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[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGCF /
2014-10-28 maszymanincluding possibility of selecting negatively charged...
2014-10-28 alibitsMoving required CMake version from 2.8.4 to 2.8.8
2014-10-27 hristovAdding using std::...
2014-10-27 miweberBugfix for empty event mixing histograms
2014-10-27 rbertens removed unnecessary include path
2014-10-27 mflorisFixing compilation issues after merging
2014-10-27 mflorisAdded dynamic_cast to AliAnalysisTaskFemtoESE.cxx ...
2014-10-27 mflorisCompleted changes needed because of previous commit
2014-10-27 mflorisAliAODEvent::GetHeader() returns AliVHeader
2014-10-27 mflorisCorrected getters after renaming
2014-10-27 mflorisUndoing some unwanted method renames
2014-10-27 afestantFixed issue in PWGCF/Correlations/DPhi/AliAnalysisTaskD...
2014-10-27 afestantAdding PWGCF/Correlations/DPhi/AliAnalysisTaskDptDptQA.cxx
2014-10-27 afestantAliAODTrack::GetNtracks()->AliAODTrack::GetNumberOfTracks()
2014-10-27 rirussochanges for Vertex and Tracks classes
2014-10-27 afestantAdded commet to explain AliAODTrack::fType, AliAODTrack...
2014-10-27 afestantAliAODEvent::GetNTracks() changed with AliAODEvent...
2014-10-23 maszymanupdates in macros for Femto QA in train
2014-10-23 miweberChange output filename for Lego Train running
2014-10-22 maszymanmacros for Femto QA in train
2014-10-21 sjenaAdding onfly task for PIDCorr: Subikash
2014-10-21 sjenaUpdate on Two Particle Pid Corr: Debojit
2014-10-21 sjenaUpdate on DptDpt Corr: prabhat
2014-10-20 maszymannew class for momentum resolution study in kaon analysis
2014-10-20 maszymanimproved comments in V0 origin analysis
2014-10-17 miweberChanges in drawing macros:
2014-10-16 maszymanadded extraction of V0s origin
2014-10-16 lmilanoinvariant mass histograms for like and unlike sign...
2014-10-16 dgangadhAdd a Config macro (Ashutosh)
2014-10-15 sjenaFix compilation error on C++11 in EbyEPidRatio : sjena
2014-10-15 sjenaFix compilation error on C++11 in NetPartile : sjena
2014-10-15 sjenaC++11 error fixing PR task: sjena
2014-10-14 miweberCoverity Fix: variable 'nrPairs' set but not used
2014-10-14 miweberCoverity fixes:
2014-10-14 maszymannew macro for Pion Source Imaging
2014-10-13 miweberCoverity Fix:
2014-10-13 miweberRevert change on Pair pT cut:
2014-10-13 sjenaUpdate for Two Particles PID Corr:Debojit
2014-10-09 sjenaUpdate in PR task: drathee
2014-10-09 miweberUpdate on Balance Function with PID:
2014-10-09 miweberUpdate Toy Model:
2014-10-09 lmilanoupdate for MC scanning
2014-10-09 sjenaUpdate form debojit: Two Particle PID Corr
2014-10-09 lmilanoupdate from Markus
2014-10-08 miweberFix merge macro:
2014-10-08 lmilanoupdate AliJHistManager to allow multiple instances...
2014-10-08 dgangadhFix float to double conversion for certain compilers
2014-10-08 miweberChange in Two-Track Cuts:
2014-10-07 maszymanupdated macros for kaon femto train
2014-10-06 lmilanofunctionality for the card and task for MC scanning
2014-10-06 maszymanadded macros for MC analysis of ProtonLambda femtoscopy
2014-10-06 maszymandelete of macros for proton lambda MC analysis
2014-10-06 maszymanadded macros for MC analysis of ProtonLambda femtoscopy
2014-10-05 dgangadhInclude extra FSI bin for pp and pPb
2014-10-05 dgangadhInclude variable FSI bins for pp and pPb
2014-10-04 sjenaMinor fix pr task: sjena
2014-10-04 dgangadhProvide setters for Normalization points
2014-10-03 aohlsonAdding qinv hists to FemtoESE task
2014-10-03 dgangadhFix for TabulatePair run
2014-10-02 lmilanoupsate from Alice
2014-10-02 maszymanupdated macros for Kaon Femto analysis
2014-10-01 lmilanomerging fix
2014-10-01 sjenaUpdate pr task - bug fix: sjena
2014-10-01 rbertens add event plane decorrelation histogram (in eta)
2014-10-01 dgangadhfix fcollisiontype assignment bug
2014-10-01 lmilanoupdate from DongJo to run on MC
2014-10-01 lmilanoupdate from DongJo to run on MC
2014-10-01 sjenaFix pid qa in par task: sjena
2014-09-30 sjenafix for pid in pr task: sjena
2014-09-30 sjenapid bug fix in pr task: sjena
2014-09-29 rbertens groundwork for embedding pythia jets to thermal events
2014-09-29 lmilanosmall fix from Mikolaj
2014-09-29 jgrosseoupdate from markus
2014-09-29 aohlsonspeed up FemtoESE analysis task
2014-09-29 sjenaupdate from pr task : sjena
2014-09-29 sjenaUpdate pr task: drathee
2014-09-29 sjena Update PR task: drathee
2014-09-28 dgangadhMacro updates
2014-09-27 lmilanoefficiency file from alien
2014-09-27 dgangadhChange Norm interval
2014-09-26 lmilanoJCORRAN pkg and linkDef update
2014-09-26 lmilanoJCORRAN code update from DongJo
2014-09-26 rbertens add pythia decayer example to jet flow mc macro
2014-09-26 dgangadhBug fix in partial weight
2014-09-25 maszymanupdated macros for baryon femtoscopy analysis in train
2014-09-25 aohlsonremove vz binning from femtoESE task (Alice Ohlson)
2014-09-22 dgangadhUpdates to Balance function code (Michael Weber)
2014-09-22 dgangadhUpdates to ESE femto code (Alice Ohlson)
2014-09-22 dgangadhUpdates to ESE femto code (Alice Ohlson)
2014-09-22 dgangadhInclude Reading of EAs
2014-09-22 dgangadhModify Reading of EAs
2014-09-22 maszymanupdated macros for Kaon Femto train
2014-09-22 sjenaUpdate from PR Analysis: drathee
2014-09-19 sjenaUpdate from PR : drathee
2014-09-19 lmilanochanged default binning
2014-09-19 dgangadhInsert numerical exchange amplitudes from c3 fits
2014-09-19 maszymanFixing memory leaks in AliFemtoV0 analysis
2014-09-18 sjenaUpdate PR : drathee
2014-09-18 sjenaUpdate from PR: drathee
2014-09-18 maszymanupdated macro for V0 femtoscopy