Revert "Revert git "Femto ESE code updates (Alice Ohlson)""
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGCF / FEMTOSCOPY / Chaoticity / AliFourPion.cxx
2014-09-14 dgangadhInclude EAs from offline c3 fits
2014-09-11 dgangadhInclude 3D histos to calculate c3(q12,q13,q23)
2014-09-02 dgangadhUpdates to allow pp and pPb analysis
2014-08-23 dgangadhAdd pt weights for MRC. Revert to 5% EM bins. Add...
2014-08-06 dgangadhfix MbinMixing bug
2014-07-31 dgangadhdecrease width of event mixing bins
2014-07-23 dgangadhApply pT cuts only to correlation part of analysis...
2014-07-19 dgangadhinclude kT interp exception for narrower pT intervals
2014-07-17 dgangadhAdd min/max pT opions, mixed-charge TTC option, KT...
2014-07-08 dgangadhInclude mean pT vs q histos, increase G range
2014-07-03 dgangadhAdd histos for MRC weighted K-factors
2014-07-02 dgangadhRemove +- pair cut (testing finished)
2014-07-01 dgangadhIntroduce +- pair cuts
2014-06-18 dgangadhInclude cubic interpolator option, fix Rcoh=Rch weighting
2014-06-17 dgangadhfix treatment of negative weights
2014-06-10 dgangadhInclude G dependent weights, remove stat err of weights...
2014-06-05 dgangadhinclude stat errors of full weight calc
2014-06-04 dgangadhAdd r3,r4 full weight reconstruction
2014-05-28 dgangadhcode updates, Add Muon Corrections, KT4index bug fix
2014-05-18 dgangadhAdd new event mixing config. bug fixs too.
2014-05-16 dgangadhK3 bug fix. NormQ/LowQ pair counting change
2014-05-08 dgangadhAdd 4-pion femto analysis code