changes in the PID of protons + new config for the proton femtoscopy train
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGCF / FEMTOSCOPY / AliFemtoUser / AliFemtoESDTrackCut.cxx
2013-06-24 majanikchanges in the PID of protons + new config for the...
2013-06-17 majanikIn AOD Event Reader: TOF mismatch with new method ...
2013-03-21 akisielModify Proton selection settings
2013-03-04 akisielAdd min DCA to ESD track cut
2013-02-08 akisielLess bins in Mult monitors. New PID. Adapt to pPb analysis
2012-10-29 akisielUpdate NonId function. Change proton PID cuts
2012-10-25 akisielUpdate kaon selections
2012-10-15 akisielModify Kaon selection
2012-07-31 akisielUpdate V0 analysis
2012-01-30 akisielMigration of PWG2/FEMTOSCOPY to PWGCF/FEMTOSCOPY