PWGCFfemtoscopy converted to native cmake
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGCF / FEMTOSCOPY / Chaoticity /
2014-11-06 dgangadhInclude intermediate radii for Rcoh, include all partia...
2014-11-05 dgangadhInclude intermediate radii for Rcoh, include all partia...
2014-10-27 mflorisCompleted changes needed because of previous commit
2014-10-08 dgangadhFix float to double conversion for certain compilers
2014-10-05 dgangadhInclude variable FSI bins for pp and pPb
2014-10-04 dgangadhProvide setters for Normalization points
2014-10-03 dgangadhFix for TabulatePair run
2014-10-01 dgangadhfix fcollisiontype assignment bug
2014-09-29 dgangadhChange Norm interval
2014-09-29 dgangadhBug fix in partial weight
2014-09-27 dgangadhChange Norm interval
2014-09-26 dgangadhBug fix in partial weight
2014-09-22 dgangadhModify Reading of EAs
2014-09-19 dgangadhInsert numerical exchange amplitudes from c3 fits
2014-09-16 agrigoraFix for pow() for SLC5 gcc 4.2.1
2014-09-14 dgangadhInclude EAs from offline c3 fits
2014-09-11 dgangadhInclude 3D histos to calculate c3(q12,q13,q23)
2014-09-02 dgangadhUpdates to allow pp and pPb analysis
2014-08-23 dgangadhAdd pt weights for MRC. Revert to 5% EM bins. Add...
2014-08-06 dgangadhfix MbinMixing bug
2014-07-31 dgangadhdecrease width of event mixing bins
2014-07-23 dgangadhApply pT cuts only to correlation part of analysis...
2014-07-19 dgangadhinclude kT interp exception for narrower pT intervals
2014-07-17 dgangadhAdd min/max pT opions, mixed-charge TTC option, KT...
2014-07-08 dgangadhInclude mean pT vs q histos, increase G range
2014-07-03 dgangadhAdd histos for MRC weighted K-factors
2014-07-02 dgangadhRemove +- pair cut (testing finished)
2014-07-01 dgangadhIntroduce +- pair cuts
2014-06-18 dgangadhInclude cubic interpolator option, fix Rcoh=Rch weighting
2014-06-17 dgangadhfix treatment of negative weights
2014-06-10 dgangadhInclude G dependent weights, remove stat err of weights...
2014-06-05 dgangadhinclude stat errors of full weight calc
2014-06-04 dgangadhAdd r3,r4 full weight reconstruction
2014-05-28 dgangadhcode updates, Add Muon Corrections, KT4index bug fix
2014-05-18 dgangadhAdd new event mixing config. bug fixs too.
2014-05-16 dgangadhK3 bug fix. NormQ/LowQ pair counting change
2014-05-08 dgangadhAdd 4-pion femto analysis code
2014-04-22 hristovCorrected warning (clang)
2014-03-27 dgangadhRevert back to previous Norm intervals
2014-03-27 dgangadhChange Norm region, Add extra Mult histo, Add explicit...
2014-03-20 dgangadhRevert back to previous Norm intervals
2014-03-18 dgangadhChange Norm region, Add extra Mult histo, Add explicit...
2014-02-10 dgangadhEmploy MV pile-up cut for pp. Add more Nch histograms...
2014-01-26 dgangadhundo asymmetric dE/dx cut
2014-01-13 dgangadhAdd GeneratorOnly option and hard-code asymmetric dE...
2014-01-07 Dhevan Raja Gangad... Muon correction calculation added, kAnyINT changed...
2013-12-12 Dhevan Raja Gangad... Exec() changed to UserExec(), Muon histos added
2013-12-09 Dhevan Raja Gangad... Pile-up cuts added, Purity histos added
2013-12-05 Dhevan Raja Gangad... Mult histo rearrangement and PID purity histos added
2013-12-02 dgangadhAdd more Mult histos
2013-11-23 dgangadhAdd Centrality vs Mbin histogram
2013-11-21 dgangadhGenerator only option added
2013-11-11 dgangadhAdd monitor histograms
2013-11-02 dgangadhBugFix for Kt3bins=2 option
2013-10-24 dgangadhTrigger option for pp and pPB
2013-10-21 dgangadhQbins reduction, V0A+C binning option
2013-10-10 dgangadhExtend q_ij range for pp and pPb
2013-10-07 dgangadhChange FilterBit procedure when !=7, include Kt3 binning
2013-10-02 dgangadhChange of FilterBit operations when !=7
2013-09-15 dgangadhFB7 PID workaround change, //! added to St1
2013-09-13 dgangadhCoverity fix. Mult bin limits change.
2013-09-03 dgangadhRemove some couts to reduce log file size
2013-09-02 dgangadhChange Mult binning scheme
2013-09-02 dgangadhCoverity fix and FSI lookup fix
2013-08-30 dgangadhBinning fix for C2 MRC
2013-08-29 dgangadhCode for Three Pion Radii Analysis
2013-07-14 dgangadhChange Normalization back to default
2013-07-09 dgangadhComment out more FVP sections. Change normalization...
2013-06-23 dgangadhSwitch again to 2 Kt3 bins
2013-06-20 dgangadhComment out 4-vector product terms. Remove 2nd dimensi...
2013-06-06 dgangadhSwitch to 2 Kt3 bins
2013-06-02 dgangadhRevert to 1 Kt3 bin and include extrapolation for den...
2013-05-29 dgangadhChange of configuration: 2 Kt3 bins instead of 1
2013-05-09 dgangadhIntroduce different deta,dphi* cuts
2013-05-02 dgangadhChange 2-particle tabulation from 3 to 4 kt bins (Syste...
2013-04-28 dgangadhr3 interpolation fix (kt bins)
2013-04-23 dgangadhAdded Chi2/NDF and TPCncls cut options
2013-04-18 dgangadhBug fix for generateSignal case
2013-04-15 dgangadhFix for TabulatePairs case
2013-04-11 dgangadhMRC method change. Now done in mixed-events without...
2013-04-08 dgangadhInclude EW kappas, switch to GRS for Momentum resolutio...
2013-04-04 dgangadhUse quadlinear interpolation for r3
2013-04-02 dgangadhLower MCarray size limit
2013-04-01 dgangadhRemove //! from some histograms in .h file
2013-03-30 dgangadhMCWeight3D changes (shift R bin by 3 and keep constant...
2013-03-29 dgangadhBug fix and extra lambda parameter option added
2013-03-27 dgangadhr3 extrapolation added
2013-03-25 dgangadhAddition of Systematic variation options
2013-03-11 dgangadhK2 averaging in MC fix
2013-03-08 dgangadhK3 interpolation added
2013-03-04 dgangadhr3 binning change, insert Pad-row cut again
2013-02-17 dgangadhmulti-dimensional array changed to multi-dimensional...
2013-02-14 dgangadhmac compile fix
2013-02-12 dgangadh//! removed from all objects set in the AddTask
2013-02-11 dgangadhAdditional check points added. //! added to some histograms
2013-02-04 dgangadhFix to K3 averaging. Check points for r3 added.
2013-01-31 dgangadhremoved TPC pad-row pair cut
2013-01-26 dgangadhCheck points added to be sure root files loaded properly
2013-01-15 dgangadhhard-coded enum access (AddTask compatibility)
2013-01-11 dgangadhchange to function calls with enum data types