-11 jgrosseochanged to nanoAOD production; fix in AliAODVertex...
2014-03-10 ekryshenNew task to produce lightweight events for correlation...
2014-03-10 sjenaUpdate from Prabhat and Debojit
2014-03-10 miwebervarious coverity fixes
2014-03-07 miweberbugfix: add kSPECIES for GetIntegratedTime
2014-03-06 sjenaupdate from sandun
2014-03-06 sjenaUpdate from sandun: V0Correlation
2014-03-06 sjenaTriggerPID: Updates from Debojit
2014-03-06 sjenaUpadates from Debojit: TriggerPID
2014-03-06 lmilanoupdate from Prabhat
2014-03-01 lmilanoupdate from Prabhat
2014-02-27 sjenaFix from Debojit: Container Name
2014-02-27 lmilanoupdate from Prabhat
2014-02-24 sjenaTriggerPID: Updates from Debojit
2014-02-19 lmilanoupdate from Prabhat
2014-02-17 sjenaUpdates from Debojit: PID Corr
2014-02-16 lmilanoupdate from Prabhat
2014-02-16 lmilanoupdate from Prabhat
2014-02-14 lmilanoupdate from Prabhat
2014-02-13 lmilanoupdate from Alice
2014-02-12 lmilanoupdate from Alice
2014-02-10 lmilanoupdate from ALICE
2014-02-10 sjenaUpdates in Two particle PID corr
2014-02-08 miweberFix: Cloning tracks before PropagateToDCA (track paramt...
2014-02-05 sjenaFix for common output file
2014-02-05 sjenasuppressing std-ouputs
2014-02-05 hristovAdd using std::
2014-02-03 sjenaFix for user input file
2014-01-31 loizideschmod 644
2014-01-30 lmilanoAliAnalysisTaskPhiEffMc added to CFDPhi lib
2014-01-30 lmilanoAliAnalysisTaskPhiEffMc added
2014-01-29 sjenaUpdates in V0Correlation to run in 2011 data
2014-01-29 sjenaPID-PID Correlations Task added
2014-01-29 sjenaPID-PID Task included
2014-01-29 sjenaFix to access the efficiency map file
2014-01-27 jgrosseoadding cuts on crossed rows and found cluster fraction
2014-01-27 sjenaCoverity Fix for the DptDpt Code
2014-01-22 Jan Fiete Grosse... centrality weighting
2014-01-20 Michael Weberchanges from Prabhat Ranjan Pujahari <p.pujahari@cern.ch>
2014-01-17 agrigoraend-of-line normalization
2014-01-17 agrigoraend-of-line normalization
2014-01-15 hristovFix for end-of-line style
2014-01-15 hristovCorrected end-of-line behavior
2014-01-10 Leonardo Milanofix on primaries by Prahbat
2014-01-09 Leonardo MilanoCoverity fix from Debojit
2014-01-04 Michael Weberbugfix (Debojit Sarkar <debojit.sarkar@cern.ch>)
2014-01-03 Michael Webercoverity fixes and additional QA histograms (Debojit...
2013-12-18 Michael WeberMC analysis task for dptdpt correlations
2013-12-15 Jan Fiete Grosse... centrality axis for inv yield
2013-12-12 Jan Fiete Grosse... randomization of reaction plane
2013-12-11 Leonardo Milanoimproved TOF response for new AOD productions (T0 subtr...
2013-12-10 Jan Fiete Grosse... adding shared cluster cut to defaults
2013-12-04 Jan Fiete Grosse... shared cluster cut
2013-12-03 jgrosseominor fix to flattening
2013-12-03 jgrosseocentrality flattening
2013-12-03 jgrosseomore centrality bins
2013-12-03 jgrosseomarcro updates
2013-12-03 lmilano- Coverity fix - TOF signal from PID response
2013-12-02 jgrosseochanges needed for MC generation on the fly
2013-12-02 miwebernew version of the LRC code (Christoph Mayer <Christoph...
2013-12-02 jgrosseoupdate from Christoph
2013-11-28 lmilanocoverity fix
2013-11-25 miweberremove dca cut (Prabhat Ranjan Pujahari <p.pujahari...
2013-11-25 jgrosseocoverity fix
2013-11-25 jgrosseobug fix getting the event header
2013-11-25 jgrosseoanalysis macro for minijet analysis in pA (Emilia)
2013-11-25 jgrosseomixed event stat also for MC
2013-11-25 miweberbugfix AddTask macro (Debojit Sarkar <debojit.sarkar...
2013-11-22 jgrosseomixed event normalization optional
2013-11-21 miwebersmall update trigger PID (Debojit Sarkar <debojit.sarka...
2013-11-21 miweberimprovement for train running + pPb readiness (Prabhat...
2013-11-20 lmilanosmall fix
2013-11-19 miweberUpdate Trigger PID with THnSparse, customaized binning etc
2013-11-19 lmilano1) Updated AddTask for efficiency with different filter...
2013-11-19 lmilano1) Updated AddTask for efficiency with different filter...
2013-11-14 lmilano1) Suppressed unnecessary output. 2) Added option to...
2013-11-14 lmilano1) Suppressed unnecessary output. 2) Added option to...
2013-11-14 jgrosseoadding possibility to use true impact parameter for...
2013-11-12 miweberupdate dptdpt (Prabhat Pujahari)
2013-11-11 lmilanoFixed event selection bug for pPb
2013-11-11 miweberUpdate for systematic studies (Prabhat Ranjan Pujahari...
2013-11-06 miweberA number of minor improvements and bug fixes. Addition...
2013-11-01 miweberupdate V0-h correlations (Jayarathna, Sandun Y <sypahul...
2013-10-23 miweberupdate addtask macro for dptdpt correlations
2013-10-17 miweberMissing using std::... declarations (Savannah bug 102892)
2013-10-14 miweberupdate muon-hadron correlations (Saehanseul Oh <saehans...
2013-10-10 miweberremaining cout exchanged with AliInfo
2013-10-10 miwebercode fix AliAnalysisTaskDptDptCorrelations.cxx, missing...
2013-10-07 jgrosseoflag for checked/unchecked centrality in MC
2013-10-07 jgrosseoupdated from Leonardo
2013-10-06 miwebernew version of the LRC code (Christoph Mayer <Christoph...
2013-10-03 miweberfixes for Savannah bug #102730, missing std namespace...
2013-10-03 miweberNew task for 2particle correlations with PID for trigge...
2013-10-01 miweberNew task for 2particle correlations with PID for trigge...
2013-10-01 loizidesfix from Tim