new configuration directory for Kaon femto train
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGCF / EBYE /
2014-12-15 cleanup: removed from gSystem->Load()
2014-12-15 agrigoraMissing macros for PWGCF, PWGDQ and PWGLF
2014-12-15 hristovRWGCF converted to native cmake
2014-12-14 sjenaupdate pr task: sjena
2014-12-12 sjenaFixing bin size pr: sjena
2014-12-10 sjenaCoverity and bug fix: prabhat n sjena
2014-12-09 sjenaNetCharge task with HelperPID: sjena
2014-12-09 sjenaCoverity fix: 8443 - sjena
2014-12-05 miweberChange in drawing macro:
2014-12-05 miweberRemoving centrality check from default:
2014-12-04 miweberchanges in BF drawing macros:
2014-12-04 miweberAdding HF daughter tracks to filter bit QA task:
2014-12-04 miweberCoverity fix (Alis Rodriguez Manso):
2014-11-29 sjenaBug Fix in PR task: sjena
2014-11-18 sjenabug fixing in pr task : sjena
2014-11-18 sjenafixing memory leak in pr task : sjena
2014-11-18 sjenabug fix in pr task : sjena
2014-11-18 sjenaUpdate in pr task : sjena
2014-11-17 sjenaUpdate in pr task:sjena
2014-11-17 sjenaBug fix in pr eff-cont class: sjena
2014-11-16 sjenaUpdate PR task:sjena
2014-11-09 sjenaFixing bins in PR task: sjena
2014-11-06 miweberChange in drawing macro:
2014-11-06 sjenaFix in casting int to double: drathee
2014-11-04 sjenaAdding QA task for AMPT checks: sjena
2014-11-04 sjenaUpdate in pr task : drathee
2014-11-04 miweberBugfix:
2014-11-04 miweberCoverity Fix:
2014-11-03 miweberCoverity Fix CID 22307:
2014-10-31 miweberRefined fitting function for range determination:
2014-10-31 sjenaAdding class for pr OnFly Task: sjena
2014-10-31 sjenaAdding class for pr OnFly Task: sjena
2014-10-29 miweberUpdate drawing macro:
2014-10-27 miweberBugfix for empty event mixing histograms
2014-10-27 mflorisFixing compilation issues after merging
2014-10-27 mflorisCompleted changes needed because of previous commit
2014-10-27 mflorisAliAODEvent::GetHeader() returns AliVHeader
2014-10-27 rirussochanges for Vertex and Tracks classes
2014-10-17 miweberChanges in drawing macros:
2014-10-15 sjenaFix compilation error on C++11 in EbyEPidRatio : sjena
2014-10-15 sjenaFix compilation error on C++11 in NetPartile : sjena
2014-10-15 sjenaC++11 error fixing PR task: sjena
2014-10-14 miweberCoverity Fix: variable 'nrPairs' set but not used
2014-10-14 miweberCoverity fixes:
2014-10-13 miweberRevert change on Pair pT cut:
2014-10-09 sjenaUpdate in PR task: drathee
2014-10-09 miweberUpdate on Balance Function with PID:
2014-10-09 miweberUpdate Toy Model:
2014-10-08 miweberFix merge macro:
2014-10-08 miweberChange in Two-Track Cuts:
2014-10-04 sjenaMinor fix pr task: sjena
2014-10-02 lmilanoupsate from Alice
2014-10-01 sjenaUpdate pr task - bug fix: sjena
2014-10-01 sjenaFix pid qa in par task: sjena
2014-09-30 sjenafix for pid in pr task: sjena
2014-09-30 sjenapid bug fix in pr task: sjena
2014-09-29 sjenaupdate from pr task : sjena
2014-09-29 sjenaUpdate pr task: drathee
2014-09-29 sjena Update PR task: drathee
2014-09-22 dgangadhUpdates to Balance function code (Michael Weber)
2014-09-22 sjenaUpdate from PR Analysis: drathee
2014-09-19 sjenaUpdate from PR : drathee
2014-09-19 lmilanochanged default binning
2014-09-18 sjenaUpdate PR : drathee
2014-09-18 sjenaUpdate from PR: drathee
2014-09-17 sjenaUpdate PR task : drathee
2014-09-16 sjenaUpdate PR: drathee
2014-09-14 sjenaUpdate for PR: drathee
2014-09-13 sjenaUpdate EbyEPR: drathee
2014-09-12 sjenaUpdate PRTask: drathee
2014-09-12 sjenaParticleRatio Class: Deepika
2014-09-12 sjenaUpdate NetParticle: sjena
2014-09-11 sjenaUpdate NetParticle: sjena
2014-09-11 sjenaUpdate NetParticle: sjena
2014-09-10 sjenaFixing bug in NetParticle
2014-09-01 sjenaCoverity fix:8443
2014-08-29 sjenaupdate in hm addtask: satya
2014-08-26 jthaederFix protection
2014-08-26 jthaederupdate
2014-08-26 jthaederMajor update of NetParticle Analysis
2014-07-30 miweberadding extra cut on TPC shared clusters (only in AOD...
2014-07-08 miwebercoverity fix: remove second return in AliBalancePsi...
2014-07-04 sjenaUpdate from satya : HM Analysis
2014-07-03 sjenaUpdate from satyajit: HM Analysis
2014-07-01 sjenaHm task MC
2014-07-01 sjenaUpdate for HM Task : staya
2014-06-30 miweberAdding FWHM to determine BF width (Alis Rodriguez Manso...
2014-06-25 sjenaBug fix on HM task
2014-06-24 sjenaNew task for MC HM
2014-06-21 sjenaUpdate from Satyajit
2014-06-20 sjenaHigherMoment task from satyajit
2014-06-19 sjenaUpdate from Nirbhay Higher Moment Study
2014-06-18 miwebercoverity fixes - Part II
2014-06-18 miwebercoverity fixes - Part I (compilation warnings: set...
2014-06-18 sjenacoverity warning fixed - HigherMoment Task from Nirbhay
2014-05-14 miweberupdates for charge independent analysis per-trigger...
2014-05-03 hristovChanges to compile with Root6 on macosx64
2014-04-27 miweberuse per-trigger averaging (before per-evt averaging)
2014-04-09 agrigoraRemoving effectiveCorrection.root for final cleanup
2014-04-02 miweberModifications for integral studies in Toy model