Propagate SetUseMCchain to the generated LEGO test
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGCF /
2012-08-22 miweberAdded centrality estimator in output list name
2012-08-22 akisielAdd trigger selection for LHC11h
2012-08-22 pchristUpdated efficiency code (Alis)
2012-08-20 pchristUpdates in the drawing macros
2012-08-20 miweberadded Filter Bit in list name
2012-08-17 snellingother harmonics for phi and event mixing
2012-08-16 jgrosseoadding contamination correct for trigger particles
2012-08-14 pchristUpdates in the drawing macros + recovery of the flow...
2012-08-12 pchristAdding the efficiency task
2012-08-11 pchristCorrecting the config file
2012-08-10 pchristChanges in the efficiency task (Alis)
2012-08-10 pchristAdding the conversion and HBT cuts (to be tested)
2012-08-09 miweberinclude Event Plane (only In-Plane / Out-Of-Plane so...
2012-08-08 pchristRad to deg for TParticle::Phi
2012-08-07 pchristUpdates in the drawing macros
2012-08-07 miweberFix Nested loop for event mixing (if mixed event >...
2012-08-06 pchristAdding the correction task for the multi-dimensional...
2012-08-05 pchristMore consrvative binning in pt + update in macro
2012-08-03 pchristAdding the proper nested loop
2012-08-02 akisielFixed average separation cut
2012-08-02 akisielAdd new cut monitor for V0s
2012-08-02 akisielImprovements in V0 classes
2012-08-02 pchristMacro update (cosmetics)
2012-08-01 pchristCode updates (Stefan Heckel)
2012-08-01 pchristUpdated efficiency task for the balance function studie...
2012-08-01 shahoianBringing CMakeLists under svn maintenance
2012-07-31 pchrist Update in the drawing macros
2012-07-31 miweberfixed AliChaoticity (streaming problems + cout)
2012-07-31 akisielUpdate V0 analysis
2012-07-31 akisielAdd New correlation function
2012-07-30 miweberchanges in .pkg for chaoticity task + remove couts
2012-07-27 akisielAdding K0 Analysis code
2012-07-25 akisielFix compilation errors from MAC
2012-07-24 pchristAdding the pt_trigger and pt_associated option in the...
2012-07-24 akisielAdding Chaoticity AddTask macro
2012-07-24 akisielAdding chaoticity code
2012-07-23 jgrosseoskipping injected signals in MC
2012-07-23 miweberUnique list names in BF Psi analysis
2012-07-23 miweberadd possibility to do acceptance correction with 2p...
2012-07-19 jgrosseofixing trigger selection
2012-07-13 miweberpkg and CMakelib for BF efficiency task (forgot for...
2012-07-13 miwebercoding/naming rule fixes
2012-07-12 iselioujFigure macros for the short CME paper
2012-07-12 miweberEvent Mixing for Balance Function Psi Task (PhiCorrelat...
2012-07-12 jgrosseosupport for central and semicentral triggers
2012-07-12 miweberadded efficiency task for Balance Function (ESD-MC...
2012-07-09 miwebercorrection for centrality
2012-06-30 miwebermodifications for acceptance correction in readBalance...
2012-06-27 miweberinclude HBT/conversion cuts in Event Mixing
2012-06-26 jgrosseoupdate to fitting macros
2012-06-26 snellingadding the muons
2012-06-25 akisielNew train macro
2012-06-25 akisielFix after move to global DCA
2012-06-22 aadareinit function-scope vars for coverity
2012-06-21 miweberinclude check for centrality == 0
2012-06-21 hristovCompatibility with the Root trunk
2012-06-21 miweberadd QA histograms for HBT/conversion cuts
2012-06-19 aadarefor AliAnalysisTask3PCorrelations
2012-06-19 aadare3 particle task from Claude Pruneau
2012-06-19 aadareadded 3 particle task from Claude
2012-06-19 iselioujFigure macros for the high pT flow paper
2012-06-18 miwebercoverity fix + Adding PID for output container name...
2012-06-14 miweberBalanceFunction analysis in 1D: Update of conversion...
2012-06-11 aadareupdates from Claude
2012-06-11 aadareupdates from Claude
2012-06-07 snellingextra qa
2012-06-07 snellingextra cuts
2012-06-07 pchristchanges for the AOD pid for the TPC tracks (Alis)
2012-06-06 iselioujFrom Francesco: Updated Bayesian PID code
2012-06-04 snellingdca cuts
2012-05-31 pchristRemoving the centrality from the AliTHn + adding only...
2012-05-31 snellingpid + train
2012-05-31 snellingfor next trai runs
2012-05-30 miweberModifications for running Event Mixing on the analysis...
2012-05-29 aadareupdates from Claude
2012-05-28 snellingadded K0 and lambda analysis for use in train
2012-05-27 miweberModifiactions for running Event Mixing on the analysis...
2012-05-24 akisielFix function call and constant
2012-05-24 akisielFix function call
2012-05-24 pchristreducing the bins and the dimensions
2012-05-23 miwebercoverity fixes
2012-05-22 aadareupdate from Claude
2012-05-21 miweberCorrect Delta Phi calculation in AliBalanceTriggered...
2012-05-21 snellingreduce memory usage
2012-05-20 pchristAdding the pt trigger and associated bins in the Psi...
2012-05-16 akisielAdd TPC entrance separation to V0 cuts
2012-05-16 akisielUse DCA from global tracks for TPC-only
2012-05-16 akisielUpdates for the V0 analysis
2012-05-16 akisielMacro for the kaon train
2012-05-15 miweberCoverity Fixes for AliAnalysisTaskTriggeredBF
2012-05-15 jgrosseoPWGCFCorrelationsBase,PWGCFCorrelationsDPhi: proof...
2012-05-14 miweberEvent Mixing for Triggered BF analysis
2012-05-13 miweberIncluded Event Pool for Event Mixing for triggered...
2012-05-13 miweberIntroduced HBT and conversion cuts for standard BF...
2012-05-11 jgrosseosmall optimization
2012-05-10 jgrosseoput vtx to 0 in case only MC is processed
2012-05-10 aadareupdates from Jason
2012-05-10 pchristphi-Psi now between 0 and 180
2012-05-09 pchristMoving to AliTHn
2012-05-09 miweberCorrect Delta Phi Calculation in Triggered Balance...